To start with, I'm really sorry this is a note and not a chapter, but if you're curious about the story please read :). This is in response to Dyno, and possibly other people who are still patiently waiting for an update, if there are any left after a few years -_-;. I have not given up on this, the plotline is complete in my head and just needs to be written down. However, there are several problems I'm facing.

First, all the chapters need a rewrite. I've noticed my style changing ever so slightly from the first chapter and after reading through them again, they seemed embarrassingly immature. This has been a long standing problem for me. If I dislike how the chapter is written it'll become hard to continue the story unless I change everything. Which happens every other year or so, sigh.

Second, I'm not happy with how the last hapter ended. It was like it fell into a well-walked path of cliches and it bugs me that I was so lazy as to lead it there. (Eric getting alpha possessive and invting himself in her home? Ugh. Amy allowing it?! Doube ugh!)

Third, the backstory of the bergkonges is a very long, and probably only interesting to me story of itself, and I never figured out where exactly to write it so I don't tire the reader, so I split it into parts. Now I think it wasn't a good idea to do so at all.

Fourth, the chapters need to be longer and perhaps merged into each other to actually get to the main pivotal point in a timely fashion. The action's really dragging because of my poor planning skills, when Flair was meant to be a short kind of story in the first place.

So, to sum it up: this story needs a rewrite, and I have to gather some patience to do so. But nevertheless, I'm not abandoning it. When I'm done editing everything and writing some new material, I'll reupload the whole thing. You can expect it soonish, in case you're still interested in finding out the end :).