run lucy before he catches you, he might want to bite you

seek his fangs deep inside and suck your blood away

he'll capture you and make you one of his kind

vampire on vampire whats better than that?

but if you do the warewolves will be after you

they'll tear you rim to rim, grinding your bones, using them as tooth picks

how funnys that they made you into a skeleton

who knows what tonight might hold instore for you

perhaps witches after your soul and locks of hair

they might want to make you into a human voodoo doll

or the zombies are waiting at your front door

awaiting their masters comand to tear your head wide open

they'll surely slurp up your brain for their dinner

and use your left over blood as the masters wine

and tour eye balls as little chrries for a bit of flavor

yet something good might happen, you'll be a princess

and your prince will galop past taking your hand swinging you onto his stead

having the knights from the round table follow behind

while aurther shows off throwing his sword around above his head

but as for me i'm the fortune teller giving you a reading

if you dress as these you'll surely expirence these up bringings

so maybe a fairy will do, flying beside peterpan and his trusty friends

fighting the mean old captain cook pushing him off the pank

while he falls you'll call upon the ticking croc to swollow him whole

even angel might do the trick for to night where all will be light

all eyes on you on your beauty swaving your feathery wings back'n'forth

starting to leave the ground you hop up off the floor disapearing into the light

next thing you know your at your halloween dance as what you want to be

back on the flickering floor with your frankinstine date hand in hand

and as for you, your the 80's girl with puffy hair having a great time...