I Flew Free as a Bird

I flew free as a bird

Sauntering through the sky, midday

My wings not clipped,

My song always heard

Alas I ponder my dismay

To be free, is not to be free

Limitations to grand and to bold

Possible confronted by the impossible

Independence made subtle to behold

Taking flight, in my sky so blue

Deep in thought I question true

Freedom lasts so long

So little

A chance missed, often in rue

Come down, break by weary

Wings spread to the sun

A dazzling glare neither shaded nor dreary

Away my gaze rests and below sat one

One, plain and simple, alone in the open

A small blade of grass

So tender, so brave

Making due in a withered class

Swooping down I prepare in dive

Believing in freedom forced by drive

Halting low, still above ground

I find myself leaving off without a sound

Wings still unclipped

Yet braced in twine

My song still heard

Yet lost in time

Freedom gone, is nevermore

Not long lasting what was sought

Which brings me to a time, indeed I thought

Freedom is a lesson learned, not one to be taught