I'll live forever, if you let me.

You know I was minted, but I'm worthless now. Practically. Soon to be extinct...

Don't get me wrong, I've had my ups as well as my downs. I'm still third place, if you look at me. Not the face- don't look at that. It's faded royally.

I love the should see me sparkle. Not like I used to, but I've still got a shine on me. He took me out of his pocket, flicked me in the air, caught me and put me on the back of his hand. He'd been practicing. It was nice not to hit the floor. Heads, he smiled. They kicked off.

He'd spin me like a top, just to pass the time. Boy, would I get dizzy. But I prefer the light, any chance, seriously. So it wasn't a happy day, believe me, when she told him to save me. Save me. For what? There was only one place to go: the piggy bank.

It's hard to keep track of time when you're in a piggy bank. I tried to count the good nights and the good mornings. I think it was a couple of months, give or take a week or so. He grew impatient- I knew he would. Smash.

I bounced up and down in his pocket. He was running so you knew he was excited. 5p for a cola bottle? He wasn't impressed, but he handed me over with the others. I dropped out of his hand and into another. It felt older. Then I fell into a drawer and everything went dark again.

Every time I saw the light I hoped he'd take me out. I was getting sick of the ding it made when the draw opened. Sometimes I wished somebody would just break in and steal me. But I didn't have to wait long. Ninety-nine p. There we go. Just call me change. And change it was.

She didn't even put me in the zipper with the others. I just fell to the bottom next to the lipstick. It wasn't too bad for a while, quite comfortable really. I think she forgot about me to be honest. But then she had to find her keys. I fell onto the sofa with everything else...but I was the one who slipped between the cushions.

Have you ever been stuck down the back of a sofa? Seriously, I would not recommend it. A drawer is one thing, a tin is another, but at least you know your place. I was lost. The thing is, not a lot of cleaning goes on down the back of a sofa. If you're down you're out for a long old time.

When I saw the keys land next to me I knew this was it. She had to look for them. You can live without me but you cannot live without your keys- not for long anyway. Up came the cushions and up went the smile on her face. I know she was only relieved to find the keys but still, she picked me up anyway.

The sun was hot that day. So hot you thought you'd melt. It won't surprise you that I was glad to hit the water. It surprised me though! I could quite happily have stayed in the purse. But it was nice to lie in the sun, to feel the cool water. I just wish she'd told me what she wished for. Would have been polite.

Now when you're in a fountain you may as well be down a drain. Don't get me wrong, it's a nicer place to be, but you could be in it for good. So you can imagine how shocked I was when he pulled me out of the water. Who robs a wishing well? Not that I'm complaining.

I was in his wallet for a while. Like him, it was pretty old. Like him, it stank. I started to wish I was back underwater. He said he was going to spend a penny. Finally, I thought. But that wasn't what he meant. I just hope it wasn't in the fountain.

Before I knew it he was scratching me against something. I was getting this grey mess all over my face. It was a ticket of some kind, but the numbers didn't match. He'd gambled- clearly I wasn't enough for him. He'd lost. He mumbled something under his breath and dropped me on the floor. I rolled for a while and then gave up. What was the point? I just lay there, in the rain.

I got over it; I'd been chucked away before. And it wasn't too bad out in the open. A couple of people trod on me, which wasn't ideal, but I wasn't there for long. I didn't even see their face. I doubt they saw mine. They just put me in their pocket and away I was.

You should have heard the music. As jolly as it gets. Seriously, the type of music that says you are having fun and really means it. It got me pretty excited. The music got louder and I could hear people through the denim. It must have been a busy place. He or she, whoever they were, they took me out of the pocket and next thing I know I'm being dropped into a slot. Please, not a ticket machine. You could be in there for months.

But before I knew it, I was bouncing past all these lights, darting left and right and then plonk I landed on the pile. The floor was moving back and forth. A couple of times I was pushed about a bit. And then nothing. I heard them sigh- it wasn't what they had wanted. But they didn't pick me up. They couldn't. I was behind glass, moving back and forth, back and forth.

I've been there for a while now. Every now and then somebody comes up to the glass and has a go. Sometimes I think I'm getting closer to the edge, but I've a long way to go. Seriously, I swear some of them have been in here for years. But don't get me wrong, it's not all bad. I love the music.

Penny for your thoughts? Go on, spare a thought for your pennies.