I can't remember the last time I saw you

All happy and smiling, like you used to be

Now that smile is turned upside-down

Much like your life, but you won't let us see

You try to hide it, you try to deny it

But you can't hide all the sleepless nights

The tears that unintentionally come to your eyes

No matter how hard you try to fight

We try to tell you, it will be okay

We try to tell you, you will be fine

We try to tell you, you will come out stronger

But we all know that it's not alright

And it seems to be working for a couple of days

The gleam's in your eyes, the smile's on your face

It looks like you're back with us again

But we can see behind the façade

The gleam in your eyes isn't happiness, it's sorrow

The smile on your face isn't happy, it's a fake

But you're the master in the art of pretending

You could even win an Oscar, for the show you make

But the show needs to end, cause right now it's enough

You can't play pretend, cause you can't play with your life

And if you don't care, there's someone who does

There are people who love you more that their lives…