Doors closed with a great slam. Windows shut; candles were blown out. I lay silently waiting for hours to past as I waited for a night's slumber. The shower dripped, dripped, and dripped breaking the silence. I heard a whisper but I saw no one. A sad song was played with notes low and slow. I closed my eyes and drifted off to a dream but the dream was empty. It was nothing but endless blackness with no beginning or end. I felt sudden chills and awoke from my sleep. I found myself walking on a wall. Great terror came over me and I fell on the comfort of my couch. Then came a flash of light. I kept saying, "It's just a dream, it's just a dream." But I already knew it was reality. The whisper came back but louder.

"Join me, join me to a place no one can interfere," it said," let me take you to a place far, far, far away."

I ran to the restroom, splashing my face, trying to wash the night away, but it reappeared once again through a message on the foggy mirror.

"Come with me, come with me."

"Why me, why me?" I asked.

"You are the same image of the little girl that I killed many decades ago. I killed her with my own hands, my daughter my own flesh and blood. I had to do it; there was no way of escaping the demon following her, lurking behind every crevasse. It figured out you're her reincarnation and wants you to be dragged into the dark, scorching realms of the underworld. Hurry before it's too…"

I waited for the ending of that horrifying speech, but I already knew. I tiptoed back into my bedroom looking for the demon but it was nowhere to be seen. Waiting for its attack, I laid in bed. Out of curiosity, I crept out to the kitchen looking from side to side. A dark shadow was cast over me, but as I turned back it disappeared. I decided to grab a book so time can pass by. As I glanced around the bookshelf, a certain book caught my eye. The cover was blood red with a title pitch black. " Demon of the Search," I read. I opened to the first page, red ink, and dark as burgundy and as wet as if fresh, slowly trailed down the page. Page after page it kept repeating the same phrase, I will find you and I will kill you. I closed it shut but the ink still leaked out. I dropped it and ran as fast as I can. I finally saw HIM, blood shot eyes, sickly pale skin, and with a smile that can give anyone a shiver. He grabbed me with his claw-like hands piercing my arm. I tried to scream, but nothing came out. A deep haze began to blur my visions and it was dark. Breath after breath, I was breathing nothing but the ashes of burnt flesh. I felt nothing but the intense heat of my surrounding. THEY piled on top of me tearing my hair and skin. I was turned into one of them, the demons. I lurk around the depths of the underworld and I might drag you down too.