When Ben woke up in the morning, he was alone. He blinked tiredly, wondering if the night before had been some strange dream born from being on his own too much. Shaking his head and pulling himself from the bundle of blankets he was wrapped in, he went into the living room to discover it was empty as well. "Maybe it was a dream" Ben mused as he walked into the kitchen. He put some coffee on while he washed up the various dishes he had in the sink.

It was only as he received his cup of coffee that he noticed a note on the fridge. 'Had to go, will see you later' No name or names. "Huh" He mused, "So it wasn't" Sipping his coffee, still not quite awake yet, he didn't really react until he was half way though his drink. Almost dropping it as a mixture of horror and trepidation came over him. It had been real? The cat people actually had invited themselves back to his house for no real reason. He blinked, collapsing on chair, placing his cup on the table. He wasn't really sure how he was supposed to react to this.

'won't do anything, I swear. Not until you ask for it mind you' Dom's sultry words came back to him from the night before. Ben's face went bright red as he thought back to the fact he had been forced to share a bed with the man. The very handsome, sexy man. Ben looked down and groaned. He was hard. Just from the thought of man possibly going though with that promise. Hands pinning him down, a glorious length filling him to the brim. Would the man take him hard and rough, or slow and gentle? Would he tease and make him beg? Would he pass out from pleasure, or spend the afterglow in the Cat man's arms.

Blushing, Ben let his hand move down into his boxers. He hadn't done this in a long time. Not since he got over the whole teenage raging hormones stage. He let his hand curl around his hard dick and pump, moaning lowly as the image of Dom came over him, of those perfect muscles. The man was temptation, Ben thought to himself as he pictured Dom's fingers around him, pinning him to a wall and simply exploring him. Not giving him a chance to struggle or complain. Kissing him passionately, those fingers working up and down his length.

He felt his release build but before he could go over the top, he found himself gripping the base of his cock, stopping himself. 'No' whispered Dom's voice in his head, almost reprimanding and dripping with lust, 'Not yet little human'. He imagined Dom kissing after the words. Hands tugging on his cock, serving as both a reminder and a warning. Ben held on to the base of his cock tightly as he let his mind drift into the day dream. Eyes closed shut. So he didn't see the pair of yellow eyes watching him from the window.

He moaned as he was pushed to his knees, his eyes meeting Dom's as the dream smiled ferally. A cat who had well and truly caught its prey. 'Open wide' Dom ordered, a hand petting his hair lightly. Ben imagined Dom's length. Big, hard and leaking with precum. Imagine it warmth as it filled his mouth. Imagine the feel of it stretching his mouth open, Dom's hand gently pushing him further down the pole.

Ben had sucked a fair few cocks since he had come out as gay. He imagined Dom's would be heavy on his tongue. Rough too. He imagined the feel as he wrapped his tongue around the monster in his mouth and sucked on it. A soft moan left his mouth. He imagined, reaching down to pump at his length, only for Dom to tut and pull out of his mouth, making him whimper with need.

'No touching yourself' Dom ordered sternly, 'Or I will punish you'.

Reluctantly, in the dream, he removed his hands from his cock and instead placed them on Dom's thighs and he took the length again. In real life he gripped tighter on his cock till it almost hurt. He imagined sucking on that cock until cum was pouring down his throat. Dom's hand petting his hair lightly as the words 'good boy' drifted into his ear. He whimpered, on the edge of his seat, practically begging the dream Dom to let him have his release. He imaged kissing Dom's cock as the man hummed in thought. Imagined being pulled to his feet and made to face the wall.

A hand pushed him so he was leaning over lightly, back arched so his ass was fully presented. Imagined having his ass smacked once as he wriggled it. 'Behave' The dream ordered, pushing his hands to the wall. A trail of kissed pressed from his shoulder, back his back to his ass. A cold finger entered him slowly, testing his ass to see how tight he was. it was cold from the wet lube which was now on it. In reality, he let one finger trail down to his ass and push in slowly. He was quite tight. He was by no means a virgin but it had been a year or two since he had seen any action.

'Nice and tight' growled the dream, 'going to fill you right up'

A second finger, in both real life and in the dream, pushing in as far it could reach. Ben imagined Dom's long fingers reaching deep inside him. He imaged the light scarping of his nails and he began to scissor and stretch the tight muscles. "Please" He moaned out loud, before biting his lip. It wouldn't do for his neighbours to hear him, he scolded himself before letting himself back into the dream.

'impatient one aren't you' the dream chuckled, another slap to his ass, before the same hand began to rub his rump. 'soon little human' the fingers began pumping in and out of him, lazily fucking him as the cat made sure he was well prepared and ready to take his length. A sickly wet slapping sound as they thrust in and out of him, making him moan and writhe. A third finger entered him, making him keen with need, much to the amuse of Dom who only laughed at his predicament.

He whined in loss as the fingers left him. Something blunt pressing against his entrance instead. Hands held his hips firmly as the length was pressed into him. Bliss filling him as he was stretched to a nice fullness. No pain nor uncomfortable, though he knew full well in real life there would be. In reality, he began pumping himself again as he thrusted the fingers in and out of his hole, moaning as he thrusted them in time to the thrusts I the dream. Slow at first, before speeding up. Dom's hip meeting his rear as he took the entire length.

'Such a good little human" Dom murmured, pausing to enjoy the feeling of being inside a tight warm hole. Ben threw his head back and moaned wantonly as in the dream he begged for the cat to carry on. The dream did, becoming hazy after that. Just the image of Dom hammering him into the wall fuelling his masturbating haze. Until he could not longer take it.

"Dom" He moaned as he finally came, cum almost exploding from his cock. He relaxed back on the chair, panting as he regained his breath. Well that was different, he mused to himself. He didn't usually react to strongly to his own hand. He could only put it down to the dream of the cat man.

"Well that was a nice sight to come home too" A dark voice filled the room. Dom tensed in horror, opening his eyes to find Dom sitting on the sofa, a predator gleam in his eyes. The man moved forwards, slightly forward with movements which were graceful and precise. Ben shivered as Dom leaned close to him, all ways of escaping lost to him. "You got something to tell me little human?"

"N...No" Ben stumbled, the lie obvious.

"Um" Dom hummed giving Ben a look which plainly said,'I am not letting you get out of this so easily', "You sure? You mean you have nothing to say to be about what you just did?" Dom pulled Ben's hand from his pants, covered in Ben's own cum. Ben's cheeks when bright red as Dom brought the hand to his mouth and licked some of it off. Ben's first reaction was to jerk backwards, but Dom's grip was firm and solid. Ben couldn't pull his eyes from Dom's as Dom licked up the cum from Ben's hand. "I do little human" He growled huskily, the hungry look in Dom's eyes stronger then ever and more intense then the one in the dream.

"What's that?" He gulped, his throat suddenly dry.

Dom chuckled, letting go of the human's hands and leaning forwards so he was nose to nose with Ben, "If you don't tell me what you just dreamed about me doing to you, I will find out another way" He breathed onto Ben's mouth "And I promise you, you will enjoy it as much as you hate it"

Ben whimpered but bit his lip, refusing to answer. Too embarrassed to tell the man. Dom's grip only grew bigger in anticipation. Somehow, Ben felt like he was about to be eaten alive by the man.