P.C. Censorship

Some of President Obama's critics have called him a Marxist but not a communist, although the two words are synonymous.

That is the result of the new censorship, or political correctness, which started during the so-called McCarthy Era in the 1950s. Self-appointed experts in media, entertainment and education insisted that it was not wrong to be a communist, but it was wrong to call a communist a communist.

When a communist from the Soviet Union murdered President Kennedy, the leftwing establishment frantically blamed a rightwing conspiracy. Then the 1960s rioters who committed arson, robbery, assault and other crimes were not criminals, just idealistic students and peace-loving hippies.

While the old censorship, from Victorian Puritanism, tried to keep gutter slang out of discussions about body parts and functions, P.C. censors want to control thoughts as well as words. For example, anyone who doubts that certain activities are "gay" is as evil as those who use the "n" word and should be banished from decent society.

The new censorship's twisted thinking can have ironic results. That happened recently when Obama praised the openly communist Occupy Wall Street mobs who objected to economic conditions that were largely caused by his administration's policies. So Obama supported protests against himself.