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Japanese words/things to look out for:

Astro Boy: One of the oldest Japanese mangas that was made by Osamu Tezuka. The manga was published in April 1952 to March 1968. The anime was aired at January 1963 and ended in December 1966.

Rurouni Kenshin: A manga made by Nobuhiro Watsuki. The manga was published in April 1994 before ending in November 1999. The anime aired in Japan at January 1996 before it ended in September 1998.

Shaman King: Manga made by Hiroyuki Takei. The manga was published in 1994 and ended in 2004. The anime aired in Japan July 2001 and ended in September 2002.

Izanagi: One of the oldest gods in Japanese mythology.

Fuujin: Japanese god of wind.

Aneki: Older brother.

Tanabata: Traditional Japanese festival that takes place during the summer. Usually celebrated on 7th July or August. It celebrates the meeting of two deities called Orihimi and Hikoboshi who can only meet once a year. That day is on the seventh day of the sevent lunar month.


Some rays of sun peeked through the gray clouds. "Mmmh…what time is it?" muttered the male as he rubbed his eyes a little. Kininata picked up the yellow cell phone that lay right next to his bed. '7th of July…HOLY KAMI! Today is the day my acceptance letter will arrive!' thought the guy as his eyes widened.

He looked at the time; it was 09:10 AM. 'Calm down Kininata. You did reasonably well on all of your exams. You will get in' thought the 18-year old as he tried to calm his nerves down. "Morning bro! Are we gonna watch the Pokemon summer special together?" inquired a voice from the door frame. The male turned his head and saw his older brother stand in the doorway. "Yeah…but I think I'm going to have a heart attack soon" replied the redhead as he got out of his bed. Tazuma laughed in return, but he had been through the exact same hell two years ago himself.

"Don't worry. I'm sure they'll let you in" said the older man as he wrapped an arm around his younger brother's shoulder. Normally, the young man did not like it when his brother did that. The older redhead was 5'11" and a bit bulkier since he had inherited his fathers frame. But the younger of the two was barely 5'8" with a somewhat slim built thanks to his mothers teeny frame. "Now, let the pokemons melt your nerves away by eating up your brain mass" muttered the older redhead with a sarcastic voice as he turned on the TV. "Thanks. Do you have the chocolate?" asked Kininata.

Eating chocolate while Pokemon, Astro boy or Rurouni Kenshin was on the screen was a summer tradition of theirs. Those three shows were the only anime shows that both of the brothers enjoyed watching together. "Here you go" replied the older male as he handed him a bar of Kit Kat. 'Huh. It's the same chocolate I ate the day before my first entrance exam. Maybe this is a sort of omen' thought the male as he removed the plastic.

He didn't feel way too nervous; he had applied for both Enrai and Kashiwa University. Both of them have had a slight decline in students the last two years, so they were eager to get more in. "I can't believe that you're off to university soon Kininata. My little brother is going to Enrai to attend school with his friends" muttered Tazuma, his deep voice a bit serious. His brother swallowed a little bit. He would be far away from his father as well as the place he had spent his life up to now. "Yeah…I'm a bit nervous about that" replied the teen before he took a bite of the Kit Kat. His worried thoughts were interrupted by Chimchar's entrance in Canalave city gym.

A smile started to form at his face while he concentrated on the anime. Pokemon was one thing that would still be there to comfort him. "Don't worry about starting on a new school Kininata. I know a couple of things you can do to get over the homesickness" said the young man after he had swallowed some chocolate. "Oh? Care to tell me or is these one of the things that I 'have to experience myself' like dad puts it?" answered the younger man as he mimicked his fathers deep voice.

A laugh escaped his brother's lips before he calmed down. "One of the first things you have to do is to concentrate on your schoolwork. If you focus on coursework, the homesickness won't occupy your brain that much. Second thing to do is to join a club or two. I know for sure that Enrai has a decent kendo team; we fought against them in a tournament in March this year. Last but not least…three of your friends have applied for Enrai as well. And you will probably get more friends there as time goes on" explained the university student.

A calm feeling spread through the redhead's body as he thought about what his brother had just told him. 'All of this makes sense. And Tazuma of all people should know; he's lived in Kashiwa for two years after all' thought the male. "Thanks Tazuma" said Kininata as he leaned over to his brother. He gave him a side-hug, his hands now around the redhead's torso. "You're welcome Kininata" replied the older male as he coiled an arm around his younger brother's shoulders.

"I'M SO NERVOUS!" exclaimed Marii as she stared at the television screen. "Calm down sis. If you can't get into university, nobody else has a chance" muttered her younger brother Ryota. All of the three siblings were watching an episode of Shaman King while they shared a packet of Oreo biscuits. "Thanks Ryota. I needed that" replied the female as she sat down at the gray sofa. In less than ten minutes, the teen would know if she would start on her future education or not. Her nerves were extremely tense since the only universities she had applied for were Kashiwa and Enrai. But only the latter had given her a dorm to live in.

'Calm down Marii. You did quite well on at least two of the three exams you needed to get into your chosen path. I'm sure Himiko feels the same way' thought the young woman as she saw Ren Tao's hair spike grow in irritation. A nervous laugh escaped her mouth as Horohoro started to yell at his teammate. She suddenly heard her phone beep inside her room and wondered who it could be. "I'll be right back guys" stated the brunette as she went to her bedroom.

Her thumb pressed the necessary buttons until she was able to read her text. 'Himiko? Kami…I hope this is good news!' thought the female as her heart started to race. She opened up her text.


A sense of relief went through her body; at least one of her good friends had been accepted into university. 'But I thought they would send out the results at 09:51 AM. It's only 09:20 AM now' thought Marii as she looked down at her watch.

She then checked the letter she had received from the national board of education. 'The acceptance letters will be sent at July 7th at 09:15 AM…'. Her train of thoughts was interrupted as she read the last words. 'HOLY KAMI! I must have misread the last digits! PLEASE KAMI, LET ME BE ACCEPTED!' thought the young woman as she turned on her computer. While her computer started, she started to look for the letter of codes that had come with the letter she had just read. 'There we go. Time to find the page' thought the teen as she clicked at the Internet Explorer icon.

She typed in the internet address into the search bar and pressed 'enter'. Her heart was racing while some sweat ran down her face despite that it was only 20 degrees Celsius outside. 'Log on…here we go' thought the female as she typed in her national identity number. She then had to type in one of the codes. Her fingers felt like jelly while her pulse had just gone through the roof. 'I'm signed in. Next one is 'letter from schools or universities. Please let it be positive!' thought Marii as she clicked the inbox. It took a minute until it downloaded itself. There was one new message from Enrai University. She swallowed loudly as she clicked on the icon. Some text appeared on the screen and the ice blue eyes read through it a couple times to make sure that she did not misunderstand the content. The said eyes widened while her fingers phoned a very familiar number.

"Good news mum" said the female as she entered the kitchen with the acceptance print in her hands. "Oh? What is it?" inquired the older woman as she laid some vegetables into the fridge. Her daughter had not told her what date she would receive her acceptance results, but they should be here soon. "I GOT ACCEPTED AT THE NURSE STUDIES IN ENRAI!" squealed Himiko as she showed her mother the letter. Hazel eyes widened as they read the paper sheet in the younger woman's hands.

"Holy Izanagi…congratulations!" exclaimed Kamiko as she embraced her daughter. She was so happy that her child had gotten accepted into university. Particularly since the older female had never attended university that long herself, she had barely an association degree. "Good thing that your father is taking us to Raikami restaurant today. This is worthy of some celebration" muttered the black-haired woman in excitement.

"Why are you so happy mum?" asked a familiar voice. They turned around and saw Yori enter the kitchen. "I got accepted at Enrai university Yori-chan. I'm going to move there in six weeks or so" informed the young woman as she looked at her sister. "Does that mean that I won't see you again onee-san?" inquired the girl as she looked up at her older sister. "No no no. I will come back here one weekend per month and stay here during the vacations. But I won't be here every day like I am now" explained the teen while she looked at her sister. The female was over the moon; she had just sent her reply back to the university.

Her cell phone started to chime and she picked it up. 'Marii huh? I hope she got in…she will be so sad if she does not get accepted' thought the black-haired female. "Hello Marii-chan" greeted the young woman as she answered the phone. "I just read my acceptance mail. I GOT IN AT ENRAI!" screamed her friend in the other end of the phone.

"Whoa, that's awesome! I'm so happy to hear that you got in. Oh, I got into the nursing studies as well. I'm so excited!" replied Himiko with a huge smile on her face. "I'm happy you got in too! This means we have at least one friend we can rely on if time gets tough" said the young woman. "Have you heard anything from Arkai or Kininata-san?" inquired the female as she walked into her room. "No. I thought I should call or text Kininata soon; he's probably just as nervous as we are" answered the teen. "See you later Marii, we have to celebrate this" answered the black-haired woman with a huge grin. "Definitely Himiko. Send me a mail later if you have any ideas. Bye!" replied the female before she hung up.

"Holy Kami" muttered Arkai as he read the letter he had received from Enrai University. 'We are delighted to inform you that you have been accepted as a bachelor student in accountancy. Please send your reply within a week.

You can either send a mail to a teacher in the acceptance committee or confirm via the webpage .com. If your reply is positive, you have to meet up at Enrai University the 3rd September or earlier to registry yourself as an official student. Our first classes start between 6th and 12th September.

Are you below the age of 20, please note that your parents must sign your dormitory or apartment contract. We look forward to see you at the opening ceremony, which will take place 4th September at 11:00 AM in the Amegumo building! Best regards, Koji Fujiwara, head secretary'. Thousands of thoughts were spinning around in his head at this moment. 'Calm down Arkai' thought the male as he went to the university's home page. His first priority was to accept the place he had received before telling his parents. The dormitory contract had arrived two days ago, but he needed a mail from the school that said that they had received his reply.

'Teachers who are in the committee …here we go' thought the teen as he entered the staff overview. He decided to send an e-mail to a teacher named Ichiro Yukimura. 'Just have to copy his e-mail address…there we go' thought the young man as he started to write his e-mail. 'Hello. I have applied for starting on a bachelor in accountancy this autumn. Today, I got to know that I had been accepted. I would like to thank yes to the place offered and I look forward to start on the university' typed the brunette.

His reply appeared to be reasonably polite in his mind, but there was something missing. 'Maybe I should log onto the national webpage to check what personal details I have to include' thought the male as he made a new window. He logged onto the page while his stormy blue eyes glanced into the corridor. All of his family was fast asleep since they had stayed up late last night to watch 'Rush Hour 2' at Channel 5. 'Ah, here's the mail…here we go' thought Arkai as he opened the acceptance mail he had received. He noticed there was some text at the bottom. 'When you write your reply, please include your full name, high school (if this is your first year), current study path (if you're a graduate or post-graduate), national identity number as well as your phone number. Please print out this letter for later use' read the print below.

The young man typed in all of the information he needed before he pressed the 'send' button. He then turned on the small printer next to him; the printer's mechanical sounds made small cuts in the silence. "Who were you sending that mail to?" inquired a voice from behind. "IAAAAH!" screamed the teen as he spun around in his chair. His mother stood right behind him, wearing a night dress that looked like an oversized, peachy-pink T-shirt. "I saw you were typing in something written at the back of your debit card, so I just got curious" replied the woman with a neutral look at her face. "Mum…I want to show you something. Embrace yourself" informed the male as he clicked at the window where his acceptance letter was.

He the stood up so his parent could read it. Sapphire blue eyes read through the paper a couple times while her face expressions changed. It was first shock, then serious and then happy. "HOLY FUUJIN! YOU GOT ACCEPTED INTO UNIVERSITY! AND ON YOUR FIRST CHOICE TOO! I'm so proud of you!" exclaimed Reiko as she hugged her son in pure happiness.

"I'm happy too mum. The reason why I didn't wake up you or dad was because I wanted it to be a surprise" explained the brunette with a large smile on his face. "I'm so happy for you! Have you heard anything from Kininata-kun or your two female friends in Kumono? I thought you four had applied for the same university" pondered the female. "I haven't heard-". Almost on cue, his cell phone started to ring. "It's Kininata. Give me a moment" muttered the young man as he pressed a button on his phone. "Hello Kininata! Have you read your results?" asked Arkai as he looked at his parent. "Yeah, I just read them. I GOT ACCEPTED AT ENRAI!" yelled the male in happiness. "So did I. Congrats Kininata" replied the younger male with a big smile on his face.

"Oh, Marii-chan called me for about ten minutes ago. Both she and Himiko-san had been accepted into Enrai university as well" informed Kininata with a delighted voice. "That's awesome! Are you up for some celebration?" laughed the teen. "My father is taking me out to dinner today. Have you told your parents yet?" inquired the young man. "Well, my mum walked into my room when I wrote my reply. I'm planning to tell my dad and aneki when they get up. Which will be quite soon since mum screamed quite loudly when she found out I was accepted" said the young man. "Heh, sounds like her. I'll let you know when we can go out to celebrate. Gotta go now, my mother wants to talk to me. See ya!" answered the redhead before he hung up.

"Well?" asked the blonde in anticipation. "Kininata was accepted into Enrai as well. So was Himiko and Marii-san" informed the brunette with a smile on his face. "I'm so happy to hear that. I can't wait to see Hisao's face when he wakes up" laughed the woman as she exited the room with her son in her heels. Her husband was currently at the bathroom; it appeared that he was putting on some clothes for his new day of work. "Hisao! I have some great news for you" urged the blonde after she had knocked on the door. Her husband emerged, only wearing a pale blue shirt plus some dark green boxers. "What is it?" inquired the male as he looked at the two people in front of him. "Hold on dad" said the younger male while he tried to hide the excitement in his voice. "OK…" replied Hisao as he prepared himself for what his son was about to tell him. "I got my acceptance letter today. I have been accepted as a bachelor student in accountancy at Enrai university!" exclaimed Arkai as he hold up the acceptance letter he had printed out.

His father leaned a little closer to the paper that his child held in his hands. It did not take long until a shocked expression formed at his face. "So…you got accepted at your first choice!" choked the dentist. "Yup! And Kininata, Himiko as well as Marii-san have been accepted as well!" replied the male with a huge grin. "Congratulations son" muttered the man as he pulled his child into a hug. A wave of happiness went through him; he knew that his son had worked quite hard to prepare himself for the entrance exam. Plus that this meant that both of his children now had a better future ahead of them as long as they finished their study. "We should go to that nice restaurant and celebrate" stated the elder brunette with a big grin on his face.

The Kiyomizu family was about to eat breakfast together. It was a family tradition that they ate breakfast together before they went off. They would then meet up again at home before they attended the Tanabata festival in the city center. "So…didn't your acceptance letter come today?" inquired Masao as he looked over at his daughter. He remembered that she had told him the date when she had gotten back from the exams in Debana. "It did" replied the female as she pulled up something from her pocket. "So? What did it say?" asked Hikari while her royal blue eyes glanced at the paper sheet. "I was accepted! I'm now a bachelor student in English and Japanese language and culture!" exclaimed Marii with a huge smile as she handed the paper over to her parents. Two pairs of eyes read the small, black print while their minds tried to comprehend what it meant.

"But this means that…you got in on your first choice" muttered the man as he looked at his daughter. "I did. Which is WONDERFUL" stated the young woman as she started on her soup. "Congratulations sis!" exclaimed Ryota as he came towards the table. "Yeah, congrats" muttered Makoto with a smile on his face. "I better book a table at Amaterasu" muttered the brunette woman before she drank her coffee. "Congratulations Marii" stated her father with a smile on his face. He had been lucky enough to get accepted when he was a year older than she was and had managed to get a good job thanks to his education. This was one of the main reasons why he wanted his children to get a degree or qualification; it would without a doubt secure their future. "Thanks dad" muttered the brunette as she returned his smile.