I groaned once again, annoyed with Max's ongoing blabbering. Max wouldn't shut up about some movie that he saw, and frankly, I didn't care either. I wasn't the type to go out and watch some movie that looked interesting. If it definitely caught my attention, then I would probably go and see it. Maybe. Again, I didn't care for movies. I didn't care for most things honestly.

"Max, please snap your trap, will ya?" I huffed, trying to focus my eyes in the darkness.

"Well, so much for 'how was your day'," Max retorted, irritated.

"Max, you know me. When I ask you something that simple, you should reply with a simple answer. For instance, 'good' is a great word to use."

Max made a noise in his throat that told me he wasn't going to go on with this subject. Usually I am not this agitated. Only when we are out on a job I want silence. Unless it had to do with the job, nothing else should come out his mouth. I was more business-like than he was.

We walked on, slipping between the trees and bushes. I kept my weapons on my belt and a blade strapped to my ankle, beneath my jeans. For my race, we had the ability to use certain spells, mainly protection spells. So, in case any cops stopped us, we could easily hide our weapons with the invisibility spell.

"Can't we just move on the sidewalk?" Max complained, clearly not liking to have to trudge in the dampness.

I felt happy in the hidden. "Not yet. His coordinates should be around here. We need to sneak attack on him…"

I didn't finish my train of thought because we were coming so close to his lair. I could feel the dark energy rising around us, a strange mist staying low to the ground. The part that I didn't like was that his lair was out in a open meadow, but it was certainly contained by trees. Most pedestrians wouldn't notice the huge hole in the rock, nor what was lying inside. We had been watching his power grow for a month now. We knew his plan. He was going attack on Halloween. And guess what? It's the night of Hallow's Eve.

"Did you hear that?" Max pulled out his blade, spinning around to look behind him.

I peeked over his shoulder, seeing nothing but trees. "Probably just a deer running through."

Max glanced at me, horrified. "You don't think he eats the deer?"

I shrugged, continuing to head forward. "Who knows? We don't know what type he is. He could eat humans for all we know."

"Captain didn't bother to tell us his natural customs?"

My eyes lied on Max, a look of are-you-kidding-me. "It's the Captain."

Max nodded in agreement. "That's true. But what about the Lieutenant? He surely would know."

"I didn't speak to him."

Max started to speak again, but I silenced him with my hand. I heard breathing, hot air swarming around us. We were close. So damn close that I could hear him.

I motioned for Max to follow me, but when I didn't hear him behind me, I spun around. I saw Max passing me, heading straight for the crack in the rocks. I hissed at him, needing him to come back, but I couldn't make any loud noises. He knew better than to go attack our enemy without your partner! Was he trying to prove something?

I blended in with the shadows, trotting as quickly and lowly as possible. I was circling the perimeter, going to the opposite side that Max was coming in. If I appeared on the other side, I could easily attack without it knowing. Once I arrived to my hopeful position, I caught Max movingintothecave. I almost jumped in after him. How could he go right in?

A quick thought flowed into my brain. What if he got into Max's mind and this was all a trap? My heart thumping, I was hoping it wasn't true. Max was my partner, our partnership lasting five years. He was thirteen and I was twelve when they teamed us up, getting us into training. I couldn't lose him. He was practically my brother. Not by blood, but by soul.

As my thoughts went on, I heard something heading toward me. I pulled out my hilt, ready to call upon my blade at any moment. As I heard it closer to me, I began whispering the spell that would release my sword's power. This sword could only kill one species, and this is what we were hunting.

Max popped his head around a rock, a wide smile on his face. I exhaled in relief and in anger. "Max! Don't ever do that again!"


"Scare me like that! And the fact that you went inside his lair without any assistance!" I exclaimed, pushing my hilt back into it's slot.

"I went to check inside because I felt the energy die out. I was right. It's deserted."

Dumbfounded, I stared at him with a blank expression. Deserted? But I was given specific orders that this was a hideout. I sighed, letting my guard down finally. Max was relaxed as always, when he wasn't in the midst of a fight.

"Come on, let's go on the sidewalk now," I said, feeling his excitement rise.

Max and I both loved Halloween. But, after training and when I lost my parents, I felt myself get thicker, stronger, and harder. I wasn't the fun loving person I use to be. I was always laughing and smiling. Now, I smiled sometimes. Max found it a true accomplishment when he could make me smile.

When we broke through the bushes, I readied myself to see all the adorable kids dressed up in costumes walking the streets, trick-or-treating. When we found the street empty, tension rose up my body. Where was everyone? This was one of the busiest streets, even in the day. Max and I shared a puzzled exchange.

"Maybe everyone is locked on some haunted house on the next street over?" Max wondered aloud.

"It's a possibility," I said, not too sure.

"Evangeline…" a voice literally hissed behind us.

I glanced over my shoulder to find nothing, and then checked over at Max. His eyes were focused ahead of him. He didn't speak nor heard the same as I did. I knew I heard it. It was as clear as day. And it was myname. Of course I would pick that up more than anyone else.

"Die…" I heard the hissing voice again. Die?

Snapping my head around, this time I saw a man standing on the sidewalk about twenty feet from us. I could see that he wore a fancy gray suit, a red tie and white shirt underneath his coat. His hair was short and brown, a thick jaw representing on his face. When my eyes traveled over his face, I saw it. Red eyes glinting at me. We found our target.

I smacked Max's arm and his eyes went after the attention mine were in. He saw the man with red eyes too.

"Oh shit!" He yelled while I screamed to run.

We ran at full speed down the sidewalk, hoping we could turn a corner before he caught up with us. Having us turn would give us the opportunity to pull out our swords without him noticing, so we could use them as a surprise attack. I looked back again to see him racing toward us, but his feet were not touching the ground. As he got closer and closer, huge black wings burst from his back, black bony parts of his body transforming from his human disguise. I waited until it was the right to spin around on him.

Counting under my breath, I pulled out my hilt and whispered. "Collega sit meae apud angelos surge."

My sword spurted to life, blue lighting from it. Max did the same, his turning yellow. I counted again until I could feel his energy gaining up on us.

"Now!" I screamed.

Jumping midair and spinning around is the hardest thing I could do. My sword gained speed with my body as I turned, traveling right through his body. He screamed in agony, but regained his balance, trying to attack Max. I landed right onto my feet, taking out a star-like medallion that was placed in one of my pockets. "Adgredere," I whispered, the stars enlighteing with blue flames. I threw three of them after him, all of them sticking into his skin. He screeched so loud that I thought I lost my hearing. His red eyes fell onto me, sweeping his wing at me. Sharp claws came into contact with my face, slicing up my cheek. Sending me hard to ground, I did pick myself back up and retrieved my sword. Max and I soared into the air again, together, plunging our swords through his chest. His screeches echoed again, but this time he fell to the ground, dead. Max and I placed our equipment back into our belts, checking over the dead creature. I came back up from squat, gazing into Max's eyes.

"Liron is now dead," I stated, grinning wildly.

"We killed another one, Eve," Max fist pounded me, something we always did when we finished a job.

Making the body disappear was easy. Casting a "spell" and he was gone.

What got me was how he knew my name. I was named Evangeline, but once I entered the academy, I was called Eve. I cast away the wonder as we trudged back home, the cuts and scars proof of the hard job we did that night. But, that was typical for us. Well, since we kill demons. That's what we were trained to do.

We are demon hunters.