August 17th, 1824

On the porch

Dear book,

It seems like the heat has only gotten worse the last couple of days. Of course, this is Louisiana, so it feels like running through water just walking outside. Our crops have failed this year, so Charlie and I have been looking everywhere for work. But it's hard to find work in Countersprings right now, with so many farmhands around. Cora says that it must be 'worker bloom' for the festival in a few weeks. That woman has such a fanciful imagination. Anyway, I must be off, my little book. Charlie has just heard that Arthur Hedwin is hiring for his shop front. Not exactly my ideal work, but I must do what I must to keep food on the table.

How should I sign this?

Santiago Fairplane

In celebration of Halloween, (and to mark what I believe will be a possible month-long hiatus *coughNaNoWriMocoughhack*), I hope you enjoy Gitano. Unlike its predecessors, it isn't finished yet (Read: Getting lazy...) but I will do my best to keep up with all the writing that awaits me. Thank you for reading! :)