Blood. Blood trickled down my body as he stood before me. He had been torturing me, watching me slowly die in front of him. My eyes studied him, following him as he traveled around me. He circled me, every step helping me flinch.

Tears began to fill my eyes, knowing what he was thinking and feeling. How could he do this to me? After all that we have been through? Didn't he say that he loved me? What about all those nights, passionate more or less?

I shouted before I even noticed. "Marcellus! Why are doing this! I thought you loved me?"

Marcellus's haunting dark brown eyes stared at me, clearly ready to cry. "I don't love filthy trash."

I felt my heart tear at his words. No, no, it can't be true! "Marcellus! Who is making you do this? We can stop them!"

"NO! There is nothing that either of us can do!"

I closed my eyes, feeling the blackness overcome me. I didn't know what was going to happen to me after that moment.

"Fusce ut erat," I whispered aloud. Remembe rme as Iwas.

The dark took over. Was I alive? Or dead?