Silver Rose

Chapter two: Not What You Think

The man just stood there, smile still glued to his face. Sara was still staring at him, not sure if she should scream or not. He finally spoke up, "Lud lass! Would you put that dammed thing down? I'm not going to hurt ya!" This time he spoke with an accent, English maybe. Kechi still remained by her side, but he had ceased the growling. Sara dropped the shovel and eyed the man, head to toe. "Who are you?" She asked. His ears twitched. "Pardon? I could barely hear you." Well.. She did speak in a whisper. He also stopped speaking in an accent. So, louder this time, she repeated, "Who are you?" He smiled once again. "My name is Micha. I can tell; you're not from around here are you?" She didn't speak. Why should she give this man any information about herself? He was lurking on her property! Then again, he could've just been passing... So maybe this was an accident? Probably so... "No, I'm not. My name is Sara, I'll be staying here for a while."
"Ah, you're his granddaughter, are you not?" How was it that almost everyone she met had know her grandfather? "He was a wise ol' man, though he wasn't particually found of me. Eh, nontheless, he's a better place now." Sara didn't reply. "Oh, come now, nothing harmmed! Well, except, maybe, the trees, but they'll be all right!"
"Why are you here?" Micha shrugged. "Just went to get something Oliver left. He said that he would like this-" He raised an item that was wrapped in a white cloth, but there were a few dirt spots on it. Probably got it from the shed. "He wanted this to be burried with him, but no one knew where it was. So, I came by here, thinking that you weren't here yet and picked this up. I hope you don't mind." Well! This was completely not what Sara was expecting. Who knew that this man would do something so nobel? That would be the correct word to use, right? Nobel? "Anyway, sorry for the startle. I should be going." Sara nodded, but once Micha took a step, Kechi growled. It must be that item that Micha has in his hands! Was he actually a theif? Did he steal that from the house, without her knowing it? "Lud! Would you put that monster away! And stop giving me that look! I haven't done anything to ya!" Again, he spoke with that accent. Maybe it was French... "Go get it Kechi!" He barked and started after Micha, who lept to the trees. "Lud woman!" He spat. "What is it?"
"What is that?"
"Oh, whatever! Let me see it!"
"Why should I? You sent your bloody hound on me!" Sara sighed in frustration. "Kechi! Come!" The huskey ceased and returned to Sara's side. Micha still did not climb back down. Sara could only see his shoes. They looked silver, but she couldn't be too sure. Something dropped and he cursed, leeping down and picking the item up. It looked like a little hairpin, shiney, orange and scarlet metal pin that looked like it was still new. "My grandmother's pin..." Sara murmured. "You see now? You have nothing to worry about." He still spoke with that accent. Is he still mad? "I-I'm sorry, I... I thought-"
"Don't apolojize. It wasn't your fault. It was mine for coming here at such a late hour..." That accent ceased. "I should be the one that's saying sorry, not you." Sara faintly smiled, and yet, she still did not trust him. There was something... Something odd about him, other than the fact that he had cat ears and a cat tail. She was so lost in her thoughts that she had forgotten about Micha. "You know-" His voice made her jump. " This place isn't what you expected. You better watch youself." And with that he lept back up in the trees, soundlessly, leaving Sara standing there, wondering what he meant. Then she felt how cold the air was and shivered."C'mon Kechi," The dog looked up at her. "Let's go back inside..."

In the morning, Sara woke up and the first thing she saw was her dog's face. Kechi had been keeping an eye on her and when he sensed that she was waking soon, he got up, went over to her bed and sat down, waiting for her to wake. She smiled and pat her dog's head. "Morning Sir Fluffs-a-lot." He tilted his head slightly, causing Sara to giggle. Was last night just a dream? And if it was, could it mean something? She shrugged the thought off and went to the kitchen, but Kechi walked over to her dorr and sat in her way. "Kechi..." She groaned, nudging his head lightly. "C'on, move. I need to eat boy..." Then she heard rustling and baging coming from outside. "What's that?" She murmured, half to herself. It was morning, so she didn't care who listened or whatever was going on in her head. She pushed her hair back and went over Kechi and went to the kitchen. Tiny, gray creatures were making a mess of her poor kichen. Pots were scattered on the ground and food was every which-way. Kechi stood protectively in front of Sara, growling at the creatures. Her first thought was that they were just super-mice from the planet Kepper, but now she was fully awake and was just about ready to scream. These tiny creatures had horns and their hair was black and it was long enough to cover their eyes. They all looked at herand hissed, in what way? Even Sara could not explain. One of them leeped towards Sara's leg, but Kechi easilly brushed it away with his tail.

She finally screamed and ran outside, which that didn't help either. Other creatures, large to small, was surrounding her house, none of them were particually happy. Kechi stood before them and barked. "Enough with the act already Kechi!" A voice shouted in the crowd of creatures. "She will have to find out sooner or later!"
"...Kyle?" She wondered aloud, thinking about the fisherman that she had met yesterday. Kechi growled. Finally, the spoken young man stepped through the crowd, he now had a few scales on his arm and his eyes were different. Other than that, he looked similar when Sara saw him yesterday. Her mouth opened, but no words could form in her brain. "Good morning I suppose?"
"Ehhhh..." Sara groaned. "Come now! We're scaring the poor child!" That was Samantha's voice. She now had silver hair, colorless eyes and was wearing a pale blue dress. "What...Is going on?" Sara whined. "It's a bit of a long story. You should sit down." Sara looked over at Kechi, who now looked like an old Indian cheifman, with a wolf skin. Sara began to feel light-headed and leaned against the wall of her house. "This is a dream... It's gotta be a dream..." She muttered over and over to herself. "You wish." Kyle said, folding his arms in front of his chest. "Sara, please calm down. It's no good if you start to worry." Kechi said, gently. Sara took a deep breath and looked in her house. The creatures were still in there, but they weren't making a mess of her house anymore. "First, what are those things?"
"Those are Ketahs. They are rare, but they-"
"They are like rats! The little devils like making a mess of things and getting into everything and whetnot!" Samantha interupted. "Well... That's basically it." Kechi muttered. "Though, despite all of the mess they make, they have good hearts." Sara nodded slightly. "Sara," Kechi began, softly. She looked up at him. "Sara, are you wondering why this is happening?" She nodded, sighing. "Well... This is all happening... Because you met Micha last night..."