Cat's Cradle

Ben wasn't quite sure how it first happened. There was an old saying to do with cats.

You don't own the cat, the cat owns you.

Somehow he found this to be very truthful. But normally you would have expected the person to own the cat before the cat owned them. But that was not the case. He had owned a cat, and hadn't been planning to own one when it happened. Not that the cat in question was a normal cat. It had seemed like a normal cat for a long while. Well a few months anyway. But we're getting ahead of ourselves. After all it is better we begin this tale in the beginning. And like all beginnings, this tale starts with a meeting. A slightly unusual meeting but a meeting now the less.

It had been a early summer. Heat stifling in early May. The sky a deep blue without a cloud in sight. The sun high in the sky, beating down on the city relentlessly, despite the fact it was still early in the morning. Ben yawned as he woke up, a hand running though his hair as he sat up. He glanced over at his clock and lifted an eyebrow surprised. He was normally a late sleeper but for some reason he had woken at 7 in the morning.

He clicked his shoulder, feeling oddly well rested despite the early time. He hadn't gone to bed last night particularly early or anything. He shrugged, not one to get the small things worry him. He was awake now. He climbed out of bed, stretching his clamped muscles, yawning despite feeling well awake.

Walking into the kitchen, he pulled the door of the fringe open to find he had no milk for his breakfast. Sighing, looking mournfully at the empty bottle, he picked it up and walked to the front door. The milkman would have been here by now, he mused, carrying the empty bottle.

Opening the door, he found an odd sight indeed. The milkman had indeed been, and had left him two bottles of milk. One which was knocked over and currently being licked up by a cat.

"Go away " Ben growled waving the cat away, not at all happy with the stray stealing his milk. It only hissed at him and knocked his hand away its paws. Hissing lightly, and glaring at the cat, the cat glared back at him coolly, before deciding he wasn't worth it and going back to licking up the white liquid spilling on the hard ground.

Growling away at the cat, he picked up his full bottle and grabbed the one which was on the ground, hoping to salvage as much as possible. The Cat hissed viciously at him and gave him a look as if to order him to put that back. "Mine" Ben growled at the cat before going to stand away. Which is when the cat did something he didn't expect. It leapt at him, claws drawn.

He yelled at it attack his face, making him drop both bottles with a loud crash. The cat bit into his neck, before neatly leaping off him, making a huffing noise, before lapping at the milk again. Ben gripped his neck where the cat had bit him and winced in pain.

"You bit me! You better not have rabies you stupid cat!"

The cat gave him a sour look. Almost as if to say, 'like I would have any diseases'. Which is when Ben took in what had happened. Groaning lowly, he slumped his shoulders at the sight of the spilt milk. He had been looking forward to breakfast.

"I hope you're happy now" He growled. The cat only purred in response. "Stupid cat" Ben muttered before slamming his door shut, leaving the cat to its prize.

After that, ever morning he would walk now stairs to find the cat drinking from one of the two bottles which were left to him. For a while he had tried chasing the cat away, however it only looked at him coolly before continuing his drink. Trying to take the bottle from him would result in both bottles being spilt, though the cat didn't complain about him only taking the untouched bottle. After a while, he just stopped trying, the cat giving a look he swore was smug.

If anyone who knew Ben noticed his muttering about stupid cats, they didn't notice. The bite the cat gave him was red and puffy, and while healthy looked like it was going to scar. Sighing, Ben closed the bathroom cabinet, just looking mournfully at the bite mark, hoping it would fade soon. His work were complaining about it. Which is when Ben noticed it was raining.

Going to the front door as normal, he opened up, half not expecting to find the cat there as it was raining, only to feel something run though his legs, Glancing behind him he watched as the 'evil' cat began to clean its clean of the water. He looked down to see both bottles full. Obviously the cat hadn't wanted to drink 'its' milk on the wet ground in the rain.

"No" He told it firmly, pointing at the door, "Stealing my milk is one thing, but you're not using my home as a shelter"

It stared at him clearing uninterested in this. The cat yawned and continued grooming itself. Growling Ben jumped at him yelling angrily he wanted the cat OUT! The cat ran, sending him on a chase though the living room until he slipped. He landed softly at the couch, but before he had any real chance to move the cat was on his face.

He yelled at tried to pull it off, but the cat sunk its claws into his chest and placed its mouth over his nose, blatantly threatening to bite it. Freezing, he looked up into the cats eyes and stayed still. Eventually the cat hopped off his face and sat in his lap, just watching him.

"You're not going to leave without a fight are you?" He asked it.

It gave him a look which confirmed this. Sighing he shifted, the cat moving out of his lap, watching him with calculating expression. He watched over to the front door and picked up the milk, closing the door behind him. He walked over to the kitchen and poured himself a glass of milk. Feeling something push at his legs, he looked down to see the cat looking up at him expectantly.

Muttering something about possessive cats, he got a bowl and poured some milk in it, placing in down on the floor. "You had better be house trained" he growled. The Cat ignored him. Just how had he gotten into this situation? He wondered this idly as he sat back down on the couch, the cat soon joining him, making itself comfortable on his lap. Stroking it with one hand idly, it turned on the TV. This was going to be strange from now on.

As the day wore on, and the rain continued to pour outside, the two inhabitants in the house were slowly getting more and more irritated with each other. Too the point where Ben now had several new bite marks and scratches. But he had won a few battles along the way.

"Come on" he moaned at the cat began pulling his sleeve in the direction of the kitchen. "I don't have anything you can eat cat" he complained, but walked over and opened the cupboards hoping he could find something in the depths the cat would want. Searching though cans and can of beans, he found some tins of tuna hidden at the back. Checking the expiry date, he offered it to the cat who only glared at him.
"Its either this or beans" He said coolly to the feline who huffed but seemed to accept the time of eating the tinned tuna.

"Fine with me" muttered Ben, knowing he hated fish and wasn't quite sure why it was in the cupboard in the first place. Getting another bowl, he dumped the fish in it and left the cat to eat it while he looked what he had to eat himself. He stomach grumbled as he looked into an empty fridge. He had to get some food tomorrow, he mused, going back to the cupboard. Beans it was then.

He ate his beans cold, just watching as the cat ate its food happily, the rain beginning to lighten up. Ben looked out the window at the fast growing darkness. The day had gone quick and he was growing tired. He had work early tomorrow. When the cat stopped eating, it too seemed to look out the window, before moving to the door and pushing against it. Demanding something from him.

Muttering under his breath about how he was going mad, taking orders from a cat, he walked over to the door and opened it, letting the cat out. "there, hope you enjoyed your stay" he told the cat. The cat glared at him before walking off, nose high in the air. Shutting the door, Ben walked away sitting back on his sofa, opening a book to read.

A few hours later he woke up with a start to the sound of a loud bang. Shaking his head dazed, he looked around to find himself still on his sofa, having fallen asleep reading his book. Wondering what had woken him up, he put his book down only to hear the a banging noise again. Which is when he realised someone was knocking from outside.

He looked out the window, seeing it was pitch black outside. The clock on the side declaring it to be 11pm. Who would be here at this time?

Standing up, he walked over to the door and opened it, keeping the chain on the lock. Seeing no-one, he frown. Which is when he slight something pass though his legs. Looking down he saw his cat was back.

"Come on, I'm not your slave" He moaned sleepily, gesturing at the cat to leave. It gave him a look which was a blantly a No. It then turned and walked off, looking like it owned the place.

"Guessing you're staying the night then" He muttered, watching as the cat walked away from the front door, towards another. He closed the door. He'd kick the cat out in the morning, he mused, but at that moment in time he was too tired to fight against the feline. Locking the door, he closed the curtains in the room before walking to his bedroom, only to find the cat sprawled out on it, taking up way too much room.

"No!" He said firmly, picking the feline up and dumping him on the comfy chair in the room, "My bed" he growled, glaring at the feline. The cat stood and hissed at him, claws raised but Ben only glared at him. It hissed again, but seemed to settle, apparently Ben wasn't worth fighting. Sighing Ben turned and went to bathroom and cleaned his teeth. He frowned in the mirror at the various new marks on his skin, but noticed the bit from a few weeks ago appeared to be fading.

When he came back, he found the cat dozing on the pillow by his. Slumping his shoulders, he really didn't have the energy to fight the cat again today. the cat would always win after all. Pulling some rags on, he slide under the covers to his bed.

One large green eye opened and looked at him as if to say' stop moving'. Giving the cat a look, he pointed at him. "Stop think you're won this one Cat" he warned, the cat pawing his finger away absent-mindedly, before seemingly falling back asleep. Clicking the light switch by his bed he let the room plummet into darkness. Only vaguely aware of the purring beside him, he quickly fell to sleep, murmuring "Annoying Cat"

As the humans breathing evened out to suggest he was asleep, the cat opened one eye, rolling it slightly at the last words. Standing up, the cat phased into being a human. Well muscled, his ears and tail remaining, he let out a deep yawn. Clicking his shoulders, his form was stiff, he hadn't phased in a while.

Shiver lightly In the cold air, he cowered under the covers with the human. Wrapping his arms around him, he nuzzled the human lightly, enjoying how he writhed in his sleep. Completely engulfing the human and his heat, he rested his head on the pillow behind the humans. So warm.

"Stupid human" he murmured, closing his eyes, enjoying the feeling of having his human pressed against him. He only wished the human hadn't put clothes on before going to bed so he could have felt his smooth skin. "Mine"