Chap XXXV: Not What You Thought

"Lets end this I draw," Klyn gets Gem Aqua-Marine Mamba and frown but smirks.

"I attack Neo Summoner," Klyn slashes destroying it, "Now since you have a monster after my first attack I attack again, so I attack Earth Golem, Star Blitz Slash," Klyn calls destroying it as 2 tokens with 0 ATK and DEF appears, "I'll end my turn."

"Draw," Shiro gets Neo Armor and frowns.

"Since your to strong I'll end my turn," Shiro says as Stalemate flashes in his mind and he smiles.

"Final Turn, Draw," Klyn gets Spirit Pyro and laughs.

"Oh, Klyn has declared Final Turn, will this be a win for the Star Master," Sora announces.

"He stole that from Card Fight: Vanguard," Clara says glaring at the author.

(What I am going to put a disclaimer later, I've always wanted to put that in this story)

"I summon Spirit Pyro and do what Mina did, I Imbed him with myself to Spirit Summon Clear Star Shine Inferno Armor," Klyn's Armor turns clear red and flames surround his body and he powers up to 9300 ATK and DEF.

"Now I attack Shiro Sora the Card Master of Sky lab," Klyn calls shooting red flames at Shiro and explosion follows.

When the dust clears Shiro's Armor is destroyed and his HB is 0 as a Flash card is seen he gets up saying, "I activate Stalemate, what happens is we both take damage to our HB equal to each other's synthesis monster."

The dust clears as Stalemate cracks and shatters as Klyn still stands with his armor and a counter card, Klyn smiles and explains, "I activate the counter card Gem Shine, by adding Gem Amber Rattler into my hand I negate your spell card and destroy it."

The audience is silent as Sora shakes his head yelling, "the winner is the Star Master Klyn Holden," the audience cheers loudly as the field returns to normal.

Mina and the group crowd around Klyn patting his back congratulating him as Shiro walks up they smiles and high five each other.

"What an excellent duel, I guess after all my wins I had to at least lose once," Shiro says as the crowd claps and cheers.

The disguised Sora walks up with the trophy, hands it to Klyn who raises it into the air excitedly as Mina, Clara, Dean and Andreanna cheer even more as Sora walks off smiling and Shiro walks up to Dean looks him in the eyes.

"What?" Dean yells annoyed startling the group.

Shiro looks at them all, points to Dean and yells, "Let's duel."

The group looks at Shiro, laugh and shake there head as Dean reluctantly agrees to the duel, Klyn kisses Andreanna on the lips at the same time as Clara and Mina.

"I wonder what the future foretells," Klyn says looking up.


Its been 3 months since Klyn defeated the Card Master Shiro Sora. There hasn't been any signs of the Crescent Crosses since Cross vanished along with C1, C2 and C3. A few months after the duel Andreanna and Klyn got married. Clara and Mina a couple weeks later and Dean left to head back to America while then others decided to live in Zwei City.

"So I have to ask, if Clara is staying here, does that mean Dean will be #1 in America?" Klyn asks.

Clara looks at him and shrugs as he sighs and shakes his head getting a laugh from Mina.

A couple months after that the group found out Andreanna was pregnant, Klyn knew it would happen since he still remembered everything with Targen.

"That's awesome, do you have name ideas?" Mina asks.

"Miranda," Klyn states as the others stare in confusion.

"What if it's a boy?" Andreanna asks.

"It won't I just know these things," Klyn answers as the others look on skeptically.

A couple weeks later everyone found out Clara was pregnant as well because of artificial insemination, no one knew when they did it but it happened and everyone was excited.

"So you have a name idea?" Andreanna asks the female couple.

"Dagger," Klyn coughs out making the others turn towards him glaring.

"What, you asked babe and I gave an idea," Klyn says innocently.

Clara smiles at the thought and silently agrees and plans on talking it over with Mina.

Kaine is still number 1 of Zwei for the males as is Andreanna for the females.

"So, until someone defeats you both you'll be accepting lots of challenges," Klyn says as Andreanna nods.

"Well, I hope I get a worthy challenge. So far all I've faced are small fries," Kaine says in false arrogance making the others laugh.

Ix and Vincent are married as well and have a child of there own coming along.

"So what are we naming out child," Vincent asks.

"How about Karsey if a girl and Kenneth if it is a boy," Ix offers smiling as Vincent agrees and they kiss.

Klyn eventually faced Kaine in a duel but lost against his Ultima's as did Mina against Andreanna but lost to her Plants.

"I have to admit, you Klyn Holden are a worthy adversary and I can't wait for you to challenge me again," Kaine says shaking hands and walking off.

"Man, I'm still not strong enough," Mina says disappointed.

"What are you saying. You are very strong, I've just been holding this title longer than the previous and now current number 2. Maybe you should face her for her spot," Andreanna offers as Mina smiles and agrees.

The group went to Zwei College to basically get a life and prepare for the future.

Klyn went the college to study art so he can help create the pictures for the Card Master cards.

Mina went to study teaching so she could teach at Zwei Academy or any other school.

Clara went to study to be a famous writer and write stories of not only fiction but also the write a book or at least look for a book about the Star Children so Klyn and her wife can learn more about themselves and teach there future children about what they will inherit.

"The future looks bright for now but I'll be back and stronger than ever. The Star Children will be defeated and we will rule," Cross says as he sits by himself looking on out the vast open sky.

"Now if I or anyone have a say about it," a mysterious voice says as a black beam strikes Cross and he vanishes in a cloud of black smoke.

"Let's see how he'll do in a time line not like this," the voice says as it disappears in a yellow flash.

Miles away unnoticed by Klyn his Star Eyes flash and change back to its normal yellow color as a red light shoot from his eyes and enters Andreanna's round stomach.

Somehow the future has changed for an unborn Miranda Holden.

The End until Card Master Star

the term Final Turn is from card fight vanguard which i don't own so no sueing me please.