The rays of the sun from the window lit my face, as I wake and help myself up from my bed. I fixed my bed and grabbed my phone to look at the date. It was Thursday, the 29th of February.

My name is Tsuneo Seiji, 17 years old and currently studying at a nearby academy. I fix myself up as I prepare for school. After taking a bath, I ate my breakfast and went out from my apartment and head to school. I stared up the sky to see the dark clouds forming, it's like there's a storm to come.

I scratched my messy black hair. "Weird... The weather forecaster didn't mention anything about a storm coming..." I said to myself as I walk my way to school.

As I arrive to school some of my friends greeted me. I head towards the classroom and sat on my respective seat. One of my classmates approached me.

"Hey Tsuneo, You're coming over to Isagi's house later, right?" he asked.

"Isagi's house? Why? Is there a party?"

"Did you forget? Today's Isagi's birthday, all of our classmates will go there. You should go too."

I sighed and replied. "Yeah, yeah, I'll go."

"Great!" He shouted and went away to invite others.

"Isagi's Birthday huh..." I said to myself. Well, I'm not forgetful or anything. I know that Isagi's birthday is on the 1st of March. I double check my phone to look at the date. Feb. 29 2007. "Hmm... maybe my phone's outdated..." I put down my phone on the desk.

I noticed that someone is staring to me. I turn my head to see who it is. It was a girl, sitting at the corner of the classroom, but I haven't seen her in the class before. Or maybe I didn't notice her from the first place. I tapped one of my seatmates. "Hey Takato, do you know who's that girl there, over the corner?" I asked. "Oh you don't know her? Her name's Masuyo Satomi, she's in our class from the beginning, but she's kinda shy and quiet. So that's why only few notice her." Takato explained.

Everyone returned to their seats as our homeroom teacher arrives. It was a long lecture. Finally, the bell rang. The professor dismissed the class and head home. Everyone packed their stuff and prepares to leave. "Hey Tsuneo, you coming or what?" one of my classmates called. "Yeah, just a sec"

It was 6 in the afternoon. There were eleven of us in the group, our other classmates already headed to Isagi's house. As we walked our way to our classmate's house, I checked my bag if I forgot something. And I did. "Oh crap! I forgot my phone; I think I left it on my desk at the classroom." I yelled. "Tsuneo you idiot! Hurry and get it, we'll wait for you here."

I ran back to school to retrieve my phone. I barged in our empty classroom, and head towards my desk. I searched for my phone. It was not there.

"I swear I left it here..." I said to myself.

I looked under my table to search for it. There was nothing there, except for a pair of legs of a student. Wait, what? I quickly looked up to see who it is. It was Satomi, the girl who is staring at me a while ago. I stumbled backwards as I was shocked to see her.

"S-Satomi? Was it? W-what are you doing here?" I asked her.

She reached for her pocket and pulled out a phone. "I believe you where looking for this…" She showed me my phone. "Oh yeah, t-thanks…" I said as she hand it over to me.

"The 29th of February huh…" she whispered as she glared away from me. She must've seen the date on my phone.

"Ah haha, don't mind it, I must've set the wrong date on my phone."

"Really now?" She looked at the black board as if she's telling me to look at that direction to. I turn around and looked at the board, there was a calendar there, and I looked at the calendar and was surprised to what I saw.

"There… hasn't been a 29th of February this year" She grimly said. "This year is 2007, the 29th of February is next year." She continued.

"B-but…" sweat began to form on my face. I was totally creeped out back then. "Maybe something wrong with my phone…"

She walks closer to me, her long golden hair swaying along the wind. She leaned on me and said "You know why the date on your phone is 29th of February?" she asked.

"Why…?" I replied.

She grinned and slowly speaks "because… You're already dead."

My eyes widened. I was left speechless from what she told me. The two of us remained silent as the thunder clashes and the rain began to pour down from the dark gray sky.