Chapter 3 - 365 Days

Tsuneo and Satomi are currently walking aimlessly at the ruined city. A day already passed since the incident.

"Hey, are you sure I can keep that man's key?" Tsuneo ask as he twirls his golden key and another silver key on his fingers.

"Well, you're the one who defeated him, you earned it." Satomi replied.

"Why do we have to fight to collect these stupid keys anyway?" Tsuneo yelled.

Satomi remained silent for a while as Tsuneo changed the topic. "A-anyway, it's been a day, but we still don't meet other people. Where are they? Are they all dead?" Tsuneo said looking around.

"I already explained it to yesterday that this isn't Japan, it looks like it, but it's not. This is just a mere replica." Satomi said a little bit annoyed.

"But, who did this?"

Both of them noticed the dark gray sky. It looks like that there is a storm coming. Tsuneo and Satomi searched for shelter in case a heavy rain falls. "Seriously, it's hard to find shelter in a ruined place like this." Tsuneo complained.

A spiral formed from the sky not far from they were standing. Tsuneo and Satomi observed it as it continues to form a spiral, it looks like a tornado forming.

"That sky... it's like from before..." Tsuneo whispered.

A great lightning flash as it struck the ground, followed by a deafening thunder. A huge shadow of a man in hood and cape appear before the spiraling sky.

"W-what is that!" Tsuneo shouted and points his fingers to the spiraling clouds.

"Greetings players!" the man in the sky shouted.

"I am Thanatos, the master of this so-called game."

"Game! Is he kidding us! How was this suppose to be a game!" Tsuneo complained.

"I will now give the answer to your questions..."

Another lightning flashed followed by another deafening thunder, this time even louder.

The time has come to play the game once more. As you know, all of you are dead, you died on the 29th of February, a day that didn't exist. Therefore, your death is not counted. But on the other hand, you still died. Now, I give you players a chance to come back to life, by winning this game that is.

This is your current situation. You were transported from Japan into this place. This place looks exactly like Japan, but it's not, it is just a mere replica of the country. In other words this place is in another dimension and has nothing to do in the real world. I've provided "safe zones" for you to restock your materials and replenish your strength. That place will also protect you from being attack by other players and wild animals.

Currently, there are one-hundred and sixty-nine of you here today, although some might already been dead. Each of the one-hundred and sixty-nine players was given a key. That key is called their "Master Key", the owner of the key can transform it into a weapon of his choice, the weapon, of course, depends on the owner's personality. The "Master Keys" also provides special ability called "Unlock", I will not explain that ability, you players must find it out yourselves.

Now, the objective is to collect thirteen keys, one gold key, which is your "Master Key" and twelve silver keys, which are the keys that you've collected from other players. You can collect keys by defeating other players, once you've got your opponent's "Master Key", it will turn into a silver key. Players who have lost their "Master Key" can retrieve it back, by defeating the player who took their "Master Key", although this would be a huge disadvantage for the player who is retrieving his key, given the fact that he or she has no weapon to fight. If a player dies, it will be considered as a "Game Over" for that player. His key will be given to the player who killed him, or to the creature that killed him. If he dies by an accident, his key will be transported randomly anywhere on the island.

Once you've collected thirteen keys, you must head to the top of Mount Fuji. There you could exchange the thirteen keys for your life. Though the game is simple, there is only limited time. You must collect thirteen keys and reach the top of Mount Fuji before 365 days. If you fail to meet the requirements, you'll remain here for another three years, and wait for the next "missing day".

As of now, your life is on the line. Collect those keys immediately. This is a struggle for survival. See you at the top of Mount Fuji in the next 365 days. Players, I wish you the best of luck!

Another lightning struck the ground as the shadow of the so-called Master of the Game disappeared from the sky. The dark clouds suddenly disappeared and a sunny bright sky filled the whole island.

"W-what the hell was that!" Tsuneo yelled.

"So... That's all we have to do then?" Satomi calmly said.

"What do you mean "that's all"? That doesn't sound easy to me."

"Well we just need to collect thirteen of these keys and head to the top of Mount Fuji before 365 days right?" Satomi crossed her arms.

"Well, if there's one-hundred and sixty-nine players, and we must collect thirteen keys, that means there are thirteen set of keys for the players, and there will be thirteen chosen winners right?" Tsuneo explained.

"Wow, so you're not as clueless as you look. But that's true, that means only thirteen of us will come back alive." Satomi said as she fixed her hair.

"And the other players will remain here for the next three years. What will happen to them then?" Tsuneo worriedly asked.

"Who cares? As long as both of us collected thirteen keys, both of us can come back alive together."

"B-both of us?"

"Well... yeah, you already helped me once, twice if we counted that silver key of yours." Satomi points at Tsuneo.

"Well, there isn't any rule about teaming up... so I guess its okay." Tsuneo nodded.

"Just think of it this way; it would be easier for us to beat an opponent if we attack him at the same time." Satomi explained twirling her hair on his fingers.

"Yeah, you're probably right, two heads are better than one or so they say." Tsuneo agreed as he puts both of his arms on his pocket.

"Well, what are you waiting for? C'mon, let's go hunt some keys. Time passes quickly; you'll never know when will 365 days would come!" Satomi smiled as she head towards the clear horizon.

"One-hundred and sixty-nine players... Collecting keys... Struggling to survive... What more could I ask for...?" Tsuneo stared at the clear blue sky and took a deep breath before he followed Satomi's lead.

" All this in 365 days huh...?"