Richie was trick-or-treating with his older brother, Eugene. Eugene would drive to one block, then another after they visited every house.

"Richie, slow down!" the teenager called out to the costumed boy who was several yards ahead.

"Walk faster, then!" was the mockingly whiny response. The boy ran up the porch steps of a house and rang the doorbell. "Trick-or-treat!"

The elderly woman smiled and held out a bowl of candy, which Richie eagerly stuffed into his bag.

Swiftly, the child bid farewell and was off to the next house. Then the next and the next, until they reached the corner of the block.

Across the street, Richie saw a group of trick-or-treaters walking together. He ran to this troop and walked alongside them.

"Cool costumes," he complimented.

"Thanks," replied one of the girls. "Wanna trick-or-treat with us?"


And Richie did follow the quartet of boys and girls, led by a man whom he guessed was their father. The kids hit block after block, comparing costumes and trading candy.

Stopping, Richie looked inside his bag and dug around. He picked out a Peanut Chew and lifted his head.


The boy looked around before electing to search on foot. "Eugene!"

Richie wandered from one block to another. He saw trick-or-treaters and costumed teenagers everywhere, but his brother was nowhere to be found. By this time, he began to worry. The worry quickly turned into fear. Tears began to pour down the child's face and he took off running in blind panic.

Richie soon bumped into someone. Trembling, he looked up to see a female police officer.

"Hey, what happened?" the policewoman asked, kneeling down to the sobbing boy.

Richie sniffed and cleared his throat.

"I... I lost m-my... brother. An-and I d-don't know how *sniff* how to get home."

"Oh, wow. Where did you lose him?"

"I d-don't remember. I-I looked every... where."

"Well, I'll take you home. Would that make it better?"

Richie nodded and wiped his nose with his sleeve.

"Come on."

The woman stood and stretched her hand out to his.

Richie took her hand and allowed the policewoman to lead him.

Weeks later, Eugene's father walked down the stairs and into the kitchen. Upon noticing his eldest son tensely eating breakfast, he glared at the boy in disgust and opened the newspaper. The first few pages were of no interest to him, so he turned multiple times. Soon, one article piqued his curiosity.

Police Impersonator Arrested For Halloween Murder.