In the Deep South a mentally disturbed fugitive trying to forget his past and fleeing the law finds an injured boy alongside a country road. He helps the boy only to betray him. Kidnapping the boy, he must flee a sadistically insane father who loves his son – too much. As the boy, taught to have love he must surrender his body, comes to love him, the man fights the inevitable and his alter egos to fulfill a promise and save the boy.

Enraged by his son's betrayal, the father pursues the pair cross country, aided by the law. He is tailed by a young black deputy who wants only promotion and escape. When the chase goes beyond his jurisdiction the deputy finds himself driven to discover the mystery behind the boy's abduction, and the truth behind the father's twisted relationship with his son, finding himself caught between doing what is best for the child, or best for himself.

FBI agents Frank and Tom, hands tied by procedure and pursuing personal agendas, unwittingly help the father in his sick game of torture, murder, and rape of a child. In order to rescue the boy they must break their own rules, only to find they have broken the biggest rule of all as they come to realize a successful conclusion of the case will lead to sick injustice.

Enter the dark world and mind of an abused, sexually groomed child. Enter the mind of his sadistic, insane abuser. And enter the world of dissociative identity disorder, where one is many – and many can become one.

A psychological crime thriller and touching love story steeped in horror and adventure, "The Boy" will transport you into sultry South where terror lays behind closed doors, and the corruption of the tight knit culture and clans of a Southern community. With well developed and evolving characters, this story is an emotional roller coaster ride that engages you on every level. Full of twists and turns and sudden surprises, this story offers insights into the effect of sexual abuse on a confused boy who wants only love.

Thirty-plus years in the making, written from personal experience plus interviews with fellow child abuse survivors, this story is rich in symbolism and meaning. Many child abuse survivors will agree - "The Boy" is a powerful tale containing real life emotions and the effects of child abuse. For those brought up in a 'normal' world, it will open your eyes to the realities of child abuse and those who abuse them, as well as insights into the world of dissociative identity disorder and insanity.

The Boy

What Others Say about "The Boy"

"like a delicious piece of chocolate that you want to savor forever . . . captivating plot, great characters and sophisticated writing style . . ." (Non-m, Fictionpress)

"Characters are amazing. Complex, intriguing, captivating, . . ." (Fictionpress)

"The plot is absolutely amazing and the characters stand out. . . astounding with its twists, its emotion, its power . . . I feel for the characters. . . . Hell, I'm attached to them! (the) writing is just brilliant. . . . I've teared up . . . The way it's written, the development, the characters, the twists. Outstanding work . . .truly is a piece of art. Not many writers can do this to a reader – fiddle with their hearts and make them feel so riveted and addicted to read more. -Aevium (fictionpress)

". . . . a roller coaster ride with so much raw emotion. Twists and turns abound. Mulitple cliffhangers. . . .touched my heart. Excellent job." (A_Reader, fictionpress)

"the story is intriguing, the plot seamlessly tied together, and the character/location descriptions are amazingly clear. " (Anonymous, Fictionpress)

"Amazing story. . . a little bit of everything. Love. Hate. The hate of love. The love of hate. Racism. Equality. Adventure. Action.. Suspense. Horror. Happiness. Beauty. Violence. Peace. Tears. Joy. Crime. Justice. Corruption. Innocence. The corruption of innocence. The beauty of love. Errors in judgment, and truth. Twists . . . Ironies and double meanings. Singular points of truth. Symbolisms. Reality. Fantasy. Dreams. Nightmares. Bad and good. Dark and light. . . . plays on my heartstrings . . ." (reader, fictionpress)

Dedicated to survivors of child abuse, those who did not survive – and those who have yet to escape.


DID: Where One is Many – And Many Can Be One

This book was written by five inner selves (souls, beings), with the help of 8 others. Therefore, we must say this has been a joint effort by the whole of us – one and all; and all who are many. I wish to thank them – and those of you – who have embraced us with love and understanding – or just love.

Persons, businesses, locations, and events depicted in

this story are fictional and are a product of the author's imagination..

Any resemblance to persons living or dead , businesses, or events, are coincidental.

However . . .

The effects of emotional, sexual, and physical abuse are real.

I should know. I've been there.



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