After 5 more rounds, the scores were tied up. Everyone had been shot at least once, some even by their own teammates who'd accidently, or not, pulled the trigger. For the last round of the day, they changed it up.

'Ok so we are going to change it for the last round. Winner takes all. Tamara and Nicole, you are going to be the attacking team.'

Nicole and Tamara looked sceptically at each other. The tension between them had risen a bit fighting over Ryan and it was getting to both of them.

'And Lily, Flick and Hayley, you are the defending team. The way this works is Ryan has been captured by the defenders,' The three women whooped pouncing at him. 'The attacking team have to take out each of the defenders and then get Ryan back to their fort. Once completed they win. Set up!'

Tamara and Nicole walked to their fort while the others started to formulate a plan at the other end of the field in their fort. Nathan had to be sitting in the fort, next to the flag pole, while the girls could defend him in any way they liked. They decided to split up, with Lily defending the fort and the other two would find hiding places where they could take out the other team if they managed to get past Lily. Let the games begin, though Hayley as she crept forward to a suitable hiding place.

At the other end of the field, Tamara and Nicole were 'discussing' tactics.

'Alright, let's work this out. I say that they'll think we would split up and go down each side so they probably have that covered. I say we go straight down the middle together and cover each other.' Nicole said, looking out of their fort for any sign of them.

'Seriously?' came a sarcastic reply.

Nicole turned to Tamara who was sitting on the steps ignoring her.

'What do you suggest then?'

'Just shoot them.'

'Yeah good one.' Nicole replied rolling her eyes.

Tamara stood up, eye to eye with Nicole.

'Stop being a bitch.'

'Hey I'm not being the bitch! I'm just trying to play the game here!' Nicole said, hands up slightly.

'You're doing it wrong.' Tamara said with a smirk before stalking out of the fort.

Nicole rolled her eyes again before following her out. She may be the closest thing Tamara had to a friend in the house but they sure got on each other's nerves. Tamara was taking the quickest route they'd found to get across the field, which was one of the routes everyone know knew from playing all day. Nicole ran towards the middle, a slightly more difficult path to get through, hoping that her 'teammate' would get though unscathed.

Flick lay in wait, hidden by a half standing wall. She'd picked a pretty obvious place to hide, but was hoping that they wouldn't see her before she saw them. Another reason she'd picked it was because it had a window in the wall so she was able to see through all the way to the attackers fort and she hoped this would give her an edge. She crouched down watching intently.

Lily was at the top of the fort, guarding Ryan. Ryan sat there, looking like he was enjoying himself.

'So you liked the date then?' He asked.

'Like it? I love it! This is totally up my alley.' Lily replied, not looking back at him.

'Would you do this often? Why won't you look at me?' he asked when she didn't reply to the first question.

'Stop distracting me!' she replied, laughing as she turned to look at him.

She walked over a crouched next to him.

'Later you can distract me?' She gave him a quick kiss before returning to her post.

Flick didn't have to wait much longer for some to arrive. Nicole, unwittingly, had walked straight into her trap. She moved her gun in front of her ready to shoot. There was the noise of shooting pellets and suddenly Nicole was gone. Flick stood, confused.

Nicole, hearing the pellets being shot, raced in the direction of her only teammate. She arrived to see Tamara standing in a clearing.

'You ok?' She asked quickly.

Tamara just looked at her.

'Of course I am.' She replied, matter-of-factly. 'Hayley tried to jump me but she had another coming. Obviously I'm a better shooter than she is.'

'Ok well I'm glad you're still in the game then. Come on. Let's finish this.'

Tamara pushed in front of her, leading the way down her very clear route. Nicole followed her, still walking slow and looking around in case someone else tried to get them. They had a clear run up to the fort where they encountered Lily. Two against one isn't fair at the best of times however Lily got shot a few times square in the back because they managed to get around to the back of the fort to the stairs without her noticing. She growled at them before smiling and making her way to where Hayley was watching from the sidelines. Tamara and Nicole grabbed Ryan, ordering him to move like they were kidnapping him. He quickly surrendered playfully, letting them lead him whichever way. With Tamara leading, they picked their way back across the course.

After losing sight of Nicole and hearing more pellets fired from near their fort, Flick had a feeling they had kidnapped Ryan and were heading back to their fort. She quickly turned and repositioned herself so she was facing the other way. Again she got lucky and Tamara led them all right to her. Slowly raising her gun she took aim and fired.

Tamara got hit first. The pellet exploded squarely on her chest and she swore loudly. Nicole raised her gun, not seeing where the shot had come from.

'You better win this.' Tamara whispered angrily as she passed, making sure Ryan didn't hear.

'You bet on it.' Nicole muttered under her breath, grabbing Ryan's arm.

'Stay here ok?' she whispered into Ryan's ear.

He frowned but nodded.

'Aye Aye Captain.'

Nicole turned and disappeared.

Her idea was to circle back and get Flick from behind. She was right. Flick was too busy looking for her behind Ryan, she didn't notice Nicole approaching from behind.

'I'm sorry Flick.' she said when she was close enough.

Flick didn't turn fast enough and Nicole pulled the trigger. The pellet exploded, leaving a big green patch on her back. She scowled at her before smiling.

'Well played.' She said as she left to join the others.

Nicole went around the other side to find Ryan still standing where she'd left him.

'Congrats.' He said pulling her into a hug. 'You were insane!'

'Thanks. Now you'll know your safe if we get attacked by zombies.' She replied happily before he gave her a kiss.

They quickly returned to the other waiting women who, like them, were covered in paint and some small bruises where the pellets hadn't hit the padding. They all washed off a little before getting in the limo to go to their next destination.

Authors Note - What ya think? Please let me know! Who do you think should get the rose? Who do you think should leave? Thanks again for reading x