~Strangler's Cove~

Rachael left the warm comfort of her home and in to the intense coldness of the winter night. She wore nothing that could warm her, a thin strapped top and a pair of faded jeans. Winters were always intense in Strangler's Cove, the cold was like spikes through her body. The snow was to her ankles. She couldn't remember why she left the house and in to this cold but she knew there was a good reason. Rachael had needed to get out of there.

She kept on walking trying to ignore the freezing cold. Soon she found herself in the old part of Strangler's Cove. Not many people lived around here, the houses were real old and some were even falling apart. People rarely came here at all. As she walked further the could seemed to become even more intense. Tears froze as they fell from her eyes.

Finally, she could no longer take the terrible cold, she fell to her knees and began sobbing. She felt like nothing, her very existence could be questioned. She let out an inhuman shriek and fell down on to the snow covered ground.

Waking up:

Rachael was surprised when she did not wake up to coldness. She felt warmth, soothing her once ice cold body. A wave joy and relief came over her. When she could finally open her eyes, she looked around and saw unfamiliar surroundings. She sat up in the old bed, the blankets were around her legs and realized she was in a large, long-sleeved t-shirt that went past her knees. Rachael shuddered a bit knowing that someone had undressed her.

"So you're awake" a bone thin woman came walking in, she was the tallest woman Rachael had ever seen. The woman walked over to Rachael, her bony body seemed very awkward in the long black dress she wore. She stroked Rachael's forehead, her touch was cold. Almost as cold as the winter.

"Who are you?" Rachael managed to ask. The woman smiled, her teeth were stained and crooked.

"I'm Lona" she replied.

"Where am I?" Rachael tried to get up from the bed but Lona pushed her back down. "You're here, that's all you need to know" the woman said.

Rachael looked around at the room, junk was hoarded everywhere. Three old televisions were stacked on top of each other and newspapers stacked high as well. Empty jars were virtually everywhere in the room, along with plenty of other things. Rachael started to remember her own home, it had been nice and neat. This Lona woman was strange and the room gave off an eerie feeling.

"Thanks for saving me..I really appreciate it, but I have to go leave"

"You don't understand, I can't let you leave" her voice had become more serious, as did her facial expression. The woman looked tired and stressed. Her eyes were bloodshot with dark circles underneath them. She had the appearance of a depressed and overworked housewife. "Burke and Clyde will be coming any minute now, I gotta get you ready for them. You'll be a real treat for them" Lona said.

"I really want to leave" Rachael said. Lona suddenly yanked the covers off her legs and threw them aside.

"You will stay!" Lona shrieked. Rachael once again tried getting up, but this time more aggressively. She managed to get up from the bed and on her feet. From her dress pocket, Lona pulled out a hunting knife, "I was smart too bring this with me, I see" she said, pressing the knife to Rachael's chest.

"N-no please" Rachael begged, she didn't want to die in a place like this. Slowly she moved back on to the bed, "See I'm back on the bed" she said, trying to placate Lona. She tried not to let her fear show, this was a time be strong.

"Get undressed now" Lona demanded, she was still very tense. Rachael did not move, instead she simply looked to the ground.

"You little whore" Lona cried angrily and slashed at Rachael's arm with knife, giving her a deep cut. Rachael sobbed loudly from pain and grabbed on to her bleeding arm, she was angry with herself. Angry she was so weak and could not take the pain, especially when it came to cuts. "Get undressed now" Lona repeated firmly.

"Okay!" she cried as Lona raised the knife again. She pulled off the white shirt, she had no bra on and now her small, pale breasts were exposed.

"All of it" Lona said, pointing to Rachael's panties. The younger woman felt extreme humiliation, having to strip in front of this stranger. Whimpering from both pain and shame, she slipped out of her underwear.

Lona observed her up and down, then gave a dark smile, "Yes they're going too have a lot of fun with you"

Burke and Clyde

The two men pushed open the heavy wooden door of their home. They were similar in appearance. Stringy matted hair, that hung over their face, their pale skin heavily bruised, they both had a heavy build as well. Clyde was a little bit taller than Burke and had deep, haunting blue eyes. Burke, for reasons unknown, had always been slightly hunch backed.

They soon walked in to the cramped kitchen. "Goddammit! That woman didn't cook nothing!" Burke snarled as he laid eyes on the cleared table. "...I 'ought a go teach her lesson" he went on. "All that meat we got her and she can't cook a fuckin' thing!"

Clyde opened his mouth to speak but stopped when he heard a faint whimpering coming from down the hall. "I done told that woman over and over again, have my fuckin' dinner-" Burke was saying but Clyde jabbed him with his elbow.

"What the-"

"Shut up and listen!"

They both listened and heard the whimpering that seemed to get louder. A smile began to cross each of their faces.

The cut

Lona was tending to her wound, wrapping it with a piece of torn cloth. "Can't have you bleeding to bad when you meet them" Lona said, almost sweetly. Rachael's tears had stopped but painful sounds still escaped her throat. The woman tightened the material around her arm, "There we go, all better" she said.

"Lona!" A loud, booming voice called.

"Well, looks like there here" Lona said and then shouted back, "Come on back here you guys!"

Rachael couldn't help but picture the two inhuman monsters about to walk though the door. They would probably do unspeakable things to her, she cringed. When she felt tears about to come, she did her best to hold them back.

Soon enough, all doubt would be removed when the two men came walking in to the room, they were grinning. "This is Burke" Lona said, pointing to one of the men. She pointed to the other and told Rachael his name was Clyde.

All of Burke's anger was gone when he laid eyes on what Lona had brought home. The young lady sitting on the bed was one of the prettiest girls he had ever seen. He could tell Clyde was thinking the same thing.

"I found her laying in the snow" Lona said, "I thought it'd be a shame to let her go too waste" Burke and Clyde stared at the naked and frightened girl in pure, uncontrollable lust.

"You done good Lona" Clyde said quietly, nodding his head.

"Well enough Bullshitting, lets get to it" Burke said, walking up and grabbing the girl by her injured arm. She cried out and began pounding him with her small fists.

"Take her to the supply room, more fun in there" Clyde said.

"Please let me go!" the girl sobbed.

"Don't worry honey, you gonna be alright" Lona said with a smile. Burke grabbed the girl by her small wrist and began pulling her out of the room. Clyde followed, leaving Lona alone.


Rachael cringed at the filthy hand over her face. It was Clyde that tied her hands to the bedpost with a long, thick rope. The odor of both the room and the men, almost made her vomit. Her restraints were tightened very well. She knew there was no escape. The two men looked at her with their lust filled eyes. They would decide her fate.

Pain soared through her body as Burke bit in to her left breast. Savagely trying to tear though her unresisting flesh. She screamed, being victimized by such men was not how she wanted to die. Such filthy and disgusting pigs they were. She screamed even louder as Clyde slashed at her inner thighs with a sharp knife. This time her screams were very much human.

She then remembered. Remembered why she had left. Her father being the monster he was, had started to mutilate her brother right in front of her. Her brother, Adam had been the only thing that made her happy. Her father had came home, drunk, which was nothing new but this time he seemed much more angry.

"Rachael get down her now!" he yelled. She was laying in bed when he had yelled her name. She quickly got up, she was in her underwear so she slipped on some jeans.

Downstairs, her father stood, ruffled and intoxicated. Rachael's young brother was sitting on the couch. "Sit the hell down!" he father shouted. She sat down next to her brother, and like Adam she looked to the ground, avoiding her father's angry eyes.

"Say something!" he shouted but neither of them listened.

"Say something!" the man shouted once again. He became more enraged than ever and snatched Adam by the shirt. That was when Rachael did look up.

"You will listen to me boy!" He pushed his son down in to the armchair. Feeling completely helpless, Rachael sat in silence. Adam's eyes were emotionless, he thought showing nothing was the best way to deal with their father.

The man left the room and Rachael looked over at Adam who was still showing no emotion. She almost wished he would, just for a moment. Just so she could have some comfort.

Moments later, the monster came back but this time he held a kitchen knife in his hand. Rachael felt a wave a fear come over her. What would he do to her brother and her? This man truly was an inhuman monster.

"Maybe now you two will learn to listen" he said as he pulled the boys head back by the hair. Adam would finally show some emotion when his father sliced in to the side of his face. His screams were agonizing to Rachael's ears. She couldn't take it, she wanted to stop him.. but she was too afraid.

"Dad please!" Adam sobbed. Flesh dangled from his face, tears fell from Rachael's eyes. The man laughed and cut deep in to what was left of the boy's face. He wouldn't even notice, when his daughter turned away and ran outside. Outside in to the cruel winter. In the cold, she was able to forget.

Now she remembered all too clearly. Her father smiling, Adam's mutilated face. Burke was inside her now, panting like an animal. His disgusting body much to close to hers. Clyde dug the knife in to the side of her already mutilated. The pain was beyond anything she had ever felt, she screamed louder than ever.

Burke got off her and Clyde pulled out the knife and handed it to him. She would soon feel the knife being jammed in between her legs. The man twisted the blade mercilessly. Rachael was being treated as a mere object, a toy to be used and thrown away. And thus she began to realize...she was nothing. Her screams became less than human.