At The End Of The World

The tendrils of water smacking against our
withering bodies

The acrid smell of burning flesh and blood
hanging thick in the air

The endless bullets ripping through the sky,
walls of blood gushing onto the sand

At the end of the world
the words you never spoke to me
will taunt me for the years to come

I fell into a ditch lining the hill,
sand showering over my bruised face
as corpses crumbled to the ground
in nothing but a heap of
blood and mangled limbs

You, Arthur, I couldn't find
until I heard your cry from a metal spike
rising from the oncoming darkness

Limbs exploded in the air
staining my face with scarlet
begging, I yelled for you to stay behind
For I didn't want the darkness
to swallow your soul

My brother, why did you rush
Into the heart of the corpse-ridden beach?

At the end of the world
the smiles you left with me
will haunt my dreams for the years to come

Laces of blood
spewed from your chest
as you collapsed onto the crimson sand,
the spark in your eyes fading

Hands pulled me back
Even when I lurched forward to
save you from the shadow
lurking on the beach

Bullets showered across the horizon
and amongst the waves and blood,
Life drained from your body
And all I could do was watch

that's what I felt as I tried to
escape the clutches of the other soldiers
who easily overpowered me
as I screamed your name with every
breath left in my beaten body

I couldn't just leave you there
to die with no one to hold on to

I failed you, Arthur

Your eyes rolled back into oblivion
as did my very heart

At the end of the world
the ghost that stalks me
will scar me for the years to come

Author's Note: Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed it! I gained inspiration for this from the music video "The Ghost Of You" by My Chemical Romance. Watch it. It's amazing. And please, leave a review about what you think? Thanks!