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Bullet Queen Info


The United States of America, modern day


Name: Violet Smith AKA "The Bullet Queen."
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Magic Type: Sorcery- Infinite Reign of Bullets
Appearance: Caucasian, black mid-back length hair, violet eyes, slender but athletically built, attractive with an impressive bust. Her favorite outfit is a white blouse with black flack jacket, a black short skirt, army boots, black leather gloves and a black leather coat.
Likes: Guns, booze and jazz music
Dislikes: Being told what to do
Personality: Highly eccentric. Enjoys driving the people around her insane with her strange habits and slovenly behavior and utter disregard for the rules. Prefers to go at her own pace no matter what the endeavor, though that pace admittedly calls for totally unnecessary amounts of violence and collateral damage an alarming percentage of the time. The fact that she's the best soldier amongst the ranks of the North American sector of the Magister's Society makes her an invaluable asset to S.T.A.F., something which she wastes no opportunity to rub her boss' nose in. An open atheist with possible alcoholic tendencies.

Name: Kirk Desmond
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Magic Type: Warlock- Iron Man
Appearance: Black, bald, brown eyes. Very tall and broad. Has a penchant for dress suits, silk ties and sunglasses.
Likes: Classical literature
Dislikes: Sorcery-style abilities and magic weapons
Personality: A serious and dedicated soldier, Desmond is one of the American S.T.A.F.'s best trained and most reliable special ops agents. Always willing to put his own life at risk for his teammates. Believes suits and shades to be an intimidating but professional look and is always wanting to project the idea that he is a serious and focused individual, though he is much more prone to irritation and impatience than he seems. A dedicated Roman Catholic.

Name: Jean Lafayette AKA The Frenchman
Gender: Male
Age: 33
Magic Type: Warlock- Eye of the Slayer
Appearance: Average height and build, pale blue hair, sharp blue eyes, thin eyebrows, somewhat feminine of face. Has a penchant for white dress suits.
Likes: Children
Dislikes: The Bullet Queen
Personality: A chivalrous French-American womanizer, Jean has a bad reputation for picking up and dumping women in rapid succession. Pretends to not care about anything but money and personal satisfaction, but winds up working what he refers to as "charity jobs," what others would call going out of his way to help people, suspiciously often. Has a long, violent relationship with Violet, who hates him with a passion for some unknown sleight. The two have an unfortunate tendency of trying to kill each other the moment that they set eyes upon one another, usually destroying everything around them unless something else gets in the way.

Name: Alejandro García
Gender: Male
Age: 45
Appearance: Graying black hair and bushy mustache, dark hair, thin
Likes: Staying alive
Dislikes: Being dead
Personality: A mundane career criminal and illegal Cuban immigrant, Alejandro has a powerful survival instinct and prefers to keep his head down whenever madness breaks out, something which has become increasingly difficult ever since he joined Trinity. In spite of his fear of magic, he is a long time friend of Jean and has helped the infamous Frenchman out on numerous occasions.

Name: Scott Radley, AKA The Chief
Gender: Male
Age: 49
Magic Type: ?
Appearance: ?
Likes: His family
Dislikes: Violet Smith
Personality: Eternally aggravated by Violet's campaign of anarchy, Chief Radley is the director of the North American branch of S.T.A.F. Rumor has it that he's a master infiltrator, though of late he's been forced to develop his negotiating skills from his superiors wanting to know why there's always so much collateral damage in his jurisdiction.

Name: Marduk Quell
Gender: Male (assumed)
Species: Heinabeast
Age: 324
Magic Type: Sorcery- Body shaping and pyromancy
Appearance: Short squat, bald, with melty-looking, wax like skin. Has tiny, mucous yellow eyes and three rows of serrated, shark-like teeth. Like most heinabeasts, he tends to wear an odd assortment of human clothes, though Marduk has a better sense of human fashion than most of his race.
Likes: Prepubescent humans slow cooked over a hot fire
Dislikes: Paprika and olives
Personality: Presumptuous and confident of his power, Marduk is a creature summoned by the Moon Guard to advise (read as control) the Trinity group towards fulfilling the Guard's goals. Marduk relishes in the opportunity to boss humans about and revels in the fact that most of them are terrified of his alien appearance and strange appetites. Enjoys participating in battles, but eschews honorable combat for whatever is the most economical. Keeps human mages and creatures from beyond the Veil with him as bodyguards based on their ability to protect him in battle. Has a tendency to shirk his duties in favor of a good meal, though.

Name: Rasputin (real name unknown)
Gender: Male
Species: Werewolf
Age: 76
Magic Type: Super human strength, speed, and senses, supernatural endurance
Appearance: Above average height, very lanky, yellowish eyes, bald with a huge auburn beard (human form), seven and a half-foot tall muscle-bound man-beast with blazing yellow eyes and razor sharp claws and fangs, and reddish fur (true form)
Likes: Raw steak and moonlit nights
Dislikes: Vegetables
Personality: A dedicated yes-man, Rasputin is a warrior from the European Veil employed by the Moon Guard to protect important agents. Enjoys one-on-one combat, but not so honorbound that he won't do whatever it takes to win— or at least make it out alive.

Name: Rolf (real name unknown)
Gender: Male
Age: 34
Magic Type: Sorcery- Emerald Aegis
Appearance: Tall and very skinny, stringy black hair, blue eyes, gaunt featured, very large nose. Likes to wear strange coats.
Likes: Austria
Dislikes: Germany
Personality: A mercenary mage from Austria, Rolf is currently employed by the Moon Guard to protect Marduk Quell. Well disciplined and a dedicated soldier, Rolf does not like to take part in banter, preferring to focus on the task at hand. Unless you get him mad. This does not happen often unless you call him a German, as he is a fierce nationalist.

Name: Sadie Connor
Gender: Female
Age: 10 ½
Magic Type: Shamanism- Kiss of the Cherub
Appearance: Short for her age, curly blonde hair, bright blue eyes
Likes: Jean
Dislikes: Scary things
Personality: A frightened orphan girl, she was the daughter of a well known Totem maker before Marduk made her a fugitive from Trinity. Easily frightened, she only feels comfortable around the man who saved her.

Name: Conroy Higgins
Gender: Male
Age: 58
Magic Type: Alchemy- Hand of Iron- Can manipulate the atomic bonds of ferrous alloys that are in immediate contact with his mana, transmuting them into a variety of shapes.
Weapon- Steel gauntlets
Appearance: Thin, wiry. Lots of scars. Balding. Long, blond handlebar mustache. Brown eyes.
Likes: Fine literature, the benefits of hard work
Dislikes: Poorly written books, rowdy people, people who can skate by on talent.
Personality: A veteran S.T.A.F. operative, Conroy has earned the right of S-rank through years of dedication and training. Consequently, he is very hard on people like Violet and his nephew, who were appointed the position merely for their raw abilities. He is also one of the most level-headed members of the S-rank operatives, and is often called upon whenever diplomacy is needed. Is looking forward to retirement.

Name: Alexis Higgins
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Magic Type: Sorcery- Cryomancer's Armory- Has the ability to generate weapons and tools out of ice by gathering and freezing molecules in the air at high speed. The greater the humidity, the faster and more solid his creations.
Appearance: Tall, muscular. Hair is originally blond, but frequently dyes it; is currently blue, green and spiked. Blue eyes. Many tattoos and piercings.
Likes: Music (part. punk, hip-hop, and disco)
Dislikes: Bossy women and old men.
Personality: One of the youngest S.T.A.F. soldiers to be granted the S-rank designation, Alexis' pride in his skills have reached the point of arrogance. Surprisingly, he works well in groups and believes teamwork to be very important. However, he sometimes allows his assessment of his teammates to get the better of his judgement. An enthusiast of punk music and culture, though he has a very wide taste in music.

Name: Grant Simmons
Gender: Male
Age: 47
Magic Type: None
Appearance: Short, overweight, blue eyes, black hair, bushy mustache
Likes: Business opportunities
Dislikes: Taxes
Personality: Founder and head of the Trinity Crime syndicate, Grant is always eager for an opportunity to expand his income. With the Moon Guard's help he has been able to expand his influence throughout all of southern Louisiana, but he may soon find the price of their help to be too high.

Name: Sujin Yeong
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Magic Type: Warlock- Great Mountain Fist- Absorbs and amplifies kinetic energy to attain astounding physical skill.
Weapon- Force neutralizing gauntlets and greaves
Appearance: A Korean woman of average height, dark hair and eyes. Lean, muscular build, often wears military uniforms. Lost her eye in battle, wears a metal eyepatch. Keeps a long braid at her bangs to use as a weapon.
Likes: Discipline, strong sparring partners
Dislikes: Guns
Personality: Raised in a strict, military environment all of her life, Soo is extremely loyal to the Moon Guard, and specifically to her mentor. Soft spoken and unfailingly polite, though particularly bothersome people will find that she also has a snarky side.

Name: Dardanelle Summers
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Magic Type: Shamanism
Appearance: Tall, lanky, frizzy blond hair, blue eyes, glasses. Buck teeth.
Likes: Science
Dislikes: Social situations, people who break his inventions, people in general
Personality: S.T.A.F.'s resident mad scientist, Dardanelle is a genius inventor and spell crafter. Passionate about his work, it's not unusual for him to spend days at a time on a single project without food or sleep. Will go to insane lengths to avoid having to deal with social interactions, though he doesn't mind working with troops as much. The only human he has ever respected is his mentor, the famed scientist Lucretia.

Name: Lenora Blanco
Gender: Female
Age: 31
Magic Type: Sorcery
Appearance: Hispanic, black curly hair, brown eyes, curvy, soothing expression.
Likes: Science, working in groups
Dislikes: Tight spaces, working alone
Personality: A perpetually cheerful woman skilled in the art of compromise. Her ability to work with almost anyone makes her the perfect lab assistant for Dardanelle, as she is one of the few people able to stand being around him for long periods of time. However, her boss' morbid sense of humor has begun to rub off on her.


-Alchemy- One of the Four Arts, Alchemy is the ability to transform matter from one substance to another and controlling the elements (both magical and scientific). Like sorcery, alchemy takes on many forms, though most alchemists share a number of basic abilities. Alchemy is the simplest form of magic for people of other aptitudes to learn and in fact many mundane humans who only ever took a single step towards learning magic have learned some of alchemies most basic techniques, eventually leading to the birth of mundane science. Indeed, alchemy is oftentimes considered more a science than a magic, as even the most low level skills require a precise understanding of a substance's properties and how magic affects it in order to transmute it.

-Awakened- Mages whose magic has been permanently enhanced by the power of the Wellsprings.

- Calling- The act of summoning a spirit or creature from beyond the Veil or from one of the Realms. Increasingly complicated in proportion to the power and intelligence of the thing being summoned, a novice of mantras can easily Call and bind low level spirits with a few chanted words and a minute to concentrate. More powerful things like demons, however, require days to prepare and enormous amounts of mana from many skilled magic users.

-Fons Sacrus- Latin for sacred source. The seven wellsprings of power from which all magic ultimately originates. Five remain at a physical location, but drift away to different-seemingly random-places every few centuries. The remaining two are anchored to human souls.

-The Four Arts- Known as Yonmahoujutsu in Japan, the Four Arts are the four great schools of magic under which all abilities, skills, and spells fall under. Every human on Earth is born with a natural aptitude towards one of these four, though only those who have learned how to control their mana or who have been born with the gene for using it naturally can gain access to their powers. While it is possible to learn how to use an art outside of one's own aptitude, this is usually quite difficult (especially if one attempts to learn pure or totemic magic), and it is generally recommended that one instead focus on developing what they have the talent for.

- Heinabeast- Outsiders from a Realm known by humans as Second Sumer, heinabeasts are intelligent, cunning, and dangerous beings with a wide variety of abilities. Their bodies are made from a sort of organic clay bound by a core or nucleus, which allows them to shape their bodies into a variety of tools and weapons. Ravenous carnivores, they have no social restrictions against eating other intelligent creatures, even one another, but their favorite food by far is human flesh, which they will go to ridiculous measures to obtain.

-Mage- Currently the most commonly used term to refer to anyone who has the ability to use magic, though the words magister, sorcerer, wizard, magician or any other synonym is acceptable. How mages refer to themselves is the only aspect of magical culture which is influenced by mundane human culture.

-Magic- The ultimate source of power and energy, magic is the lifeblood of the universe, the source behind all the Forces known to science and an energy which promotes life even as it is produced by it. Those who have studied to control their mana or who have been born with the ability are able to freely manipulate this power through force of will in order to manipulate the world around them. The two greatest drawbacks to magic is that heavy use of it can drain one's mana to potentially fatal levels, and only those with strong wills can hope to safely use it. The stronger one's will, the greater feats of magic one is capable of.

-Magister's Society- The governing body of the magical world, the Magisters Society main duty is to preserve the separation of the magical and the mundane, and cleaning up any messes left behind by careless or malicious mages. The Society is run by a Coven of elected mages with representatives from every region of the world, though each region has its own ruling coven that acts as a semi-autonomous governing body of its own.

-Mana- Typically known as chi or life force amongst ordinary humans, mana is raw spirit energy which can be harnessed by a strong willed individual for the purpose of wielding magic. While mana is constantly being replenished by the body, this requires food and rest. If an individual runs out of mana, their soul will break apart and they will die.

-Mantras- Variously called sutras, cantrips and "god words," in other parts of the world, mantras are long, spoken incantations which focus one's mana in order to produce powerful effects beyond the caster's native abilities. Potentially any mage can make use of mantras, though many nowadays find the incantations too long to speak and too difficult to memorize to bother with them and instead focus on developing their own talents.

- Masque- Mid-level parasitic spirits capable of distorting a host's physical appearance and aura, disguising them from all but the most thorough of magical searches.

-Mundane- Any human that lacks magical ability

- The Ninth Circle- An enormous underground prison for mages in Antarctica infamous for its brutal living conditions and high mortality rate.

-Outsiders- Any sort of extra-planar creature, though usually only used to refer to sentient beings. Most outsiders that enter our world are sorcerers.

-The Realms- The collective name for other the planes of reality which exist outside of our own. Until Nikola Tesla experimented in extra-planar travel, the Realms were very difficult, if not impossible, to access. Travel between our world and the realms is now a fairly simple process, though heavily monitored by the Magisters Society. The collective of all the realms, including our own, is known generally as the multiverse.

-Shamanism- One of the Four Arts and also sometimes called totemic magic, Shamanism is the innate ability to manipulate spirits, whether those of the dead or those in nature. Often employed in the manufacture of totems by placing portions of one's soul (and therefore mana) into objects in order to grant them magical capabilities. The second most difficult art to master for those without the talent for it, shamanism is as much a science as alchemy is and requires much skill and practice. Masters of this art are highly sought after all throughout the magical world for their skills.

-Sorcery- The most powerful of the Four Arts and sometimes called pure or true magic, it is also the most well recognized amongst mundane human culture. Ranging anywhere from creating fireballs to flying to raising undead, sorcery's primary drawback is that those born with aptitude toward this power are limited in skill in but a handful of (admittedly wide ranging) abilities and have a much more difficult time mastering others of the Four Arts.

-Special Threat Apprehension Force- Better known as S.T.A.F., this is the military branch of the Magister's Society. It's primary duty is the preservation of the ignorance of mankind towards magic via the apprehension and incarceration of individuals who would threaten to expose. They have also been used in the past to quash rebellious expositionist groups and invasions by creatures from beyond the Veil or the Realms. Specially trained in both magical and mundane combat techniques, and are often at odds with the all-magic Sun Guard. Soldiers and operatives are ranked from D-S based upon experience and power; with D-ranks being cadets, C-ranks rank and file soldiers, B-ranks as the most powerful rank and files and officers, and A and S rank reserved for special ops: Highly skilled and very powerful soldiers used for special, small scale missions.

-Sun Guard- Sometimes erroneously referred to as "The Guard," the Sun Guard is a unit of elite mage fighters whose primary purpose is to prevent contact between Ousiders and monsters that would otherwise to ignore the rules against interacting with regular humans, a duty more often than not carried out by violence. Save where an individual's abilities rely upon such items, the Guard rarely makes use of non-magical weapons or equipment, preferring instead to focus solely upon their magical skills. Often at odds with S.T.A.F.

-Templum- Latin for temple, or a sacred area. Former resting spots of a Fons Sacrus before moving, these areas remain saturated with magical energy for millennia. Hotspots for supernatural and paranormal activity.

-Totem- Any nonliving object that has become infused with magic so as to give it magical abilities, a process known as enchantment or totemizing. High quality totems are highly sought after throughout the magical world, as are those with the skill to make them.

-Trinity- A mundane criminal syndicate based in the southern United States that started out as a protection racquet against marauders following the devastation of New Orleans by New Orleans in 2005. While not yet as powerful as other organized crime groups, they have recently been employed by the Moon Guard in exchange for the weapons and people to grow into a truly feared gang. What the Moon Guard is getting in return is not yet known.

-The Veil- The magical barrier which separates the world of humans and the world of spirits and monsters. While paper thin at the best of times, the Veil becomes almost nonexistent at Mahousen sites, and at times it is possible to look through it to the world beyond.

-Warlock-Style- One of the Four Arts and sometimes erroneously called Weapon Magic, Warlock magic is a wide ranging set of abilities that usually gives those skilled in it increased physical abilities and sometimes the ability to "bond" with a weapon so as to wield it at its utmost capacity. Most of the heroes of ancient legend were warlocks, though not all were aware of it.

- Werewolf- A race of half-human, half-man warriors that dwell within the Veil, and in particular the portion that covers Europe. Famous in both mage and mundane legend, their hides are as tough as iron, and grow to incredible levels of strength and speed on the night of the full moon.

-Whistlers- S.T.A.F. slang for mantra specialists, usually consists of a unit's medical, sealing and barrier specialists.