I am sorry for being annoying and being a pest

I am sorry but thank you for trying your best

You stayed with me even with my flaws

You taught me a few relationship laws

You made me happier than ever before

You brought out feelings I had in store

You made me smile and made me cry

But I don't regret the moments that went by

I was genuinely emotional and I knew it

Usually I would explode without understanding it

I laugh, cry, get angry and more

But it was confusion that would lead to this galore

I thank you for dealing with my teasing

I know it wasn't very pleasing

I taunted you when we hung out

It makes me wonder if you were ever filled with doubt

You promised to stay by me

You did just that and I didn't fully see

I can't keep making excuses for my actions

But I am truly sorry for my caution

I kept denying myself this feeling

And now it has corrupted what I am seeing

Like I said before to you

You are a virus that I let through

You are the first I let into my heart

And you are the first to tear it apart

Even though we weren't officially together

My connection to you will be remembered forever

You managed to take my first kiss

You are someone I will truly miss

Your touch and smell was an addiction

I am glad you are not from fiction

I got too close and now I must pay

I have been dreaming of you since that day

I need to stop and give up

I need to relax and forget this emotional break up

It was a good thing I met you

You helped me grow up and learn what to do

From now on I need to stop and think

Of what I say and do in a blink

I'll wait to find someone like you

Someone who will help me get through

I will even tell my old friend to stop

I won't be able to return his feeling of being the top

Of my heart and me being

He can only be a friend I believe in

If I truly liked a guy the way I like you

I would have tried from the first cue

Thank you for listening and trying

But now a part of my heart is dying

I know it will heal

But it won't ever be the way it was before your stealing

My first of so many things

You are what the world brings

Thank you so much

Please let me touch

You before we separate

So I can heal my heart before it is too late.