Hello! This is the first story I'm going to publish here. I finished my university degree this summer, so I wanted to write a fanfic on how it is to study at college/university.

This takes place in an anime AU that has inspiration from Japan plus the country I live in (which is located somewhere in Europe). I tried to make the story genuine by adding Japanese names, holidays etc. but the grade system is from my school. I will explain them later on in the story.

I hope you enjoy my story. If you have any constructive criticism or praise, please leave it in a review or PM.

Japanese words to look out for.

Kokuritsu: National.

Kosame: Drizzle.

Debana: First brew of tea.


It was summer in Kosame. The air was humid as per usual while the temperature had now reached a new low of 70 degrees. Inside one of the houses in a fairly average suburban area, two adults were watching the news. Both of them appeared to be in their mid-late 40's and were dressed in summer clothes. The woman of the pair had rested her head on her husbands shoulder. He did not seem to mind this.

"Good evening. This is Kokuritsu news. According to a recent survey, only 55% of those who have graduated from high school is currently in training or enrolled at an institute of higher education" said the sharply dressed brunette on the screen. "This is bad Hisao-kun" muttered Reiko with a small frown on her face. "Indeed" replied her husband with a sigh.

"We interviewed the education minister earlier today. Here is what he had to say" informed the female before an elderly man appeared at the television screen. "This is not any good at all. If this keeps going, we will not be able to educate further generations due to lack of properly trained or educated people. Not to mention that this will weaken our economy quite a bit if this continues for another five years or longer" said the elderly man. Unlike most of the ministry people who appeared at television, you could see that he was genuinely concerned.

"Do you have any plans to change this?" inquired the male reporter. "I have discussed it with the members in the education board. We hope to come up with a better plan concerning study loans as well as grants. If enough students enrol higher education or get formal training, the new plan will replace the old one in five years or less" answered the minister. "What does that plan involve?" asked the reporter. "If possible, we would like to cut down the student loan by 35% instead of 25% plus offering jobs to the graduates. We would also like to get university students into trainee jobs that can later give them a full-time job when they graduate" replied the elderly man.

"Thanks for reporting from us; our reporter is Hiro Ito" said the brunette before the weather cast appeared. "Good thing we already have a son who's starting his junior year in a couple months" sighed the woman. "And let's not forget that our son is travelling to Debana next week to take his entrance exams" chuckled the adult man with a smile. Their youngest son, Arkai Kurosawa, was not home. He was currently out with his friends since he had graduated from high school today. "I just hope he gets a proper job after he has finished university. You have no idea of how many youngsters I see at the workplace who are five years older than Arkai-kun, but with less knowledge than he has. I would expect a 23 years old to know how to use a computer program properly after they had been employed for a year" muttered the dishwater blond woman.

She currently had a job in a bank as an analyst after finishing her BA for a long time ago. But Reiko had been lucky enough to get a scholarship that paid for almost all of the expenses. What students could apply for today was a different story; the student loans were a lot better plus that more scholarships were up for the grabs. "I see what you mean. My doc friend told me recently that many people with bad health usually have a low education" replied the brunette man. He was fortunate enough to come from a family that was part-owners in a large company. Hence why Hisao had been able to become a dentist, but the student loan had not been cheap. The man had however been able to pay it back eventually since dentists could easily get a job when he had graduated.

"Let's just hope the situation becomes better before we kick the bucket. Or else I will be turning around in my grave" said the male as he stood up. "Me too…but at least we have done our share. I think we should be proud of ourselves" laughed the female; there had been a clear streak of sarcasm on the last sentence. The duo turned of the television before they went to bed. Both of them had realized that their house would soon be empty as their last son would pursue his educational career. And neither of them would stop him...both of them knew that university was more about the school part.

Authors note: I hope that introduction was not too bad. I wanted to give a view on how the education situation was in the country this is taking place. As for the bad health issue; I found a number of articles about this. I have posted the link to one of them below (without the spaces). I did not write this article, the credit goes to the person/people who wrote it.

Link to article: http: health-news /managing-your-healthcare /research /articles/2009/10/10/poor-education-may-lead-to-poor-health