My first story on this site. Well here it goes. P.S. This is based on a true story, but, due to privacy measures, I will not be using real names. P.P.S. I'm Jeff.

As usual, he was sitting in his room playing with his bionicles because he had a very slow social life. The reason for this was because his social skills were very, very poor. Though, oddly, he didn't mind only having two best friends and maybe three or four regular friends. He didn't mind that all the jocks and preps always called him gay and a fag. Because that's their thing. They were in his life for the sole reason to torment him through high school; otherwise, life would just be too easy.

This is the story, of Jeffery James Skylar.

He was a medium height, brown hair, brown eyes kinda guy. He wore glasses so thick that when they broke, he could use a magnifying glass instead. His best subject was math, but his worst was science. He liked to build things and take them apart again. He also liked reading writing and video games. Especially video games.

November 1st 2011

He was feeling kind of crummy. The reason for this was that he had just turned in someone who had probably counted him as a friend. He had only snitched once before; and it was on someone who was a real jerk.

The last time, about a week ago, the guy had pulled out a pocketknife and shown it to everyone who was crowded around him; including Jeff (or J.J. as he was also known). J.J then went to the office after excusing himself at the regular time, and then went to the office as he says the announcements over the P.A every morning and told the new vice principal (Who is very strict about rule breaking, which is exactly why J.J. liked him) about the knife. The guy got it taken away, but because he didn't threaten anyone with it, he got to go back to class.

This time however, he actually liked the guy, aside from his drug habits. This time it wasn't as easy to tell someone. The guy showed it to Jeff and one other guy who was sitting at our wood shop table. Then the teacher took all 20 of us on a tour of the other wood shop in the school. After that, Jeff asked to go to the bathroom, while the rest of the class started working on their other assignment. That is when Jeff went to the office to inform the vice principal. He wasn't there, but the other vice principal was. Jeff didn't trust that this one would do all she could to stop the other boy, but she was all he had. He then told her about the boy with drugs, but asked to remain anonymous. She agreed to this, but saw a problem. If Jeff went back to class, and she came right after him, then it would be pretty obvious that Jeff had told on him. So she suggested that she come later in the class and Jeff agreed. He went back to class.

The next hour was one of the longest in Jeff's life. He had to work beside the guy he'd told on. He couldn't even look him in the eye. They were friends. But Jeff had already told and did not regret it, for he was totally black and white when it came to rule breaking.

Fifteen minutes before class ended, the vice principal, who Jeff told the boy on, came in the room and asked for the boy. He went willingly. He didn't come back to class. His things were sitting on the desk. Jeff felt like the sight of them would burn a hole in his skin. His other friend, the non-druggie, best friend. The other one who the druggie show his stuff to. He was wondering about where the druggie went. The best friends name was Blake

Blake and Jeff usually walked home together as they lived on the same street, and today was no exception. They walked in silence, as usual. But then Blake brought up a subject that Jeff was eager to avoid. Where had the druggie gone? Jeff told Blake not to worry about it, and then quickly changed the topic video games.

You see, Blake and Jeff were the same in many ways, but were also very different in other ways. For example, Blake allows and enjoys the company of past criminals, such as the first boy he told on. Jeff on the other hand, generally tried to avoid them and, if necessary, engaged in verbal fights with them, or gently brushed them off of him. So, having that noted, consider this. Blake did nothing to stop the first or second things from happening. He just let things happen. He didn't tell anyone about anything. That is why Jeff did not tell Blake. Tomorrow however, Jeff would tell his other best friend, Jack.

Jack and Blake were very different, but, again, were very much alike. They both liked outdoor things such as fishing, boating and hunting. Jeff liked these things too (except fishing) but he liked somethings more. He was definatly more of an indoor person. Jack also loved computers. He liked taking them apart and putting them back together, better than before, with his older brother, Bruce.

Jack was also, with Jeff on the side of the law, though was never as brave as Jeff. He didn't like the fact that some law breakers hung around them at lunch. They always ate quickly, and then spent most of the lunch hour in the library.

After Jeff got home from school, he did what he usually did. He played his Dragon Ball Z game on is Wii until his parents got home. When they did get home, he bolted up to his room to get his homework done.

He then watched TV for a while until his mother called him down for dinner. At that same moment, he got a text from Blake, asking him to come over to play Call of Duty.

Jeff replied that he would be over when he was done his dinner. When he was done, he put his dishes in the sink and told his parents he would be home by nine.

They played Video games for about two hours, and then Jeff went home to have his shower. He washed shampooed and rinsed, then went to his room again. Then I wrote this story.

Hope you liked it. Remember to RXR or I won't have the heart to make any more chapters.