Was digging through my school file and found this poem I wrote last year for English. Revised it a bit and decided to share. Written April (?) 2011.

The skies are tainted grey
By the thunderclouds that loom above.
They rumble their threat to release their burden
Unto all that lie beneath.

They speak of the tears to come
And the hatred to finally surface.

But the city below fears not a moment,
No, not a moment at all.

For the city cannot see past the grey gloom
And into the sky's darkened heart.

They know not of the agony
That has been hidden for so long
Disguised by the Sun, glowing despite the pain.

They care not that the Sun's warmth
Hasn't been genuine for weeks, months, years
Or if it ever will be again.

The city simply looks past the pain
As they do time and time again
And they wait for the storm to pass.