How the Story Ends

He broke up with her. It wasn't mutual. She thought that dating his best friend would make him realise what he'd given up. It did.

He realised what he never saw in her. She could be mean and petty and was willing to use those closest him – whether it was for her own ends or just to make him suffer.

Deep down he still loved her. He couldn't control that. But he found that he didn't care anymore. Not after all she done, all the hurt she'd caused.

But sometimes you do stupid things for the people you love. And she does love him. She just wanted him to understand how much he meant to her. How much she needed him.

Well, maybe if she'd been less selfish, if she'd given it a little time, she wouldn't have to be here. Standing in the pouring rain, begging him, begging, for him to take her back. She loves him – God, so much. And he loves her, deep down. They both know it.

Why are they both still standing there? This is where the fairytale ending comes in. This is where the sun comes out. This is where every wrong is right because it was all done for love. Love excuses everything.

Well, maybe she just needs to say a little more, be a little more heartfelt. That's all, right? She tells him everything. She's sorry, so sorry if she hurt him, if she hurt anyone – please, please, understand. She just loves him, loves him so much.

And he loves her, deep down. He does. But it's still raining and love isn't always the excuse movies make it out to be.

So, this is how the story ends: the girl pours out her heart to a boy who doesn't care – boy still doesn't care. He tells her that she ruined any chance they had when she decided dating his best friend was a good way to get back at him. He walks away and leaves her standing there in the pouring rain. She falls to her knees and sobs. He doesn't turn around. Because whether he loves her or not - he just doesn't care anymore.

And that's just how it goes.