Silver Rose

Chapter one: Beginnings

There once was a beautiful village, which was surrounded by flowers of all kinds. The people were kind and the leader was beatiful. The leader's name was Sarina. She loved the flowers more than anyone in the village. Everything was at peace, until a young wizard came to the village. His magic was great, but his wisdom wasn't as reliable as most. He came to Sarina and asked, "Why is this not yet a kingdom? This place is so beatiful and if it were a kingdom it would be even more beatiful!" Sarina did not answer, for she actually thought of this.

And that was when Sara closed the book. A fairy-tale story? That's all her gradfather left her? This farm and this book? She didn't mind having a farm, but it drove her crazy that her grandfather still had this fairy-tale book. She had never read it, but it was definately some kind of fairy-tale book. She had just moved into the farm house and finished cleaning it, which wasn't very messy to begin with. Sara was twenty years old, had diry-blond hair, green eyes and currently wore her city clothes: A T-shirt, blue jeans and a pair of running shoes. She looked out of the window and decided if it were a good idea to go out and introduce herself to the people of this village or not. The sun was already setting and by the time Sara would be done going around the village it would already be dark, and she didn't know this place very well either. She decided against it and went to the kitchen to get something to eat.
The house was small, but not too small for her. Her bedroom already had a bed and she put pale blue sheets on it and a pillow sat at the head of the bed, a little lopsided. There was also a dark wood nightstand that stood at the left side of her bed and in it she found two empty red notebooks. There was also a faint smell of damp leaves. Her bedroom door was at the far left of the living room; there was no hallway. The kitchen was narrow and had white and pale blue tiles. The smell of old spices, which were still in the cubord, hung in the air there. The dishes were old, but they were still useable. Probably best to wash it off though. Lastly, the living room had a white couch and a television (which only had four channels) and a black telephone was there. The telephone was one of those old ones where you would have to turn the metal wheel with your finger to dial the number. The smell of the spices migrated over there. There was also a closet on the left wall that was filled with coat that were much too big for Sara and two pairs of black rubber boots.

After eating, it was already dark and the faint call of an owl and the howel of a wolf could be heard in the distence. Sara sighed contently. She could never get this in the city. She went to her room and laid down on her bed. Then the sight of the red notebook on her nightstand caught her eye. She sat up and picked it up. Should she write in it today? She thought about it for a while then took out a pencil from her bag that lay close to her bed. She wrote about how long the drive down here to the village was. How tired she felt when she got here the first day. Then she wrote about what she found in her house and how the barns and chicken coops were. She wrote how it was like moving out and how tiring it was, but it was all worth it in the end. Then she soon fell asleep.

The next day, she tried to introduce herself to the people of the village, but most of them were already busy with their work. She met a child named Brian, who was a shy little thing, but he was so sweet! He had black hair, brown eyes, wore large glasses with thin lences, a white T-shirt and blue shorts. His running shoes looked like they were worn out, but they were still useable. Then she met Kira, who was Brian's older sister. She looked only a few years younger than Sara and she had auburn hair, green eyes and wore a simple blue dress. After those two, she was greeted by a young man named Kai. He was slightly taller than her and looked probably a year or two older. He had dark hair and jade eyes and he wore a loose grey shirt and tanned shorts, which the legs went to his knees. After saying her farewells she went to a small little house, but it was empty inside. That was how she met Kyle and his sister Veronica. Kyle was down by the beach (close to where the little house was) and he was fishing. The back of his neck looked like it was sunburned. His sister, who was younger than him, tugged at his sleeves asking about the fish that he caught. Kyle had brown hair, blue eyes and wore a loose white shirt and shorts. Veronica had black hair, blue eyes and wore a cute pale blue dress. Both were wearing black flip-flops. Sara introduced herself to them and they greeted her warmly.
Then she went into the inn. The smell (which was coming from an open window) of cooking fish and other wonderful smells hung in the air when Sara passed by. She walked in was was imediately greeted by a woman which was just a little chubby. She was wearing a shirt with flowers on it and gray pants. Her hair was black and she had warm golden-green eyes. "Welcome to the Rose Inn! Would you like a room?" Sara smiled and shook her head. "No, I just moved in a few days agao."

"And you didn't show yourself until now. Shame." The woman said with a small laugh. "Well, it's a pleasure to meet you. My name is Samantha. Who might you be?" She asked with a warm smile. "Sara." Samantha nodded. "Oh, that's a lovely name. The same name of ol' Oliver's granddaughter." Sara swallowed a small lump in her throat. "I am his granddaughter. She said, hoping that she didn't sound like she was choking up. "Oh, I'm sorry sweetie."

"No, it's all right. He's in a better place now right?" Samantha nodded. "Yes, I suppose so. So, where were you from?"

"The city in North America. I wanted to live on my Grandpa's farm for a while, but now I'm thinking about staying." Samamtha's smile grew. "Oh, I hope ya do. It's a nice little village here. You'll feel like this is your other family, I gaurantee it." Sara smiled and nodded. "So, why is this called the Rose Inn?" Samantha turned to get something on the bookself that was behind her desk. "You should read more of that book Oliver gave you. It's a ledgend ya know." This surprised Sara, which made Samantha laugh slightly. "Oliver told me about the book. That's how I know."
Soon after that Sara left and went home. When she got there a gray and white Siberian husky was laying in front of her house. It didn't seem in pain, and when it saw Sara it sat up. This made Sara take a step back, worried that the dog would attack her. Then it began to wag it's tail and pant happily. Something clicked in Sara's mind. "Kechi?" The dog barked and stood. She smiled. She remembered that she had only seen him when he was a little puppy. She had also seen him when she was only eight when she first saw him. "C'ere boy!" She called, which made him walk over to her. She pat his head and rubbed his ears. "How've you been doing boy?" He licked her face and continued to pant happily. She smiled and wiped the drool off of her face. "C'on boy. Let's go inside."

She woke up in the middle of the night, hearing Kechi growling. This couldn't be a good sign... Not at all... She got up and went to Kechi who was at the front door growling. She picked up the shovel that she had meant to put up in the closet, but it fell on the floor instead, and went towards the door and went outside. There was nothing so far, but when Kechi started barking at the trees, Sara saw movement. There was something that was moving in the trees... But what was it? Then she heard branches snap and something fell onto the ground. Kechi stood by Sara. Slowly she walked towards the thing that fell. "Well," A man's voice was heard from the thing, which turned out to be the man. He stood up. He was much taller than Sara and he was wearing dark clothing, so she couldn't tell what he was wearing. Also, she saw cat ears on his head, which twitched slightly. "I'm terribly sorry for the intrusion..." A sly smile came to his lips when he saw Sara's shocked expression. "I hope I didn't startle you."