I thought if I saw you again I would be fine

But it seems it is not the right time

The moment I saw you the pain returned

My heart beats faster as if it hasn't learned

You are something that I cannot obtain

All you will do is cause my rain

But it still beats for your existence

The moment I am in your presence

My heart hurts and I get irritated

You are someone I should have hated

It seems that once again my heart and mind aren't in synced

I just want our chain to be unlinked

You are just a player who doesn't care about me

I need to relax and breathe

It seems I need more time to myself

I need to close the short story of our time in the back of my bookshelf

Why can't I be free of your power?

Our relationship is already sour

The moment I saw you in the room

My heart stopped for a second then it zoomed

Faster and faster and it caused me to shake

Every time I am about to explode I feel the ache

The last time I felt this much

Was the first time I felt your touch

It seems you are still holding a piece of my conscience

That yearns for you in your absence

Please just let me move on

You told me to leave and be gone

But a part of me won't listen to my pleas

For that part has you as the key

You were right I was better to avoid you

Because the moment I saw you, my heart flew

Give me more time to forget

For it seems that now is not the time yet

It has only been a few days

I need to do more to let go of your blaze

Your smile and eyes need to disappear

For falling for you once again is what I currently fear

You hurt me once and you don't care

Now all you are is a nightmare

Seeing you once hurt

But seeing you again might cause me to blurt

The feeling I have need to stay confined

Until am ready to make up my mind

Forget, forget is what I repeat

I need to run away and retreat

All you are is my torture

And a greedy vulture

You got bored and left me hanging

All you wanted was to continue banging

But I didn't give you that pleasure

It seems you won't reach that treasure

But it's fine with you because I am trying

To escape this cage and continue flying

I must forget you

I must make my heart understand that we are through

Good bye again but I know it won't be the last

I need to try harder to make you a part of my past