I shook my head in an attempt to clear it. That was in the past now and all that mattered was that I was back where I was supposed to be. My walk slowed and I tried to figure who all probably remained. Raja had to be here still, he always followed the rules to the letter and would make his objections to a rule sound like a suggestion to change something. Sarai was more than likely banished as well as I was. She had more trouble accepting Lord Drew ShadowMoon's rules than I did. I smiled at the memories of her for no reason storming out of service angry only to come back in looking peaceful. Only later would I learn that she had destroyed his gardens or issued a challenge to one of his rules. So if I had been removed it was just about guaranteed that she was as well.

I turned into the center of the city and stared. Where there was once a simple statue of our ruler now stood something else. It was a large flame made out of marble. The detail was vivid, I found upon closer examination. If I thought it possible, I would have said that it was once a living fire before it was marble. "Interesting piece of work," I thought to myself as I studied it. "New statue means there has been a shift in power. To who though?"

I reached out a hand to convince myself that it was indeed just a chunk of stone. But before I could touch it a voice stopped me.

'I wouldn't do that if I were you Sil, it's actually quite hot."

I gasped and whirled around. In front of me stood Sarai with short red hair and white wings. She laughed when she seen my expression.

"I didn't believe it either when they said it's hot. Throw water at it and watch what happens."

Slowly I took the bottle of water from Sarai and threw it at the statue. The water sizzled on it, proving what she said. I pondered the enigma for awhile then turned to Sarai.

"You are still here? I thought you would have followed me down. For that matter, I had always thought you would go first and I would soon follow."

We walked in silence for awhile until we got to her house. When we were both seated on her couch she began.

"I was banished as you were. We all heard about what you had done, but none of us wanted to believe you would so openly challenge him."

I thought back to that day and shivered. "I can't believe none of you knew it was happening."

She bit her lip. "Well, we heard the sounds of a battle but we didn't think anything of it. It was someone trying to break our defenses, or so we thought. Only when Lord Raja came running in-"

"Hold on a minute." I held up a finger. "Raja? He's the new ruler now?"

She nodded. "He's the reason us who were banished could return."

"Who all was left when I vanished?"

"I'm getting there. Only when Raja came breaking down the great halls door gasping that you were locked in combat did we know."

She continued with the details as I remembered the fight. Both Drew and I had come prepared for the fight, him looking confident I would lose.

"Do you really think this wise child?" Drew stepped closer to me, pulling out his sword with the black stone set in the handle. "You really want to challenge me?"

I raised my head proudly. "These are my people, this is the land from which I came. To guard and guide as you once said. It is my job to protect them." I also pulled out my sword with the green stone in the center. "I will only leave if it is by fair fight."

"So it shall be." With a spin he struck out and the battle began.

I blinked as Sarai's hand moved in front of my face. "Earth to Sylveria?"

I laughed. "Sorry girl, just remembering the fight."

She nodded slowly. "When we all finally raced to the battlegrounds to help, we found it protected with a line of energy. All we could do was watch. Believe me, we all wanted to be there fighting. So when he knocked you to the ground and spun the sword out of your hands it was only that line infused with the power of Pandora's land that stopped us."

"It had-"

"Yup. I can remember it like it was this morning. his exact words were "I goneasca ai acum la o lume fara dumneavoastra frati si Surori. Ati recuzat mine si au esuat. De luptatori singe cum te-ai ce face I.""

"I banish you now to a world without your brothers and sisters. You have challenged me and failed. The warriors blood banishes you as do I." I sat quietly for a minute as did Sarai, thinking. Soon there was a knock at the door, and when I opened it up, I came face to face with the new ruler, Raja.