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Andrew sighed loudly as he cleaned, pulling his skirt down slightly every few minutes.
He had to admit, even if he didn't like it, that the skirt looked extremely sexy-along with the rest of the maid's costume that he'd been forced into when Kyle's cousins-along with their weird group of spoiled, rich kids-came for a visit.
He could still remember the way their leader-Darcy-had looked appalled to see him in the house.
He'd been referred to as a 'common Whore' or 'the Help.' more times than he cared to recall.
Finally, Sam-Darcy's friend-had handed him a bag with the costume in it and shoved him into the bathroom to change and start cleaning the house.
Apparently, it was a mess.
Darcy and his group had gone home almost three hours ago, but Andrew hadn't found the time to go and change back into his clothes yet, still cleaning.
And Jason had ordered him to stay in the mini-skirt for as long as Kyle and he wished.

Suddenly, there was a cool hand on Andrew's thigh.
Of course, his lovers had been all over him since he'd put the outfit on, so he wasn't really surprised...

Andrew shuddered, biting his lip to stop from squeaking.

Jake and Kyle had locked themselves in Kyle's room a few hours ago, so...
"J-Jason..." he almost moaned as the cool hand slide up his thigh, snapping the thin string of the thong he was wearing around his waist.

Jason chuckled softly, smirking and taking the damned underwear off of Andrew slowly, making sure it was slow enough to tease the younger boy.

The dark haired boy blushed brightly, pressing his legs close together, his heels squeaking against each other as they touched.
"J-Jason!" He whined softly, biting his lip and looking at Jason, hand clenching around the feather-duster he'd been using tightly.

The older boy smirked, smoothly spreading Andrew's legs again, grabbing his ass gently.

Andrew did squeak this time, dropping the feather-dusty and hearing it drop to the floor.
"Jason!" He blushed brightly, looking over his shoulder at the other boy.
He'd been dusting off the couch, before Jason had appeared, and now he was pressed against the back of it, hands clenching the top of the cushion tightly.

Jason laughed softly, nuzzling him. "Mmm, calm down, beautiful..."

Andrew continued to blush brightly, biting his lip as he slowly relaxed, eyes fluttering as Jason's hand began to rub his ass.
"J-Jas..." he whimpered quietly.

Jason smirked, chuckling softly and moving to kiss him lightly. "Mmm, you are so fucking sexy in that costume..."

The smaller boy purred loudly at the kiss, nuzzling him, "Th-thank you-ou..."

The older boy chuckled again, petting him lightly with one hand as he went back to massaging Andrew's ass.

Andrew couldn't hold back a soft moan, slowly moving so that he was bending out the couch, hands now on the seat cushions rather than the back ones, and his ass out for Jason.

Jason smirked, reaching down between the cushions of the couch and pulling out a tube of lubricant. "Good boy..."

He blushed softly at the gentle words, looking over his shoulder at Jason, eyes half closed.

The other boy hummed softly, beginning to sing a quiet lullaby as he opened the lube and spread it over his fingers carefully.

Andrew watched him, eyes bright.

Jason chuckled, waiting for Andrew to relax further before pressing his fingers against the smaller boy's entrance.

Andrew blushed brightly again, "A-aah, J-Jason..."

"Mmm, relax, angel."

Slowly, the other boy relaxed, closing his eyes and melting against the couch, spreading his legs slightly for Jason's fingers.

Jason smiled slightly, pressing a finger in gently, slowly. Just to test the waters; to see how Andrew was going to react.

Andrew whimpered loudly, gasping softly as his knees buckled. He blushed brightly again, his body squeezing around Jason's finger immediately for a moment, before he relaxed again.

Jason chuckled, smirking. Andrew was always so tight, so hot. He always looked so sexy...
The older boy hummed softly, starting to sing the same vaguely familiar lullaby as he rubbed against Andrew's inside walls gently, wanting to help him relax.

Andrew purred softly at the feelings Jason was creating inside of him, closing his eyes as he relaxed farther into the couch, hiding his burning face in the cushion, murmuring Jason's name under his breathe again quietly.

The older boy bit his lip, watching Andrew silently, his expression unreadable.
God, he fucking loved Andrew. He just...didn't show it often.
Jason sighed, slowly rubbing around Andrew's entrance with his other fingers.
"...do you wanna go see a movie or something later?"

Andrew shuddered, his knees buckling again at the pleasant feeling, though the blush that covered his face wasn't from the way Jason was touching him.
He looked at Jason, eyes bright even through the haze.

Jason snorted, smirking slightly. "Mmm, I'm going to take that as a 'yes' then?"

Andrew smiled at him-a rare, true smile, "I-I'd l-love t-to..."

Jason grinned, moving to kiss him again lightly, nuzzling him gently and smoothly adding the next finger. "Mmm, good...I love you, 'Drew..."

"I-I love you too, J-Jason..." he whispered softly, moaning quietly and arching into his fingers.

"Mmm, good..." Jason purred licking his neck lightly and trailing his free hand down Andrew's side lightly.

The smaller boy whimpered loudly, shuddering and arching into his fingers yet again, "J-Jaason..."

The older boy smirked again, going quiet as he slipped in his third and final finger, shivering slightly as he heard a moan from upstairs, knowing exactly what Jake and Kyle were up to.

Andrew blushed brightly again, legs spreading wider, the high-heels he was wearing giving him just enough height to bend over the couch for Jason comfortably.
"J-Jasssooon, pl-pleeease!"

Jason chuckled, suddenly removing his fingers. "Please, what, Andrew?"

The dark haired boy whined loudly, waving his ass teasingly in the air for Jason.
"J-Jas-son..." he blushed again, whimpering softly and looking at him desperately.

Jason raised an eyebrow, not yet moving.
"Tell me what you want, Andrew."

Andrew blushed again, whimpering softly.
"'wa-want y-you..."

The older boy smirked, dropping his boxers and moving forward again, catching Andrew's lips in a soft, gentle kiss.

He kissed back immediately, whimpering softly as he let Jason's tongue play with his, one hand going to curl tightly in his hair as he rubbed his ass against Jason's crotch wantonly.

Jason laughed again, pulling away slowly and looking into Andrew's eyes for a moment, beginning to trail light kisses down his neck to relax Andrew again as he pressed his erection against the smaller boy's entrance.

Andrew squeaked softly, shuddering as he felt Jason lift his skirt up.
"J-Jason...k-kiss me-e whe-when you do it?"

Jason hummed, kissing Andrew again deeply, holding the kiss for a moment before slowly and gently pressing into him, deepening the kiss.

Andrew whimpered in pain, nails digging into the couch as he kissed back desperately, trying to ignore the pain and distract himself with Jason's lips.

He trailed a hand down Andrew's side lightly, letting their tongues and teeth clash, wanting to distract him.

The smaller boy let out a soft moan, clenching around Jason's cock after a moment of adjustment, wanting him to move but not wanting to pull away just yet.

Jason smirked, deepening the kiss and moving his hips just slightly, testing again.

Andrew immediately moaned loudly, tightening around him as he dug his nails into the couch in a mix of pleasure and pain.

Jason pulled back slowly, nuzzling Andrew gently. "Try to relax more, it should take away some of the pain..."

He nodded, purring softly as he let himself relax.

The dominant of the two boys smiled, kissing the other again lightly.
"I love you."

Andrew purred softly, leaning up to nuzzling him fondly.
"I-I love you to-too, J-Jas...d-do I make-ke you fe-feel good?

Jason chuckled, nodding, "Yes...Mmm, God, yes, darling..."
He purred, closing his eyes for a moment, before smiling at him again. "Are you okay, though?"

Andrew smiled, looking up at him.
"I-If I'm making you feel good, then yes..."

Jason sighed, nuzzling him.
"Andrew, please be honest..." He whispered. It was hard to hold back from just screwing him already, but it was even harder to think about hurting Andrew in any way.

Andrew hesitated, then smiles, leaning up and kissing him deeply.
"Yes, Jason...I'm okay..."

Jason nodded slightly.
"Mmm, okay. Good. Can I move then?"

The younger boy nodded, smiling again.

Jason relaxed, leaning forward and kissing Andrew deeply, careful to control himself as he started to thrust gently.

Andrew whimpered, moaning loudly into the kiss, beginning to rock with Jason's gentle thrusts.

Jason shivered, carding his hand through Andrew's hair gently.
"God, Andrew...s-so fucking tight, pretty..."

The smaller boy blushed, purring loudly in happiness, beyond delighted that he could make Jason feel good.
"I-I'm glad..." he whimpered.

The older boy bit back a whimper, murmuring compliments repeatedly to Andrew as he listened to him and the sounds from upstairs, knowing Jake and Kyle were probably almost done but not caring.

"J-Jas-so-oon..." Andrew cried softly, moving one leg so that it was on the couch, bent at the knee and balanced on top of the cushion, allowing Jason more room.
"D-Dee-eepe-per, pl-pl-pleas-seee..."

Jason closed his eyes, moving deeper, just slightly faster, purring loudly in the process.

Andrew cried out loudly in pleasure, tensing tightly around Jason and whimpering at the pressure inside of him that it created, arching into his cock.

Jason whimpered, shivering slightly and biting his lip, worried about if he would have any control over Andrew or not soon.

The younger boy was lost in pleasure, the only thing keeping him upright being the couch and Jason's hands as he cried out the older boy's name.

The older boy purred, moving just slightly faster, mouthing the word 'fuck' over and over as he moved, absolutely loving the way Andrew felt around him.

Andrew whimpered and moaned loudly at each thrust, tightening his body and squeezing Jason gently, dropping his head to the cushions to muffle his screams.

Jason whimpered at the tightness, his control slowly starting to slip away as he changed the pace yet again. "God, A-Andrew..."

Andrew cried out softly, looking up at him again desperately, "J-Ja-as-son-soooon!" He gasped.
"F-Fas-ste-er..." He begged, whimpering as he slid one of his own hands down to between his legs, wrapping it around his own cock and beginning to pump it tightly.

Jason laughed softly, gently swatting Andrew's hand away as he moved faster, catching the look Andrew gave him and smiling at him, leaning down and licking his neck

Andrew whimpered, moaning loudly and sobbing almost pathetically at not being able to touch himself.
"J-Jas-son!" He cried, tilting his head for the older boy without thinking about it, tension beginning to build inside of him.

The older boy purred, hiding a moan as he kissed along Andrew's neck, smirking when he suddenly found his lover's sweet spot.

The smaller boy screamed, nails raking the cushions as he tried not to let tears of pleasure fall from his eyes, his tight, warm body spasming around Jason's cock with each hit to his prostate.
"JASON!" He screamed again.

Jason shivered, trailing a hand down Andrew's side as he started to brush against the smaller boy's prostate with each thrust, knowing he was starting to get close as well, letting out a soft moan as he thrust.

Andrew practically shrieked into the couch-cushions, hands going to clumsily grip at the top of the couch.
"Jason!" He screamed, sobbing again as pleasure washed through his body.
The painful sparks of white-hot pleasure pulsing through him were beginning to be too much, and he sobbed, beginning to rub himself against the couch, needing the friction of something against his length.

The dominant boy smirked, trailing his hand down and beginning to stroke and tease Andrew's cock.

"J-Jassssoooon..." Andrew moaned long, and loudly.
He began to thrust into Jason's hand, then pressing back into his cock, whimpering loudly.
God, he was so close, so close, so close...please...
"J-Jas-son, Pl-Pleeease..."

Jason smirked slightly, tightening his hand around Andrew and moving it faster as he abused the younger boy's prostate.

Andrew screamed again, toes curling in his high-heels as he arched, moaning and shrieking his name loudly.
"!" He cries out loudly, trying desperately not to fall apart.

"Come on, Andrew...let go for me, pretty, let me see that face you make..." He whispered in Andrew's ear before licking it lightly.

Andrew sobbed softly, nails digging into the cushion as he let go with a scream of Jason's name, his body tightening around Jason even more as spasms racked his small body.

Jason couldn't help moaning at the feeling, releasing deep inside Andrew and pressing his face to the smaller boy's shoulder to muffle a small cry. Fuck, he felt so fucking amazing...

Andrew whimpered at the sudden burning heat inside of his sensitive body, crying out softly as he went limp, his leg falling from the couch and back to the floor, though his knees finally gave out and he relaxed over the back of the couch, kicking his shoes off gently as he gasped softly.
"J-Jas-son..." he purred, looking up at his lover with half-closed, hazy eyes.

Jason stilled his movements, leaning down and kissing Andrew gently. The kiss was more passionate, less urgent this time, and it completely distracted Andrew as he slowly pulled out and wrapped the smaller boy into his arms.

Andrew pressed against him gently, kissing back softly, purring.
God, Jason was so amazing...
He loved him so much...


Happy 2011 Halloween! :D Stay safe and enjoy the Candy!