One by one attempt to feel

Attempting something gold and clear

With crystal mirages and striking eyes

In moments formed with Bella's tears

Mixed with mine, who imagine I

Took on their burden with a single kiss

And it only and always feels like this

Like wind in my eyes and air in my fist

Light on my face and the sun on my wrist

Where scars are more than knives and skin.


But you know what it feels like, don't you?

You know the things that no one told you

You know that clouds can rest in peace

While heaven weeps and trembles for you

And I wish you knew that peace

Can also rest inside your violence

I could wish that you could hear the words

That scream inside your silence

I could picture something strong enough

As pieces of me try to feel

And words unspoken try to tell you

Something gold and clear…


In an unknown house sitting alone

While raindrops strike the roof and shatter

Crystal glimmers on the walls

Silence can't keep the wind outside

And every raindrop weeps

And every unseen teardrop matters

And the wind at you like a thousand swords

To take your ever after.

Ever after, Bella, try to feel!

In moments formed in Bella's tears

In looks and thoughts in fading years

In forests dark and rivers clear

Without a look, without a kiss

It only and always feels like this

Heaven shines as clouds fall apart

And cries out as they dissolve to mist

Light on your face and sun in your eyes

And scars upon my wrist

And as scars are more than skin and knives

There's more –


There's more to life than this.