(The format probably got really messed up on this, but here it is! Seth and Claude are two of our Bluerock characters, as were Jason, Andrew, Jake, and Kyle. Along with Samson and Morgan. And this is what happens when I (Abby) think way too much about how Seth would react if Claude died...Enjoy!)

Seth lay there, sprawled across Claude's bed silently around the same time Morgan was talking to the guy at the front door. Seth didn't know what was being said between them. He didn't even know there was a guy at the door. But he did know something was wrong. Something had to be wrong to have kept Claude away from him this long. Claude...he loved Seth...didn't he?

What if he went to kill that one guy after he promised Seth he wouldn't? What if something went wrong and he was hurt or-or-

The raven covered his head with a pillow, letting out a soft sob.

He wanted to curl up and cling to it, but he refused. More than that, he wanted to be surrounded by Claude's things. He was already wearing one of Claude's shirts, and Claude's boxers over his own.

He loved the shirt; he'd had to wear it a few times after they'd had intercourse and Claude had ordered him back to his room.

Seth remembered Claude commenting on it once or twice. Claude might have been insulting him, but he took it as a compliment.

Around that time was when Morgan came in.

He made sure he had Seth's attention before saying something Seth could never forgive. Something he just couldn't believe.

Claude wouldn't...he couldn't just...just...

Seth just sat there for a moment, staring at Morgan as if he didn't understand. He didn't even get to say goodbye...no warning or anything...

And hearing those words broke him. Worse than Claude ever did by anything he did or said when he was ali-around.

Worse than all the times Claude broke him put together and tripled.

He couldn't be. He wouldn't just leave Seth like that.

"...he-he's what?" The raven somehow managed to ask, and, though it was all starting to make sense, he didn't want to believe it. Claude couldn't die...

It left him with a numb, empty feeling throughout his entire body and he felt almost panicky. Tears immediately built in his eyes, but he tried to force them away. There was no way...he couldn't...he wouldn't...really...he...he fucking loved Seth, didn't he? How could he just leave him like that...?

"C-Claude is dead." Morgan whispered, trying to hold back tears and failing.

Seth stared at him, slowly curling up into fetal position. It wasn't possible. There's no way...


Morgan slowly went to the bed, handing him a dead rose and Claude's wallet.

"This is all we found..."

The raven looked down at it, whimpering and curling up tighter. He...was...gone...?

"Seth..." Morgan almost whimpered, "I have to go tell Samson..."

"Just...leave..." Seth mumbled, staring at the dead rose as the tears started to fall.

He wasn't ever going to see Claude again...he wasn't going to feel his body beside him at night...never feel Claude's lips against his...he'd never get to taste him again, never trick Claude into holding his hand, or making love to him, or catch him smiling...he'd never see those eyes or hear that voice...

The door clicked shut but Seth didn't hear it.

Claude's spirit was probably already ruling Hell. He'd probably already forgotten all about Seth.

The raven sobbed, closing his eyes tightly.

That fucking bastard...he swore he'd never leave Seth...

Seth's whole body hurt. His nails were digging into his arms at how tightly he was holding himself. His teeth were clenched together as tight as he could force them. His eyes were stinging as tears continued to fall endlessly. His stomach felt like it had been twisted and turned inside out. His ass hurt, and his legs were numb.

He stayed like that for hours though. He didn't move at all-not a single inch. He didn't stop crying. He couldn't.

He didn't notice when the room started getting colder as night came closer. He didn't hear his stomach growl-it didn't anymore anyway. He didn't hear anything other than his own loud sobbing.

At some point in time, Samson had walked in to check on him, tear stains still on his pale cheeks.


The raven haired male didn't look up, trembling as he cried, barely managing to force himself to be quiet so that he could hear Samson.

"W-We're gonna go with the search party to try and find Cl-Claude's...Claude...do-o you wanna go?"

Seth whined, sobbing louder and shaking his head as he slowly looked up.

His hair was a mess, his face covered with tear streaks, and he looked worse than ever as he continued to weep.

Samson almost sobbed, hating to see him like that. He slowly went to the bed, sitting down and gently wiping at his tears.

"Seth...promise to eat while we-we're gone?"

Seth flinched away from him, whining sadly.

"'N-n-not h-hung-ngr-gry-y," he stuttered out.

The other boy almost started crying again, but nodded and stood.

"W-we'll be back as soon as possible..."

The raven nodded slightly, whimpering and curling up tightly again.

"D-d-don-on't g-get-get h-hu-ur-urt..."

'Be careful' was what he had actually been trying to say, but that was close enough...

Samson nodded, gently brushing his fingers against Seth's hand before leaving the room, shutting the door just as he again burst into tears.

Seth curled up as tight as he could again.

He ended up falling over on his side, but didn't attempt to move as he wept.

He wanted to feel Claude's arms around him. To hear him saying this was all just a nightmare and that everything was okay.

But it wasn't just a nightmare and nothing was okay.

He didn't move for several hours. He didn't hear when Morgan and Samson left. He didn't hear if they ever came back, either.

It was early the next morning when one of them came back, but Seth didn't want to deal with them then. He was too angry.

How could Claude just Leave him like that? After everything he said, he went off and died anyway.

Seth just Knew he was off in some fucking afterlife with some new slut or something. There's no way he would actually have remembered Seth after he was free of him.

Now Seth was all alone. He wouldn't ever forgive Claude for this. Never, ever, ever.

He was still clutching the wallet and dead rose anyway though, and he still hadn't moved.

After a few more hours, sometime around afternoon maybe, Seth tried to sit up again. He knew he needed to get up. He needed to shower or eat or drink some water or something, but he didn't want to. He didn't want to do anything. Why should he? There was nothing left to live for. Nothing to tell him what to do or what not to do. Nothing to make things right when everything was so fucking wrong.

Nothing . . . No more Claude . . .

He could hear Samson and Morgan beginning to move around outside, and once or twice, Morgan had come in to give him food and water, but he'd never touched it and after a few hours of not reacting to his coaxing, Morgan had left, shutting the door tightly behind him.

Days passed, where Seth still didn't touch any food. He forced himself to drink some of the water, but never very much. Only a small sip, and only a few times a day, if at all.

He never stopped crying. Even after his tears ran out, he continued to weep and sob.

At some point during the fifth night, his body lulled itself to sleep, unable to cope with the outside world anymore. Unable to stay awake.

Even in his unconscious state, Seth was still crying.

When Seth's eyes finally closed and he lost consciousness, the first thing he saw was Claude's face.

Those piercing blue eyes caught his attention before anything else. He knew those eyes. They were eyes that he never thought he'd be lucky enough to see again.

Claude wrapped his arms around him tightly-God, he'd missed this feeling so much...

"Seth...Pretty, you have to fucking eat something." He murmured, beginning to pet him lightly, like he used to.

Outside of the dream, Seth seemed to break into a new fit of sobs. He shuddered with each one, and tears started falling down his face again, and his breathing was strangely...wrong.

But in the dream, Seth purred loudly, trying to get close to Claude. "'don't wanna..."

Claude sighed, tightening his arms around him.

"Come on, Seth. You have to eat. And Drink. And Bathe." He growled softly, leaning down to take Seth's lips in a way that Seth hadn't felt for so long.

Seth whimpered, trying desperately to cling to him. "Then c-come with me..."

His lover sighed softly, gently cupping his cheek, more tender than he'd been with Seth in a very, very long time.

"Seth...God, baby..." Claude's voice cracked and his hid his face in Seth's hair, kissing his head and forehead gently.

"I can't go back with you, beautiful."

Seth looked up at him, tears forming in his dark grey eyes.

"B-but . . . "

"Shh, hush, pretty..." Claude gently wiped his tears.

"If you want to see me, all you have to do is fall asleep...We'll be together soon, my dearest..." He whispered, hugging Seth tightly to him, for once not bothering to block his feelings away.

The raven didn't answer for a moment, then looked up at him again.


"I swear, Seth." Claude looked down at him, gently brushing his cheek.

"I promise on whatever you want me to. I'll always be here. I'll never, ever leave you."

As this was happening, Seth's body was slowly stopping moving. His heartbeat and breathing were slowing as well, yet tears kept falling down his face and choking him.

He still didn't wake up though.

"Everything's so dark..." Seth mumbled, looking around, not understanding.

Claude smiled slightly, kissing his forehead.

"Just give in, okay? Then we'll be together forever..." He whispered darkly, licking his neck, and hugging him close.

The raven looked up at him, trusting him completely and nodding, pressing closer to Claude.

The world seemed to oddly detach from him, and the warmth around him felt unfamiliar. He could hear the door click open in the background.

He could see Morgan and Samson both come into the room, but at the same time, he didn't see them. Slowly, he looked between Claude and the family they'd had together.

The pieces were fitting together quickly, and the second he understood, his physical body stilled completely.

He knew his heart wasn't beating. He wasn't breathing and his body was slowly going to turn cold.

Seth closed his eyes, relaxing and purring as he cuddled to the blond.

"...isn't your life supposed to flash before your eyes or something when you d-die...?"

"Mmm, All I saw was you, beautiful."

"...don't ever die again," he said softly to Claude, "I can't lose you again..."

He couldn't live without Claude. He didn't want to anyway. If he couldn't live without him, Seth definitely couldn't be a...ghost, or whatever the hell they were, without Claude, either...

Claude snorted softly, kissing his forehead.

"I don't think I Can die again, beautiful..."

"Good," Seth answered, pouting slightly.

Claude chuckled softly, nuzzling him lightly and holding him tightly.

Nothing could stop them from being together now...