Crashing the Day

It's always something, she tends to say
Just happens to be her way of life
Everything falters with each passing day
Life is filled with trouble and strife.

Starts her day by waking up alone
After he had lain down beside her in the night
Crawls out of bed with heart turned to stone
But says nothing—it'd only start a fight.

Instead she forces down something to eat
And waits for him to get bored and come back
Feels a resentment brewing with gentle heat
But does nothing—the day's right on track.

And right when she's about to call it an end
He barges in all happy like nothing's gone wrong
Feels a pain in her stomach growing once again
But then again, this is how it's been all along.

He begins to ramble on about things that make her mad
Since while he was out she suffered in silence
It's like he's rubbing it in and it makes her feel sad
And that sadness soon turns to verbal violence

That lingers in the back of her mind—let it out!
But no, she plasters on fake smiles instead
Can't let him know what the crying's all about
So it continues to build up in her head.

The night goes on with ignorance played
Until it's time to lie down beside him once more
Watch him sleep and know tomorrow he'll be away
While you sit, lonely, he'll go out and explore

To bring you more tales that'll sting to the bone
And make you wonder if he even cares
That he keeps leaving you to suffer all alone
That he doesn't even need you there…