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I am a closet Christian.

That's right, "closet."

The reason being? No man of religion gets any respect these days.

We are all grouped together as being the extremists, the racists, the "God-a… help me-a… write-a …my income tax report-a…!"

Am I wrong?

That's what I thought.

So I just keep it on the down low…

Besides, why flaunt what I haven't really got?

By that I mean, at times, I find it hard to follow God's path.

Okay, not just hard—fucking impossible!

There are several aspects of me that I love (and pride is a sin).

There are several aspects of the devil (the root of all evil) I love.

There are several things that God (infallible) says, that I don't respect; even though he is God.

Yeah, I'm not your traditional, blindly-obedient Christian. Think of me what you will. Just remember, he without sin cast the first stone, mother-fucker.

Seriously though, I do try. In fact, today, in church, preacher promoted God's good will towards men. He said that, as good men, we should devote ourselves to helping others. So, as I pondered ways I could do as God asked an opportunity to use God's intended good will presented itself to me!

God works in mysterious ways.

I fished through my pockets for the keys to my apartment only to find the door was already open! I walked in and looked around my living room, seeing nothing at first, but I could hear shuffling in the kitchen. I silently moved to the hall closet and took out my silver, 629 Classic Revolver,which I owned for just such an occasion, and cocked the hammer.

The shuffling noise from the kitchen stopped dead.

That's right, someone's home, douche bag.

I aimed it downward, but ready, and when a tall, slim figure appeared at the kitchen door I aimed it right at his chest. He was five maybe six feet away.

"I won't miss," I promised.

He raised his hands up and I took him in more, just in case: about 5'8", shaggy blonde hair, green eyes, fair skin-and thin like he hadn't eaten a decent meal in months. Overall, he was rather beautiful; hardly the type one would expect pulling a B&E.

"Hello." He smiled, flashing white teeth; he took a tester step forward.

"You're very pretty," I said flatly "Id' really hate to have to put a hole through you."

He froze, "Okay, Ace, tell me what I have to do to avoid that scenario."

"You're gonna call the police on yourself," I smiled, "the phone's just there, to your left." I indicated with a slight tilt of my head.

His smile faded and I saw a flicker of panic.

"Press the green button to turn it on before you dial," I said.

The pretty thief took a slow step to his left and I watched him reach for the receiver, he placed his hand gently over it. "Before I dial, can't we talk out some other deal, Ace? I'm kinda in some trouble already—"

"All the more reason then. If you hit seven and the green button again it will speed dial."

"This is crazy!" He said fierce but low, as to not spook me I supposed, "Can't you just do it?" he asked holding it out to me.

He looked up into my eyes and the slightest sheen of wetness in them set them aglow, like crushed emeralds in the sun. He was very attractive. And I knew he read that on me, because the next thing I knew he carefully set the phone down and removed his jacket, revealing pale skin covered by a light red top. "I think we could both use a little good will, if you catch my drift. What do you say, Ace, like what you see?"

"Good will?" I repeated, a little caught off guard by the choice of his words. "Not….particularly, you could really use a bath and fattening up." I lied.

He laughed at that, "Yeah, those are two things I could use." He looked down, biting a pink lip softly only to pier up at me through his long lashes. I could tell it was a move he had practiced but the effect was dead on, devastatingly sexy. He smiled again, like he could read every thought I had. "Is it a deal, then?"

"Fine." I huffed, a little put out by my own lusts. "First thing's first, though. I want you to put everything you took back, just exactly as you found it. Then we'll talk ground rules." I lowered the gun a little further but didn't let down my guard down at all: I pushed my resolve and silently noted to never take my eyes off, him, not even for a second.

So it went. I backed up to the door, leaning against it and effectively locking it blindly with one hand as the young man set to work, slowly retracing his steps and returning each item from his little plastic bag with as much grace and ceremony as a Geisha. Not asking the owner, even once, where something belonged.

Once he had finished, about forty minutes later, he folded the bag and set it on the coffee table. "Done."

"Good." I said, and actually meant it. "Do you know where my bathroom is?" I realized I was going to be pissed if he did so I was grateful when he replied,

"I'd just gotten to the kitchen, not the back yet."

I nodded, "Fair, go down the hall, it's to your right."

"After you, monami." he smiled ruefully, but in check. He was my hostage and he knew it. He was, in fact, so mindful of it that each move he made was slow and when he reached for the door he announced it. It was a little fun.

"Nice décor'. You gotta girlfriend?"

"What business is it of yours? Take your clothes off and shower." I snapped, a little embarrassed that he called me on my effeminate flaw, my weakness for matching towels and clean walls. "Leave the curtain open. I'll worry about the water splatter latter."

He snickered at the comment and began to shed layers like a kid who had little to lose. He moved like he was used to strangers eyes and I suddenly wondered about his experience. He stripped all the way to his boxers, but stopped there. I hoped that to mean he must only be bold but not necessarily a whore. Though who could tell, really?

He breathed out slowly and reached over to turn on the water, making sure it was the right temperature before removing the final layer and stepping in. He shuddered and moaned as the hot water enveloped his body, he dunked his head under the hot spray as his hand shot out, turning the knob to intensify the heat.

How long must it have been since he'd last had a bath? I blindly felt for the toilet lid and sat down across from him, watching patiently.

After a few minutes he reached up for the bottle of soap and read, "Lilac?"

"I'm gay, does it really shock you?" I asked a little put off by the look.

He shook his head disapprovingly but quickly began the process of scrubbing and bubbling.

I leaned back and watched his hands slide up and down his soaked, slick body. Delicately brushing and petting across his shoulders and slowly down his chest, then diving lower to lather the lean plains of his stomach, and down further still to encircle his growing erection. Surprised I looked back up and caught him sending a sultry stare my way. He liked to be watched, hu? He then cast a look at the gun still in my hand and I raised it up to indicate that it was going nowhere but the action earned me a moan in response as he tugged himself a little rougher. I smiled at that glad to know the beauty enjoyed the little bit of necessary kink.

"Guns and water don't mix, if you want it you better hurry." I said noticing my voice was a little husky already.

He ducked his head under the spray once more and I felt safe enough to get up and fish through my medicine cabinet for the box of condoms I stored there. I looked back as I heard the water shut off. He looked quite beautiful with water dripping off of him, his eyes closed and breathing elevated from his own teasing.

He took a moment, "That was wonderful. Thank you."

It sounded so sincere I couldn't help but smile, "You're welcome. Done?" He nodded and slowly stepped out reaching for the blue towel that hung from the rack—


He looked at me questioningly for a second then in understanding he smiled, "I told you, I clean up nice. What would you like to do now, Ace?"

"Door number two, Little Thief, my bedroom."

He moved, again with an unhurried pace, and sat on my bed stretching out without direction. I tossed the box of condoms at him and he lifted it with a slight laugh, "Not a bad trade on my part, but I do think you're getting the best end of the deal."

"It's your choice completely," I reminded him as he took one out, breaking the seal with his teeth and moving to kneel in front of me. "Well, I suppose it's you on this nice, cushy bed or a guy named Big Dave against a cement wall." he laughed nervously.

Suddenly I felt like the scum of the earth as he reached up and undid my belt. "Wait, this isn't right. I didn't think of it like that but…rape is rape, I can't do this."

I saw panic in his eyes and he rose up slowly, carefully placing his hands on my hips, always mindful, "Don't use the R-word so rashly, Ace, it isn't rape it's just…the way of the world. I did you a wrong, and you could easily chose to 'cast the first stone', as they say, but you're a good man, I can see it in your eyes." he said smiling at me, "It's okay. Really, I want to apologize." He leaned in and up a little, placing a gentle kiss to my lips before sinking back down slowly to finish what he'd started.

He lowered the zipper of my jeans and pulled out my half-hard erection, frowning a bit he began to use both hands to get me hard and more. It felt good, very good. He was too skilled and I had to stop him sooner then I wanted. I un-cocked the gun and brushed the barrel of it over his forehead to comb back his quickly drying, blonde hair away from those brilliant, green eyes. He looked up at me and leaned forward to brush his lips over my tip, and the effect was too much: my other hand shot out to catch the wet, curling locks pulling him back.

"No…." I moaned out, "I don't quite trust that mouth of yours yet."

His eyes promised me he really wanted to, though. So bad, in fact, that he risked slipping his tongue out to flick at my slit briefly.

"Uhn! Put it on." I demanded, whilst contemplating baseball, work and other mundane things that weren't his beautiful mouth massaging my cock.

He did, with a notably more hurried pace, and the nano-second he was finished I pulled him up by the hair and pushed him to the bed. He fell, belly down, over its edge and before he could turn over I pressed the gun to the small of his back, I slowly dragged it down the trace of his spine, teasing him and I heard him pant as I pressed it to his entrance.

"Please?" he begged.

Suddenly the pity I had felt before disappeared beneath my sick lust and I felt nothing for the man who would have sold my life for a sandwich, so I pushed the slim, tube of the barrel forward, stretching him with the cold metal, scraping his tight, sensitive flesh as I shoved it in deeply.

He scratched his nails over the comforter and moaned beautifully in pain as I fucked him with the polished steal. I knew it hurt him but he never did ask me to stop and his cries of pain had a heavy tone to them, as though he liked it.

After a short while the pretty blonde slid a hand down his front, I couldn't see his cock but his elbow moved up and down rapidly and a moment later he suddenly jerked back onto the intruding weapon.

I couldn't help but laugh; "You are a piece of work, aren't you? And here I was a worried you wouldn't enjoy yourself at all, Little Thief." I hissed darkly.

"It's deep," He whined pathetically in response.

"So you like being fucked deep, hu?"

"Uhn, yes."

I pulled it back a little and pressed down firmly, tracing his puckered red ring stretching it wider causing the young blonde to hiss.

"What about thick, baby? You like that?" I was surprised by my own words, I was never usually that lewd, but something about the sexy youth was pulling it out of me.

He began panting heavily, "Yes, please, more, I need more!"

I shoved the steel length back in him, rough and deep, all the way until the magazine rested against his entrance.

He sobbed out something unintelligible, whatever it was it was the response I'd been waiting for. I removed the object, ignoring the whimper of disapproval and pulled off my belt. "Get on the bed, face-up."

"Where?" He asked in a distressed voice.

"Against the head board. And put your hands up, I'm gonna need to tie."

He did as I said, as quickly as he could in the state he was in, but interjected, "I may be a thief to you…but I'm no gangster…I wouldn't hurt anyone."

I couldn't help but give a small snort at that, "Yeah, I'm sure you're a saint in everyday life." I replied and leaning over him looped the belt around the black metal bars and his wrists, inexpertly (failing a few times before getting it right) taking as much care as possible as to not give the beauty a chance to prove himself one way or the other.

His quick and heavy breaths fluttered over my neck as I worked, making the task and my dick that much harder. Just as I finished he reached up and locked his lips over my exposed collarbone, sucking gently and pulling a moan from me. I would have let him continue but I was really getting desperate.

Once finished I set the gun down, away from the bed, on the nightstand and moved to sit on my knees between his legs, he spread for me but I placed my hands behind his knees lifting and pressing back till the beauty was almost double and I could see everything. I lined myself up and paused watching his hitched breath and twitching arousal before pushing in and brutally burring myself in his blood wet anus: hell did not know this beauty's heat and the Virgin Marry herself had not this vice. He screamed out as I filled him and I could see drops of wetness in the corner of his tightly shut eyes, "Please…uhn!"

I thought about hearing my name on those pretty, pink lips but I didn't want this to become too personal, after all it was a business dealing, 'the way of the world'. I took him hard and fast at first, wanting him to feel it in the worst ways, teaching him a proverbial lesson. And just as soon as the sexy blonde began to take it I dropped the pace, rocking forward with deliberate slowness. He responded to it negatively, trying to press down on me and squeezing himself to keep me inside of him. It wasn't pleasant, really, my own body screamed at me to fuck him into tomorrow, but will power saw me through. I shifted to hit that spot inside of him and, as always, it was obvious when I found it.

"Oh! Fuck!"

"I am, baby."

"Fuck…harder…." He managed pant out with the same tone as a moan and beg rolled magically into one. It was impressive.

I leaned over him to plant a hard kiss to that naughty mouth and he let his tongue slip out to entice me. It worked and I licked and massaged with my own in the open air as I humped, small short jabs into him at the deep angle. He whined unwilling to pull away from our vulgar "kiss".

Eventually he grew tired of it and bit my lip a little roughly. I looked into eyes, darker now with need. "What are you doing to me, baby? So fuckin' hot." I admitted. I felt like I was fire. I didn't want it to end.

"You too…" He smiled. "Untie me?"

"Hehe, no." Part of me wanted to, but I couldn't trust him. He was a good fuck, for sure, but other than that all I knew about him was that he was desperate enough to rob me and already had a history with the police.

"Fine. But I can't jerk off so I need you to be a little rougher with me, Ace. Can you?"

"When I feel like it," I replied, a little put out by the connotation. As further revenge I let go of his legs to slide my hands over his chest, pinching his nipples and scratching down his stomach till I got to his swollen member. I played with the coarse curls that surrounded his while I watched him writhe in a pleasured agony. Continuing my deep but slow rhythm I ghosted touches over his cock to tease him until he relented and reached up once again circling my collarbone with his lips, only this time he bit down. Hard. And I cried out as he began sucking, making an unwanted mark. When he didn't let go I gave in. planting my hands beside him on the bed I pulled back until I was all but out of him then began the brutal fast pace I knew he wanted. He finally let go of my neck with a scream of ecstasy.

I began to lose myself in the rhythm as his tight wet heat massaged my dick, sending waves of pleasure through my whole body. I was only distantly aware that he began licking the injured and darkening spot, on my neck in response. As good as that felt I wanted more of those pretty screams, so I sat back on my hunches, lifting his hips with one steadfast arm and fucking him, hard, at the angle I thought his prostate was at. With my other hand I jerked his cock out of rhythm. The effect was more than satisfactory.

I had no idea what he was actually screaming and moaning but there was lot of words that started with F, ones that had long O sounds, and someone named "Gob" or "Rod".

He moved down on me even as I pushed into him and we fought for more, more from each other, more time like this, more from our bodies—but the edge came. I didn't think the beautiful thief could get any tighter, but his muscles spasmed around my cock, trying to keep me inside him it seemed and as I felt the liquid heat of his cum spray my stomach, I came hard.

As the bliss of orgasm wore off, I realized I'd fallen over him and I looked up into his green eyes. He had a look that was a combo of bliss, surprise and maybe even fright.

"Could you let me go?" He panted.


I like to think that God spoke to me when on the precipice of heaven, a way to be charitable to the one God obviously sent me …besides he looked damned good tied up like that.