Chap I: To Japan and the Gem Deck

"Seriously, How did I get an invitation anyway, I am not even close in rank to the others," A boy asks his twin sister.

Name: Klyn Holden

Age: 16

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 120 lbs

Hair Color: Long Low Ponytail Black

Eye Color: Blue

Rank: 25th

"Well I was invited by Carla and I wanted to bring you," Klyn's twin sister answers smiling.

Name: Mina Holden (Klyn's twin sister)

Age: 16

Height: 5'5"

Weight: N/A

Hair Color: Long High Ponytail Black

Eye Color: Blue

Rank: 15th

"Yeah, your rank might be low but this is a great country to get you challenged and to increase your rank higher," Mina's friend answers.

Name: Carla Krane

Age: 17

Height: 5'0"

Weight: N/A

Hair Color: Red w/ Low Pigtails

Eye Color: Hazel

Rank: 1st

"I still think this loser shouldn't even be here," says another boy, smirking at an annoyed Klyn.

Name: Dean La-Rang

Age: 18

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 155

Hair Color: Bald

Eye Color: Red

Rank: 2nd

"Shut it, number 2," Carla Krane says smirking at Dean La-Rang who is seething.

"Just because your Rank 1, doesn't mean your better than the rest of us," the bald headed teen says.

"Actually she is better than us," Klyn retorts truthfully, Dean stares at the black haired boy in annoyance and Mina laughs.

The seatbelt sign lights up and the 4 sit in there seats as the plane to Japan starts to land. Carla Krane and Dean La-Rang got invitations to Japan since they are the best duelists in America. They were allowed to invite a friend each to go with them to support them. Carla invited Mina Holden but Dean gave his other ticket to Carla saying he didn't need anyone. So Mina was able to invite her twin brother, Klyn Holden.

Klyn looks through his Japanese to English book as the plane lands; he closes the book and slips it into his backpack in front of his feet. He looks in seeing his twin sister's old black deck holder that is now his.

The deck holders in America look like the wing of a medium sized metal bird but with 5 lower feathers and another 5 upper ones overlapping them with a 5cm gap so you can play your spell and counters cards in between. Unlike the way they look like in Japan, which are circular orbs with transparent card holders with the exception of the back which holds the spell and counter cards.

Mina was able to get a new one when she got to rank 15 in a match and Mina handed him hers so he could have one. He'd usually borrow it when he had to duel. He didn't really have a deck yet, just some leftovers cards from what his sister didn't want, Dean was saying how his wins were a fluke and they were, much to Klyn's chagrin.

"I had a thought; you are the best 2 in America right," Klyn starts and the ranks 1 and 2 nod and he continue, "but not Japan so what happens now?"

The ranks 1 and 2 look at him, then each other and shrug as the plane touches down on the runway. They get off the plane and grab there luggage as they take in the sights and smells of Japan and the many challenges that will await these Americans visiting the great country.

"Hey, look at that," Klyn points to a big television showing the ending of a duel with the card master Kazu Fuka, a13 year old 5"2 boy dressed up in a very long dark blue jacket and jeans with black boots to match. His hair is long but not very long just a little bit up his shoulder which matches the color of his eyes light brown.

"So that is the card master of Japan," Carla quires as the males image disappears on the screen.

"I don't think its Japan, I am sure it is only the city he is living in," Mina retorts.

"He's just a kid, I could beat him," Dean says proudly as Klyn mimics him laughing.

"Whatever, lets go," Klyn says starting to walk off when he sees hears something.

"Help us, find us," Klyn hears looking around.

"Who's there?" he calls looking around some more.

The group looks at him strangely as he keeps hearing the same thing over and over again.

"Where are you?" Klyn calls out and a tingle shoots through him as he runs down the sidewalk.

The ranks 1 and 2 and Klyn's twin sister's eyes widen at him run off and they give chase. Klyn passes by many people and runs through the middle of a duel, getting yelled at by said duelists, passing through the intangible monsters while the others go around them.

Klyn does a quick left turn down an unknown alley way and comes up to a rundown warehouse. It is old and rd and rusted with no door and dirt everywhere.

The others skid to a stop as they catch there breathes as Klyn looks around franticly before bolting into the rundown warehouse, or so he thought it was. The moment he passes the threshold he vanishes before the others eyes; they run and pass through as well but only enter the rundown warehouse.

"What happened?" Carla says shocked.

"KLYN, WHERE ARE YOU?" Mina yells worriedly.

"Damn, what is going on?" Dean says confused.

"What?" Klyn says seeing a rainbow path made up of gem stones under his feet white all around.

Klyn stops and looks down touching, the strange walkway and looks straight ahead seeing a big dully shined building made of gems. Klyn feels the tingle again and walks down the gem path till he is face to face with a six foot wide door made up of gems.

Klyn touches the dully shined gem door and pushes it open; entering a wide room with a pedestal in the distance with something on top of it. He looks around seeing glass windows and he walks up to one. He peers close seeing a large pile of diamonds and smiles at there luster. One of the diamonds shows a green color in it and he peers closer seeing it move. The diamonds shift and move as Klyn steps back, seeing that the diamonds are connected into a serpent like body, it uncoils and stares its green eye into Klyn's blue ones, flicking its green forked tongue.

He hears more rustling from all around him and he steps back and looks around. Seeing more strange serpents move around inside there glass cages. The entire groups of gem like serpents stare at him, and then flick there heads towards the pedestal. Klyn squints at the pedestal and look back at the diamond serpent who flicks its head again and Klyn slowly walks towards the pedestal.

As he heads towards it he eyes the gem like serpents as they follow him with there head and eyes. He puts his bag down and walks up the couple steps to the pedestal with a strange clear cube and what looks like a deck inside.

He places his hand on the clear cube and it shines then vanishes leaving the deck and a strange blue gem. He picks up the blue gem and it glows, turns into a blue light and zips to his backpack, the bag shines a bright blue before fading.

Klyn looks at the bag strangely, picks it up and opens it and sees his deck holder is the same but now a dark blue with light blue color on the feathers and his deck is gone and sighs. He looks back seeing the deck sitting there and while carrying his new deck holder, he walks to the pedestal and picks up the deck, it glows a bright rainbow color than fades as the building vanishes.

Klyn is left on the rainbow path, he turns around seeing the many gem serpents stare at him before they let out a hiss then change into colored lights and zoom towards him entering the deck and it glows again and shoots a light at the end of the gem path forming a door. He places the deck in the deck holder when a black shadow appears in front of him with a deck holder on its arm and a white smile.

"Are you worthy of the Gem cards and the right to unlock the Spirit Summoning for the planet?" it says, lifting up the deck holder.

Klyn puts his on, it fans out and he smiles at his first test.