Remembering the days

Makes me want to say

Why did you break my heart?

You seemed really cool at the start

Was I really just a conquest?

Or is this pain just a test

I am losing my mind

You made my heart lose track of time

It still remembers you close to its beats

It remembers the time that your kisses were treats

I want my mind and heart to agree

To let you go because I am already paying the fee

It hurts to remember

The whole month of October

It was the only time frame you accepted from me

Afterward you set me free

But it seems a part of me won't let go

It is afraid to go solo

Please heart of mine slow down

You're making my mind want to leave town

You're making it hurt more than it needs to

You're making things harder to do

My heart wants the love that it felt

But my mind wants me to forget the pain that was dealt

My heart is erratic

My mind is trying not to panic

Please compromise as much as you can

Make up a good plan

To cope with each other

Because you're making me feel smothered

My heart needs to accept that it is over

And my mind needs to accept being sober

Both want to consider taking a drink

But doing so may cloud what I think

Heart and mind focus please

I will go down on my knees

I beg you let me move to the next level

And don't try calling the devil

I need to find peaceful and normal ways to live

And don't take me captive

Heart and mind try to let me rest

Then maybe in the future I will give you another guy to suggest