My lady was not a rich girl. She was entirely pitiable. I could not bear to see her. That is the state of which she lived. So pitiable and weak. Now, her elder brother is a different matter. So finely he dressed and spoke with etiquette. He was a gentleman to end all gentlemen. I found it exquisite how he told his tales. It was a dream of mine to be passed to him. I wished he would hold me. Alas, I am but a doll.

This house is collapsed. My carpet is ivy. I adorn myself in little gems and cherries. My ceiling is the jewel-laden sky above. This world is entirely my own, and it is a paradise. Or rather, it should have been. Instead, I have found myself in a fallen haven. He left once his sister left this world. I had hoped he would have stayed and pitied me on my lonesome. Alas, he ran like a fool after his soul-searching sister. I would not have whispered the world's wonders to her if I believed she would take him too. That is why she truly left once she came to my haven.

Yet, the greatest betrayal was still to come. With my lady having left for ever, I was to be cast aside. They planned another child with which to replace her. I was expectant of this new lady. She would be of value to me, I knew she would. Life would be wondrous with another mistress to follow. Besides the wonders, he would return to me too. Alas, no, yet again I am foiled! He visits on a cold Winter night, and he is married! I cannot stand such a pitiful state of affairs. She would never know how I tried for his affections. Then, as I lay in anger, the lord of the home arrived. He lifted a few gifts for the new woman, and he came to me too. I had hoped to whisper to this woman too. I would have had the brother is not for this foolish father of his! He lifted me down the stairs, and threw me from the window. I was to lie in snow and waste! No, I would sooner die. Yet, it was not I who suffered most…

"David, look at this!" a teenager yells. "It's so old. I bet it's worthless!"

"Yea, it's like, look at me I'm so old and rubbish and whatever," David laughs.

"Please, come on guys, let's leave. This house is-"

"So old and rubbish, right David?"

"Yup, George, rubbish and stupid," David grins. "You got no taste in nothing, Liz."

"My name is Elise," she snaps. "Besides, this house is beautiful, and if you can't see that, you may as well be blind."

"It's a ruin, and ruins are stupid," George grins.

"Is stupid as far as your vocabulary range will go?" Elise exclaims, frustrated.

George and David exchange glances and laugh loudly. Furious, Elise turns on her heel to leave, but stops. To her right is an arched doorway with a carving of ivy around the arch. She peers at it, confused. It looks like something from a fantasy fairy tale. She inches closer to it, staring in admiration. The boys' chortling and raucous laughter grows distant and faint.

"Who dares enter thine keep?"

Elise jerks back. The three of them look up the stairs. A soft white glow slowly descends. She rounds the corner and stares at them head on. Her curled midnight hair reaches her waist. Her piercing eyes are brownish grey, and she's adorned in a magnificent emerald gown. Her gaze turns slowly to a glare. She floats down the stairs quickly, and once on the ground floor, her feet make contact with the ground. She approaches David and George, and she glances over them scrutinisingly. Then she forces her hand through George's chest, and draws out his still beating heart.

David screams and turns to run, which she lets him. She glances over at Elise who backs away, wide-eyed. Elise's back hits the carved archway and she stares at it, horrified. Then, when she looks back to the strange newcomer, she notices that the possible ghost is gone. Her eyes flit from place to place, and, still not seeing the girl, slumps against the arch. She buries her face in her hands and gasps, choking back tears. She turns away so that George's lifeless body is behind her.

"Oh no… No, just, this can't be happening!" David shrieks, tearing at his hair. "No way, this is sick! This is some sick, twisted weirdo! I gotta get outta here. I've got to go."

She re-appears at the corner, and stares after him as he runs. Every now and then, she darts forward, so as to keep him in sight. She clearly enjoys watching him suffer and tormenting him. Smiling, she slips ahead again, this time, unnecessarily. He emits a panicked outcry and veers to his right, and down a corridor. Having not expected that, she races to the entrance of the new corridor and bangs her fist against a previously invisible barrier. Hearing her strike the barrier, David turns around and, still gasping, manages a smile. He laughs suddenly, mockingly, and turns to keep running. She glares at him, and shrieks in a beastly manner that resonates all throughout the building.

David stumbles and topples over. He cowers in a small corner as her shriek reaches him. As the sound fades away, he gets back up and starts running again. David keeps looking back over his shoulder, and doesn't notice the impenetrable darkness ahead of him. Upon reaching the darkness, he screams again, falling forward toward an unseen ending. If there even is an ending.

She covers her face coyly, and glances up. With her hands still over her mouth, she giggles and steps back, through the wall. Instantly, the glow disappears, and her body hits the floor, lifeless. Blood flows out of her ear, and then slowly begins to flow out of her left eye. In the open mouth is a black beetle or cockroach, still crawling. The skin on her left arm breaks and a scorpion slips out and away. The flesh and muscles left behind are full of maggots and other bugs munching away at her flesh. Then, she stirs. Her left eye moves, and she blinks. After which, realising what's happening, she screams. Insects of all sorts descend upon her.

In another wing of the house, the girl giggles, and floats as a black wraith. She heads towards Elise, grinning and squealing happily. She dips low and goes through the floor, only to re-appear in front of the unwitting Elise. She opens her arms, and enters Elise's body. The dark mist that arose from their contact disappears. The head moves, looking up, and she smiles. Her lips part and she raises a finger to signal quiet.

Let the bodies break the floor.

Author's Note: Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed. This story came from my All Hallows Eve dress-up. This year I'm a deranged dolly. So, yes, happy All Hallows Eve everyone!

A special shout-out to Origa who sings Inner Universe, which goes quite well on this night of nights.