Confined by Chains of Love

Okay, this is my first time writing such a sexual story so I hope it's good. At the moment it seems like the story is going nowhere but please stick around. I promise you you'll start to see the plot a little clearer soon and hopefully you'll like it.

Hope you all like this chapter XD

Chapter 2: Azen D. Katsu

Azen walked in through the doors of the Casino and looked around before sitting down at the bar. He ordered a cocktail and turned around so that his back was against the counter and he was facing the casino. His cocktail was in one hand and his other arm was resting on the counter. His eyes searched the place and he noticed very many people he knew. It was the perfect environment for Azen to be in as it was a place especially for rich people.

Azen was born and raised in a rich family where he had never lifted a finger when it came to work. He had everything done for him and what he wanted – he got. He was a nineteen year old that was fit from the top of his body to the bottom. He had dark brown hair and shallow grey eyes. His eyes were almost captivating and manipulative. The girl who was serving at the bar just couldn't keep her eyes of him. He wore a black suit which suited him well and made him look like a real business man who was here to waste his money simply because he had too much.

However, Azen wasn't here for that reason, he was simply bored and had nothing better to do than sit in a bar looking at people. He didn't like the idea of gambling simply because he thought it was a waste of money and also he didn't really understand people's way of gambling. He always seemed to lose, which he hated.

Azen received a text from one of his friends saying "Downstairs. That's where Feline is located." Azen looked up from his phone to see a girl with long, wavy black hair look at him and the minute he looked back at her, she seemed flustered and embarrassed. Her green eyes met with his grey and captivating eyes. She wasn't short but she wasn't exactly tall either however, she was sexy. She wore shorts and a very tight top emphasising you breasts, which were fairly big. Automatically, Azen was sexually attracted to her. He noticed her walking speed increased and smirked. Usually girls would slow down when they saw him.

He was definitely going to come back tomorrow for he was positively convinced that she worked for Feline. However, there was one rule with Feline that he disliked very much. He couldn't have sex with any of the girls there, unless he paid for a prostitute but he wasn't exactly keen on those girls.

It was 6am in the morning and Celia rolled out of her bed. Today was going to be another day of work and it obviously wasn't going to be enjoyable. However, she was looking forward to walking past that bar again in hope to see that hot guy that she saw the night before. She stumbled around her apartment in her bra and knickers simply because she lived alone. She walked slowly over to her bathroom and did what she needed to do before choosing from her outfits. Most of her money was used to buy clothing that was very revealing.

Celia picked out a very short black skirt and a belly top that reached the top of her belly button. There were strings at the front which revealed most of her breasts and her back. The only parts there were covered were her sides and her breasts were barely covered. She grabbed her bag and a packet of crisps and walked out of the door and began walking to where she worked. She was a staring object for the public every time she was walked outside.

After a good 50 minute walk, Celia arrived at Feline. She walked inside and her eyes searched the place in hope to see that guy but obviously he wasn't going to be there that early in the morning. It was about 8am not very many customers were here at that time in the morning. Celia went downstairs and passed through the doors to see Ayumi sitting there naked as usual. She gave a small smile and waved at Celia. Celia waved back and looked inside the appointment book. It was pretty full today and her first customer was in five minutes. She walked off to her room to see her first customer already waiting outside. She put on a realistic looking smile and took her customer's hand and led him into the room. ''Ah geez Celia! I've missed you so much!'' he grunted as he pushed her onto the bed. Celia giggled and allowed herself to be pushed onto the bed. The man that she was serving was around 25 years of age and he was a filthy rich business man. His name was Kazuki and that was all that he had told her not that she cared anyways. ''Kazu, I've missed you too'' she said sweetly as possible even though she wanted to punch his guts out of him.

Kazuki instantly took her shirt off her as well as her skirt and Celia was left there in her bra and knickers. However, she knew those weren't going to stay on very long either. He began kissing her neck and slowly moved down to her breasts. Her bra was removed in an instant as he began to suck on her nipples. Celia felt Goosebumps everywhere but had no choice but to allow him to do this to her. ''Ooh Kazu, your turning me on'' she said in a childish voice which all customers loved.

Kazuki paused and then kissed Celia. ''Baby are you going to cum for me?'' he said gasping for air. ''No, don't make me please'' she replied groaning slightly. Customers loved this. His hand slid down her panties and one finger slowly slid up her vagina. Celia actually groaned this time because it hurt her slightly. ''C'mon babe, cum for me,'' he said as his finger came out. He began to rub her clit – hard. At this rate Celia was really going to cum. ''S-stop… I'm going… to -'' Just then Celia really did cum and a huge smile crept on to Kazuki's face.

His mouth lowered down to where her vagina was and instantly Celia shuddered for she knew what he was going to do. He began to lick the lip of her vagina - licking every bit of her discharge.

''Celia babe, c'mon give me a blow'' he said getting up and pulling down his pants. This was the part Celia hated the most but she had to do bit because she was a call girl and call girls did everything but allow a guy to insert his penis into her vagina. Celia bent down and began to do what he wished.

The whole day was crap. It was about 7pm in the evening and Celia's last customer had arrived. According to Ayumi, he had phoned in and booked about half an hour ago and he was someone that had never been here before. Celia quickly took a shower for hygienic purposes and then walked out with a towel wrapped around her to see that guy she had seen yesterday. Her heart skipped not one but two beats.

There he was sitting there, wearing a dark grey shirt and jeans. She took his hand and led him into her room…

Tonight was going to be good she thought quietly to herself.