To think that I fell for you

You're a bastard with an ego that grew

At first you were sweet and a great guy

But now you're a dog who is filled with lies

You told me you cared and I fell for your words

I gave you my first kiss and I didn't care that you were a drunkard

But enough is enough; I tried to talk to you

But you ignore me and continue to say we are through

I already knew that we wouldn't last

I gave you a glimpse of my past

I just want to get over this feeling

I hoped that by talking to you I could start healing

But you tell me no and that I should forget

But it isn't as easy to offset

I let you into my heart, which isn't easy to do

But you shatter the pieces that was given to you

I won't let you destroy my whole heart

I have friends who won't depart

They have supported me through the end

It's too bad I could never be your girlfriend

I cried the first night but you probably don't care

You might just think that I am like a game at the fair

You win and gain a prize

But when it's over the fun dies

Well let me tell you a thing about me

I may be annoying but I'm not bitchy

The pain you gave me won't tear me down

I won't spend my days with a frown

I will use it to make me stronger

I will find other ways to relieve my anger

All I want from you these last couple of days

Was to let me cope with the shock of parting ways

But you deny me that bit of empathy

It's too bad that you couldn't see

I just want to say that as much as I still hold inside

You have helped me decide

Until I am ready to accept that emotion

I will stay as free as the ocean

You were my start and for now my ending

But I won't completely stay in hiding

I will find my voice to speak out

I won't have as many doubts

You showed me that I am an amazing person

And that you were my toxin

You cleared me of your own poison

You were only something I caught because of the season

So good bye dear werewolf, we were never meant to be

I am a vampire and we will say enemies