I stood outside the city gates and breathed deeply. The last time I stood outside these city gates was when I had been banished five years ago. Last I had seen it I was leaving; now I was here to return to my people. I had done the unthinkable, causing banishment that was supposed to be eternal. Now I was back after the ban had been lifted, or so Luceria had told me. I reflected on when I had heard the news.

"Sylveria! I have news for you!"

I turned to see Luceria behind me looking excited. Whatever had him that excited must be great news. I calmly walked over to where he stood. "Yes? Who wants to tell me what, or does the mighty ruler have a message for me?"

He frowned at my sarcasm but soon brightened. "It's about your banishment."

"Great." I flopped down onto my bed.

"Yes it is. You have been allowed to return."

I sat up and stared at him in shock. "what? W-why and how?"

"It matters not how, just that you are." He held out his hand and unfurled his black wings. "Time to go home."

I returned back to the present and entered the city. As I walked trough the streets I loved I thought about what had happened to cause my fall.

"Lord ShadowMoon. I request to speak with you about something." The service had just ended and I had waited by the door until we were the only ones left in the room. He turned around to see who it was then smiled. Putting down the ceremonial goblet he walked over in his gold and blue ceremonial robes and stood in front of me.

"Yes Sylveria?" His silver eyes studied me and he brushed a piece of my auburn hair out of my face. I pushed his hand away. "What's on your mind?"

"Don't touch me. You are flaunting your power more than you should be, and several of us have paid the price for it. Sarai is in the medic's room suffering from a cut down her back that came from your sword. You ignored Rajas call for help when he needed it."

"Who says it came from my sword or that I did it? Anyone can make a claim that it was me. Some could even say it was you if done right."

"Anyone with experience can read the blades signature that it leaves behind. All our swords leave behind different seals and it came from your blade. Also the power that lingered around her was yours." I opened my mind and let him see what I had seen. A long angry line stretching from her right shoulder, across her purple wings and down to her left side. There was a purple haze that seemed to lift from the wound and an orangey metallic smell hung in the air. I let the memory go and stared coldly at him.

His eyes narrowed. "Your point Sylveria? Get to it; I have to start training my apprentice soon."

"You are not the ruler you used to be. You don't deserve the position"

Fire flashed in his eyes as he came closer to me and the air thrummed with power. "Who are you to say what is or is not allowed? Last I checked you are not the ruler. I am." He reached out and lightly brushed the top of my wings and brushed the back of my neck. I clenched my fists and worked at not showing what his power was doing. "It will stay that way and you are overreacting. So what is wrong and what are you going to do?" His smile said he thought he had me under his control. I focused and slowly spoke with determination.

"You abuse your power even now. You tried to use mind printing on me and failed. We all suffer from your various power plays, and I am here to issue a challenge."

He dropped his hand and laughed. "Challenge me? Of all of us I am the one you come to. You should have had someone else do it. But very well, I will humor you. This will be fun. What kind of challenge do you want?"

I looked him in the eye. "I issue a warrior's blood challenge. The one who loses leaves us forever."