The sparks of your eyes seemed to have vanished

When I saw you it looks as if it had perished

Does seeing me again destroy your spark?

Did I somehow leave a mark?

I know you won't return

But I still want you to be happy inside your friendship cavern

As much I hate to admit

I want your light and radiance to be lit

I maybe angry and at times want you to be in pain

But if I saw that I might go insane

Your smile was the first true thing I noticed

Please don't take it away because of your distrust

You are still special beyond your knowledge

Please don't let me destroy your image

I can't truly hate

As much as I hated how I came to this state

Even if you refuse to talk

Return your spark that has caused me shock

Let your eyes sparkle and let your smile shine

I enjoyed the sight of it when you were mine

Try as I may to get away

You are still there no matter where I stay

Even with my friends you arrive

But please let your glow survive

You may not want me around

But please don't have a frown

If you continue you will make things worst

I already feel cursed

The world gave you to me for awhile

Then took you back into its exile

Don't let that spark of yours go

Hold it proudly, let it show

Be happy with yourself

And with everybody else

The pain you caused me is enough for me to handle

Don't let your spark become dull

Please be happy since you're the one who left

You have already committed theft

I'll pick up the pieces that you tore

I'll try to use it to help me soar

But you should heal faster than me

You should be used to the loss of companionship glee

I am new so it hurts to think

The spark of yours is a special drink

It's like the alcohol that you consume

It has the ability to help you bloom

Shine once again the way it used to be

Let your eyes and smile sparkle before you ever met me