The light was too bright. Milly raised a hand to her face and sat up. Her head connected with something hollow and made of metal, there was a loud clang and she lay back down.

"Fuck it!" she spat. After a moment, the stars that had been dancing a festive Tango across her vision faded and Milly was able to focus on the room she was in.

The lights were built into the walls and circled the room; they were very bright and threw any corners into almost black shadows. The floor was concrete and the walls were metal, probably steel. Four vents, one in each corner, blew cool air into the room. The ceiling was about seven feet above her head and the room was totally empty except for a TV that was mounted on the far wall just out of her reach.

"Hello?" cried Milly. Nobody answered but the TV flickered into life. It showed a rather grainy black and white picture of what seemed to be a garden path leading away into a house. Milly frowned and looked around the room again; she pounded on the wall but only succeeded in hurting her hands. The last thing she remembered was leaving the St Patrick's Day Fair and going to her car but after that there was nothing.

A figure appeared on the v screen. It was clearly a man but he wore a mask that looked like a little green alien and he was carrying a girl in his arms. Milly swallowed, she stood in the centre of the room and got ready to rush at whatever side the door opened on. There was a slight wheeze and then a low rumble; the ceiling began to roll to one side. Milly sighed; she should have known it wouldn't be that simple. The man stared down at her for a moment before taking the girl's wrists and lowering her as far into the room as he could before letting her go. She had bright red hair pulled back into pigtails and wore a grey pinafore dress over a white shirt.

"Hey! What the Hell is this?" screamed Milly. The man just shook his head and the roof rolled back into place. The red headed girl groaned and slowly sat up, she looked around before spotting Milly. There was no mistaking the fear on the poor girl's face, she scrambled backwards until she connected with a wall and then sat there, shaking like a startled rabbit.

"What is this place?" she whispered. Milly took a step towards her but the girl winced and tried to push herself further backwards.

"What's your name?" The girl swallowed and replied in a trembling voice.


"Nice to meet you, Rose. I'm Milly. What's the last thing you remember?" Rose thought for a moment, her brow furrowed in an effort of remembrance.

"I was at the fair with my brother. I went to get a green toffee apple and . . . I don't remember anything after that." Rose burst into tears, loud sobs that wracked her entire body. Milly edged closer until she was within arm's reach before crouching down and taking the girls hand in both of hers. They sat like that for what felt like hours but were actually only a few minutes.

"Look!" cried Rose. She was pointing at the TV screen where the man was coming back with another girl in his arms. Once again, the roof slid to one size and the man lowered the new comer down before the roof rolled back into place. Milly stared at the new girl. She had dark skin and her hair was blonde and cut into a sharp bob and she was dressed head to toe in leopard print. Milly raised an eyebrow and moved across the floor towards her.

"Hello? Hey! Are you alright?" Milly shook the girl's shoulders and was rewarded by a snort and then a long row of obscenities, some of them quite imaginative.

"Who are you and where the fuck am I?" said the new girl. She took in her surroundings with a sweeping glance while Rose crept up behind Milly and grabbed her hand in a vice like grip.

"I'm Milly, this is Rose. I have no idea where we are." The girl looked up at them before struggling to her feet.

"The name's Joey. What are we doing here?" Milly extracted her hand from Rose and walked across to the TV, she stared up at it but the picture was just the same path leading into the same house.

"I was taken from the fair and so was Rose. He bought us here; he didn't speak when I shouted at him. My family doesn't have any money so it can't be kidnap" said Milly. She pinched the bridge of her nose and closed her eyes.

"Maybe he's starting a harem" said Joey. Rose began to sniffle again and Milly quickly moved on.

"Why is he taking people from the fair?"

"I dunno. Look, when he comes back with the next girl someone can stand on my shoulders and make a break for it!" said Joey. Milly didn't really see how that was going to work as they had nothing to defend themselves with but, as she didn't have a better idea, Milly went along with it.

They waited and waited but once Rose checked her watch and informed them that they had been waiting for two hours, Milly gave it up and slumped into a corner. They all jumped when a crackling sound vibrated off the walls and the picture on the TV screen changed. The man with the mask was framed within the edges. His voice echoed around the room.

"I have saved you from the coming invasion. They have sent their probes and I know they are coming." The man lifted something green into view; it bobbed about on the screen.

"Is that what I think it is?" asked Joey, her voice suddenly tired.

"It's a balloon from the fair. A green balloon! The guys a moron!" cried Milly; she actually voiced a short bark of laughter.

"You have been saved as others have before you this day and others after you."

"Is he leaving us in here? I mean, how many more can he fit in here?" asked Rose. She sniffed and wiped her nose on her arm. Milly felt a chill wriggle its way up her spine.

"I think a more important question would be what's happened to the others he said he had in here today?" Joey and Rose stared at her and then Rose began to cry again.

"You'll thank me after the invasion. You won't have to become slaves to the alien overlords. I have saved you." A slight hissing sound made them look up; a mist was coming in through the vents that had been supplying the cool air.

"I don't think space is going to be a problem" said Milly. All three girls dropped to the floor but that didn't make any difference. The mist found them eventually.

Later that day, a blonde haired girl opened her eyes and sat up. She frowned and looked around at the concrete floor and steel walls. The girl climbed to her feet.

"Hello?" Nobody answered. She turned and spotted a TV screen on the wall, it showed a man in an alien mask walking down a garden path. He was carrying a girl in his arms.