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Part the Fifth


My grievous heart led the way:

Into mystery I was prepared to go.

Who knew what peril's I'd face here?

Here at No-Face's grotto.

And here before me, none other

Than the Lord of my Heart's Elation, he

Whom I've sought as no other could.

Is it wrong to believe I'm the exception?

That all others would die on the way

That I am fortune's favoured, alive

To love another through unending nights.


He looks at me as if to know

Why one beloved face should be

So long from home and Acadie.


Languid, stretched out on white furs

He stares at me unknowingly.

Don't you recognize this face?

Don't you remember this beating heart?

My love, my dove, my undefiled,

Why don't you leap into my arms

As you used to do, in our youth?

Has the flower died and been uprooted,

Exposed to harsh winter's glare?

This summer flower we've grown together?

White hair, white furs, and whitest skin.


He looks at me as if to know

Why one beloved face should be

So long from home and Acadie.


And now the glowering all about -

The silhouette in the fading light -

Is this the No-Face man?

His figure is stunted, and twisted, and harsh;

His face all wrapped in cloths and rags

And covered in a graven wooden mask.

How eerie the holes for eyes and mouth!

How chilling the sound of the wind has become

Screaming through the rocks of Fundy bay.

O spirit, or man, or whatever you are:

Come no closer, I am armed!

With that No-Face lets out a bellowing laugh, echoing for years in the small grotto. Romeo grasps his knife and his body curls in readiness. The hairs on his back turn up, his face is a snarl. He inches around to keep Gabriel behind him.

"Insolent one, why do you trespass into the grotto of No-Face? Don't you know what's good for you? Are my treasures worth so much to you?"

"No, beast! You wouldn't understand. I am here to save my lover, my Gabriel, my everything, the sun that shines in my sky and the air in my lungs!" Romeo lets this out in a mad yell.

No-Face laughs again, sinister and foreboding.

"You don't what you are mixing yourself up in, little one. But he doesn't want to go with you, does he?"

Romeo only snarls, but Gabriel stirs imperceptibly on the rude bedding.

"No, I am staying," he says. This sends chills all over Romeo. He turns around rashly, leaving his back exposed, and crouches before Gabriel.

"Tell me otherwise, my love. Come with me! We will be safe, I'll ... I can protect you! You never need fear, just come with me," he pleads. Gabriel's eyes have a distant look, and his face is expressionless.

"I don't know you; I am staying."

With that Romeo feels a rough clammy hand grasp his right hand, which holds the knife.

"You heard him; you are unwanted!" Romeo's knife clatters to the ground and No-Face wrestles him into submission. Moving him to the edge of the chamber that faces the sea, No-Face continues: "Why don't we let the sea carry you home, eh? Let the tides carry you back to wherever you came from."

"No! I'll die!" Romeo hollers, knowing full well that is what No-Face intends, but unable to stop himself. He wrestles more with the man-thing.

"Gabriel," he chokes out, "I love you, I love you with every piece of me! If this is goodbye, don't," he grunts in his fight with No-Face, "don't forget me!"

And then there is a scraping, and Romeo's form falls from the grotto opening and there is a scream followed by a loud splash, swallowed up by the sounds of the lapping waves.

"Now who was that, I wonder," purrs Gabriel. No-Face sits down on the stone floor.

"Don't worry your head, sweet one. You won't be seeing him again anyways."

Over the rush of the outgoing tide, two crows flitted out of the grotto: one black, one white.

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