Walking through the long, colourful hallways of red, yellow then green, was like walking down memory lane...

"Oh! Let's visit Ms. Beven! Maybe she'll have some treats for us." Cindy suggested with chocolates in mind.

"Oh Cindy, it's always the food." Maria teased.

"I'll head to Mr. Quinn, I never had Ms. Beven so... it'll be awks for me." I replied.

Maria and Cindy and I were visiting my former high school. Although, all three of us are in the same program in university and have nearly identical schedules, we are actually not that close with each other.

Anyway, it was almost 4:00PM when we arrived. Luckily, we were able to catch a few teachers before they left for the day, one of them being Mr. Quinn.

Mr. Quinn was my former statistics teacher and is also considered to be a friend. Earlier in the week, I had actually emailed him about my visit today, so I knew exactly where he was going to be.

"Oh look who's here?" Mr. Quinn greeted me with sarcasm and a wink as I made my entrance. "I was just about to leave if it weren't for these students keeping me here." gesturing towards the remaining three students in the room.

"You said you'd be here till 4:15. I'm only 7 minutes late! I had to drop by the business department!" I said with a smile.

I walked up to his desk to put down a king size Twix chocolate bar and a bar of Cadbury Dark Chocolate with Roasted Almonds.

"Woah! You didn't have to... why so much?" He asked as it would usually only be one chocolate bar.

"It's to make up for not visiting you last term. If you don't want them, I'll take them back." I replied jokingly and took a seat on a tabletop.

He laughed. "Awww you didn't have to, but thanks. So how's... second year?" he questioned with uncertainty.

"Yes second year and it's... not bad." our conversation continued.

Mr. Quinn is not young; he is in his early thirties even though he looked like he is in his late twenties. He is about 5'9" with fair skin and dark brown wavy hair that went down to a little below his earlobes. However, his age did not stop him from being approachable and fun to talk to for a nineteen year old me. Most importantly, he is friggen hot!

"Blondie is here!" Cindy interrupted us when she entered with Maria. Not long after their entrance, the remaining three students left, leaving only the four of us in the room.

"Mr. Burkes might be coming back next year." Mr. Quinn stated once again.

"That's what you said last year!" Maria groaned.

That was the last thing I remember hearing as thoughts started to fill my mind. What I heard was not something new to me. Rather, it is the very high possibility that Mr. Burkes, or who I call Ivan, would finally be back.

Will he really be back next year? Thoughts continued to race through my mind. Will he remember me? ...It's been so long and I know how great he is with names... These thoughts continued until I realized that Maria and Cindy were excusing themselves. I did so as well.

"Bye Mr. Quinn! You better prepare us for that feast the next time we get here." I joked as the three of us walked out the room leaving Mr. Quinn there.

I guess I'll have to wait for another year before knowing the truth. I thought as memories came back to mind.

For the whole night, I was unable to sleep as memories flashes by.

From the first time he called my name, "Abi-" he paused, then continued "gail Keene."...

To the first time he wrapped his arms around me, ...Next thing I know, his arms were wrapped around me. Tightly. He had slouched down and started to mumble in my ear...

Then realizing how much trouble I was in, "I love you, Ivan."...

Only to end up being devastated, ...it was clear that I was in denial as the six words replayed in my head over and over again.

All of these memories, and many more, are still capable of making me smile and cry. Even if they were the same memory. And so I questioned myself, Why do I feel this way suddenly?"

It was then that I realized, I missed him. Even with my new life, and all that has happened, I still wanted him to be a part of it...