Holy. Crap. Never thought you'd hear from me again, did you? Well HA! I'm back biznitches. I'm SO sorry I haven't been doing anything... like... nothing at all. But! I swear to Lord Jashin above, I'm back, and will be posting regularly. YAY! I'm gonna start by reposting all my old stuff, and then start with the new stories. And believe me, I have enough stuff planned to last a life time. On with the madness!

I remember Earth. I remember the trees and grass and wind. How the days would fade to night and how children played in parks. I remember cars and malls. I remember worrying about girls and how cute they thought I was. I remember my family. My mom, dad, little sister. I remember my bed, how soft and warm it was. I remember the smell of chocolate, the taste of strawberries, the feel of silk. I remember my pet dog. I remember spending hot summer days at the beach and cold winter nights drinking hot coco with my friends. I remember movies, books, songs. I remember happiness. But, most of all, I remember the day they came.

A gargantuan, black ship descending from the heavens. I remember them coming upon the Earth like a plague, covering everything and not letting anyone go. I remember watching them kill my family, like they were nothing but insects. I remember the look of their suits; large, ebony, futuristic. At least seven feet tall they stood, but every part of them was covered.

I remember them stripping me down in front of my dead relatives. I remember the way they looked over my thin, naked body, as if looking for imperfections. I remember them putting a spiked collar around my neck, attaching a dark leash to it. They pulled me out of my house and dragged me back to their ship. I remember seeing blood everywhere. Smelling death everywhere. Hearing screams everywhere.

I remember seeing other people on board, all teenage boys like me. Stripped naked like me. Collared like me. I remember being locked in a small, cramped cage for what felt like weeks. I remember being pulled out of the pen and being guided off the ship, blindfolded and still naked.

I remember being strapped to something, bent over some cold, metal slab. The blindfold was yanked off and I was greeted by the sight of dozens of the aliens standing around, speaking another tongue, holding glass cups.

I remember looking to my sides, seeing other boys strapped to the long metal slab. All naked, all petrified. I remember looking back to see numerous machines behind us, one for each male. I remember seeing a long, thick, mechanical arm reach out from each mechanism. I remember the freezing metal penetrating my virgin hole, along with all the other humans. I remember screaming and crying as the arm moved inside me. It hurt. It hurt like nothing I'd ever imagined possible.

I remember it thrusting mercilessly into me, hitting that all to sensitive bundle of nerves. I remember my body acting against my mind, causing an erection to grow though I was terrified. I could feel something around my cock, but I couldn't think straight. It hurt. It hurt so bad.

I remember climaxing, crying tears of terror, not ecstasy. I remember the machine pulling out, leaving my aching hole bloody. I remember watching a thick tube that ran from under the table into a large, metallic container fill with the combined semen of us boys. I remember watching through tear filled eyes as one of the aliens filled his cup with the sperm as the others clapped. I saw him drink it as if it were an expensive wine. I remember sobbing as I closed my eyes and tried to forget about everything. I couldn't. The only memory I got rid of was what those horrible creatures looked liked, but the rest haunted me.

I now live through that process everyday. Waking up, being dragged from a cell, strapped down to a table, being fucked by a hard, metal arm until I unwillingly climaxed, being dragged back into my cell, only to repeat the process a few hours later. There were only a few differences from the original experience.

One: When being raped, you're in a small, white room, alone in your screaming.

Two: If a machine ever broke, you'd be blindfolded and one of the aliens would come in and fuck you. These aliens weren't just tall, but they were big in other areas too. Huge, to be more accurate. Not only that, but they'd wear thick, metal coverings on their cock and hips, so that they never had to touch us. Trust me, you'd rather have the machine in you than a gargantuan dick covered by a two inch thick metal case.

Three: We, the humans, are fed high calorie and high protein food to keep up our strength and sperm production.

Four: Once a month (Or what I guessed to be a month, there was no way to tell time), we'd be taken to a large, white room. We'd have out penises and asses checked, while blindfolded, and be given an extremely painful injection. It caused us to have an extreme need for sexual release. In other words, it made us horny. All the time. Once we'd been raped by the machine, only a few hours passed before we were erect again and taken away.

You see, all this happens to us, because we are in a farm. They "milk" us and sell the product for great profit. Human sperm is a delicacy.

My name is Darren. I'm 15 years old. My number is 139. I am a sex slave, farm animal, and part of an endangered species.