Chapter 3

So Not Possible

San Diego – 2010

I had to be dreaming. How could the girl of my dreams be standing in our class room? It couldn't be real, but it was because she was standing right there!

"Class this is Hayley K. Petrova. She moved from Spain." Ms. T said

"Actually miss if I could add in, Spain isn't the only place I've lived." She said

Her voice was so soothing. It's hard to explain but I wanted to hear her talk more. I wanted her to keep going and before I realized my hand was raised in the air.

"Yes Kate?" Ms. T said

I locked eyes with Hayley. Her eyes were such an amazing blue and green color.

"What other places have you lived in?"

"Well I've lived in a lot of places around Europe, Los Angeles, Buffalo, British Columbia, Argentina, Scotland and a few other places. My dad's job makes us move around a lot." She said with a smile

Ms. T then went on talking about how fascinating that was and before I knew it Hayley looked over and gave me a playful wink and I'm not sure why. Our teacher then told her to take a seat at the desk which was in front of me.

Hayley was wearing black cargo shorts and a red t-shirt. Her brown hair with blonde highlights was up in a ponytail.

She then turned around and looked at me.

"Hey, let me properly introduce myself to you. I'm Hayley." She said

"Nice to meet you, I'm Kate Stone and this is my friend Teagan Wright."

Teagan looked up from her laptop and waved at Hayley and then Hayley locked eyes with me. It was weird but it felt like we had met before.

"So Hayley, do you want to grab lunch with me? I know a great spot where we can eat." I said and then realized that was really forward. Whoops…

Hayley smiled at me. "Yeah sure I'd love too. Oh by the way do you know where the theatre is? Drama is my next class." She asked

"I have drama next, we can just walk together and I'll show you."

"Ladies back to work." Ms. T shouted

Hayley then turned around and for the rest of the class as I worked I would glance up at Hayley. Even though I could only see the back of her and partially her side she was so beautiful. Absolutely beautiful and she was always in my dreams and I needed to figure out why.

When the bell rang Hayley and I walked down to the first floor to the theatre. Today was auditions for the school play. We were performing "Passion." When we got into the theatre everyone sat down in the seats and Mr. White walked up onto the stage and faced all of us.

"Well, well, well. We have a new student today. Ms. Petrova. Your records say you have performed the play Passion before and played the male lead."

"Yes sir. The teacher at my old school did want a male to play the part but said I had more potential to bring the play to life." Hayley looked at me and smiled and so I smiled back.

"Well as everyone knows auditions are today and the roles of Marc and Amy will be cast and then the minor roles for tomorrow. Look over your scripts then we will start the auditions in fifteen minutes!" Mr. White announced

He walked off the stage and everyone got to work.

"I love Mr. White's outfit today, the whole black beret, black jeans, white button up top and black vest suits him. Very Paris like." I said

"Mhm, I defiantly can agree to that. So are you going out for the part of Amy?" She asked

"Yeah I really want to play her. It would be an amazing role to act. Veer since I was little and I read the play I've want to be her. How about you?" I asked

"I'll probably go out for Marc. I played him one year. Let's see if I can do it again." She said

"I'm sure you'll get it. The guys in this class aren't the greatest actors…"

"I'm sure there not that bad." It then went silent and we burst out laughing.

We then started to work on our lines. We were doing the end scene which was the most intense scene for the two characters, and I will say Hayley was amazing. I was really hoping I'd get to audition with her. But I was still curious to why I was dreaming about her, when this was the first day I met her.

"Alright times up, come right your names down who you will be auditing with and will get started." Mr. White announced.

Hayley wrote our names down and when she was done White announced the line-up.

"Alright Taylor and Cam, Jack and Dawn, Tianna and Demar, and last will be Hayley and Kate."

As the first pair auditioned I started to get really nervous. They were really good and by the time the third couple auditioned I was a nervous wreck. We were supposed to also act it out and do the kiss at the end. But none of the couples kissed which could jeopardize there chance on getting the part.

"Alright, Kate and Hayley your up."

We walked up onto the stage and Hayley and I both had our lines memorized. It was time to act our hearts out. Hayley then tool my hands in hers and stared deep into my eyes. It felt like we had done this before.

"Amy I promise you with everything in my heart and soul, I'll never leave you. I'll always love you no matter what happens. I'll always come for you. I'm forever yours."

"Marc, I don't know what to say. I love you. I'm in love with you and I won't let anyone stand in our way of being together. I am forever yours."

We stared deep into each others eyes. She then pulled me close and placed her hand on my cheek. She then kissed me.

All time stopped and in that moment it felt like that kiss meant something.

"BRAVO BRAVO! I've never seen so much energy. So much passion and intensity! You two have the parts, well done!" Mr. White announced proudly.

Everyone started to clap and Hayley got off the stage and shook our teacher hand. As I stood there with everyone having conversations I was in still shock. When Hayley said those lines it felt like more than a play and that kiss…None of the pairs had kissed, I hadn't even told Hayley I liked girls, so how could she assume I would be okay with the kiss? Or what if she didn't know and just took a chance? Either way I had a lot of questions but no answers.

"Alright class is over. Will pick up after lunch, please be in the theatre on time." Mr. White said

I got off the stage and walked towards Hayley. Every time I looked into her eyes they were so intense, but calming at the same time. I needed to talk to her alone and in private.

"Ready to go to lunch?" I asked

"Yeah by the way congradualtions on getting Amy you deserved it." She said with a smile

"Thanks, you too."

We headed out of the theatre and down the hall to the cafeteria. We both bought salads and chocolate milk and headed outside. The sun was shining and there was not a cloud in site. We went behind the school and sat down by an old oak tree that I had been planted there years ago.

The shade from the leaves covered us as we sat down. As I ate my lunch I couldn't help but watch Hayley. I really needed to say something and I was going to now.

"Hayley I need to know.."

"Why I kissed you?" She asked

"How did you"

"Know you were going to ask that?"

I nodded.

"I just figured you would and it's because it was in the play. I knew if I did kiss you we would have a better chance at getting the roles, and I was right. I hope I didn't like petrify you or something." She said

"No the kiss wasn't as big deal; I like girls so it's okay…"

Stupid, stupid why did I just say that?

"Really? So do I, guys are so over rated." She said with half of a smile.

"So um Hayley, this is ugh going to sound weird but I.."


I turned my head to see Teagan running towards us. She was now standing in front of me.

"Yes Teagan?"

"Oh hi Hayley, look Blake your ex has gone fucking crazy. He's going off in the hall way because you kissed Hayley for the play and he thinks you two are together!"

"How does he know? How do you know?"

"Things travel fast in our school Hayley you should know that." Teagan said

"We broke up months ago; he needs to chill the fuck out." I said

"I know that, but he doesn't seem to care." She said

"Oh god…" Teagan then turned around and all we could see was Blake coming towards us with his buddy Damien.