Lost In Love

London England 1892

"Katherine! It's time to get ready for the ball dear."

I turned around to see my mother down the red narrow hall way smiling at me. Tonight was my father's annual grand ball. He this every year, one because he wanted to show how rich and powerful he was and two he wanted a man to court me. But in all honesty I was not interested in any man. I had already found love, and I wanted to be with her, even if it wasn't proper in society and even if I had to risk everything to be with her.

I walked over to my dark brown wardrobe and let down my red curly hair that I had in a bun and took off my clothes. My mother had already picked out a gown for me, but it was ugly. I pulled out my white with golden lace gown. My father had bought it for me when I was in Italy. It went all the way to my ankles. I pulled it over my head and then slipped on my white flats. I fixed up my hair and put a touch of make-up on. When I was about to turn around to look for my necklace my lover had given me there was a knock at the door.

"Come in!" I shouted.

A short woman with long brown hair and green eyes in a maids outfit walked in. It was Mary. She had been working for our family ever since I was four.

"Hello Miss, my gosh you look absolutely stunning. Any man would be lucky to have you Miss." She said

"Thank you Mary, now tell me, what is it you need?" I asked

"Oh, someone left this letter for you miss." She then walked over to me and handed me an envelope.

"Thank you Mary. You can leave now. I'm sure my father will probably need you." I said

"Your welcome Miss and good luck tonight." She said as she smiled. She then walked out the door and closed it behind her.

I ripped open the envelope and took out the letter. It was from her. My love.

Dear Katherine,

I'm hoping you got this. I want you to know I will be at the ball tonight. My brother John will be coming as well. Will be dressed very fashionably don't worry. Will fit in just fine, all anyone knows is that were just friends. Except John, remember meet me in your room at midnight. No one will expect us to be there. I love you with all my heart.

Forever yours,


A smile broke upon my face. I would see her tonight and nothing would stand in our way of seeing each other. I hid the letter under my mattress and headed down stairs.