Confined by Chains of Love ~ 3

Chapter 1: Celia Meilan

Celia kissed him and allowed her body to be touched. One of his hands groped her breast whereas the other hand was down her panties rubbing her citreous. Celia was serving a 40 year old man and chills ran up her spine causing her to shudder slightly. He moved from her mouth to her neck and began kissing her neck sexually causing her to have Goosebumps from the top of her body to the bottom. Nothing was worse than allowing a man that you do not love to touch your body in such a sexual way but what other choice was Celia given? None, for it was her job – forever.

Celia came from a poor family that barely had a proper life. She had dropped out of school at the age of 14 in order to help her parents financially. From that age she had disregarded the word 'love' for 'money.' That was all that she needed in order to survive and therefore decided on working as a call girl. However, she wasn't fully developed at that age so the only thing she could do was serve men using her mouth and hands. It was a disgusting job and every bit of it sickened her. Her parents didn't know that she had taken on such a shameful job and she never planned on telling them. However, by the time Celia reached 15 her parents passed away – tragically. Both her parents had been working at a mining site where they had to go many metres deep underground to mine for whatever they had to look fall but the mine shaft had collapsed leaving her parents inside dead.

When Celia had received the news she had thought of suicide but thought back to her mother's words. "Life was given for you to live wisely. Never take away your own life." So Celia had decided to live one without friends of family. She lived a life alone and decided to keep her job as a call girl permanently.

Celia looked over to the clock, it was almost 10pm and she would soon be able to leave. Only a bit more to endure and she would be able to collect her money and leave. It was a shameful job and she knew it but what other choice did she have? She had no qualifications so she couldn't exactly get a decent job and she obviously needed the money for her daily necessities and so she could pay her rent.

The man had now removed his trousers and his mouth was by her nipples and instantly Celia knew what he was going to do. He was going to insert his cock inside her and that wasn't allowed for it was against the rules. "Babe, it's against the rules" she reminded in a sweet voice as she pulled herself away from him. "Sorry, time's up for today" Celia said smiling her fakest smile ever. "That'll be 50,000 Yen please."

The man handed over to her 50,000Y like she asked and pulled fixed himself up and left the room leaving Celia there naked. She hated this job and she hated the money in her hands. It was filthy money. Celia got dressed and walked over to the receptionist. The receptionist was sitting there in a naked. It was a part of her job, when a man wanted to touch she had to allow them. It was what Feline liked to call 'free service for every customer.' Celia felt sorry for her the most. She was a small and a very pretty girl with brown hair and hazel eyes. Celia had always wondered whether she was mixed race or full Japanese. Nevertheless, Ayumi –the receptionist- was also in charge of how much money each person got every day. It worked like this; each customer was worth 50,000Y but the pay here was split 50/50 which meant Celia only get 25,000Y for each customer she serves.

"Hi Celia," Ayumi greeted smiling gently. "You earned 75,000 today excluding the man you just served, so if you add it all up, 100,000 today."

Celia nodded. "Wow, much less that what I earned yesterday" Celia sighed. "Well, I'll be off now, I'll see you tomorrow Ayumi!" and with that Celia walked off. She had to go up a huge flight of stairs then take the lift up to the very top. Feline was officially located beneath the ground. It was a legal casino and bar above on the ground but below it was an illegal whore house where call girls like Celia and prostitutes worked.

Celia exited the building and on her way out, going past the casino she saw a guy. He was actually the hottest guy Celia had ever come across. Everything about him was hot and his hair was well styled. He was wearing a black suit and gosh did he look sexy. Celia had never felt so flustered ever. In fact she had never felt flustered at all. He looked up from his phone and smiled for he had noticed her looking at him. Embarrassed, Celia looked down and continued walking – fast.